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What would we do without our beloved MSM! Today’s print editions scream that there’s a drought and that there will be hosepipe bans. The proof? A photo of the dry and brown looking grass at Greenwich. The Daily Star’s headline is ‘Grass up a Granny’, horrid, ageist photo included. See for yourselves here

As for that hosepipe ban: turns out that Thames Water has mothballed their desalination plant, built to serve London. The DT reports:

“A £250 million water plant built to protect hundreds of thousands of households from the effects of drought has been switched off,  […] The company had repeatedly assured regulators as recently as January that the plant in Beckton, east London, was ready to be switched on “for use in drought”, claiming it would help provide fresh drinking water to up to 400,000 households every day.” (paywalled link)

So Thames Water clearly lied to the regulators. There’s more (my emphasis):

“The Telegraph has learnt that the plant – the only one in the UK designed to turn salty seawater into fresh water – has in fact been turned off amid questions over whether it has ever been fully operational. […] Senior industry sources suggested the plant has been effectively mothballed amid concerns over its high running costs compared with asking customers to limit their water use.” (paywalled link)

Not a word, not one, about the leaks, especially those affecting the Southern England water companies. Not one question asking if those millions might not have been better spent endearing with those leaks. Not one word, of course not, about the population density in yon southern counties and parishes thanks to immigration, legal or illegal, nobody in government cares about that any longer.

Instead those water companies are hiding their crass ineptitude behind ‘climate change’, aided and abetted by the Met Office whose definition of ‘heatwave’ might differ from ours. They ‘define’ a heatwave:

“[…] as at least three consecutive days with maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding a set threshold. This is 28C in London an 25C in much of the rest of Britain.” (link, paywalled)

That’s why every summer is now producing heatwaves galore. Given the hysterics about ‘killer heatwaves’ a short while ago, we better learn to keep indoors at all times. Oddly enough, there’s not a peep from Labour, nor does the London Mayor seem to have something to say. In any case, we know, do we not, that only posh Tories have houses with gardens needing to be hosepiped. Labour voters are too poor for that and green voters only have bikes, not cars which need to be washed using hosepipes …

Meanwhile, the formerly grand old paper ‘The Times’ is preparing the ground for a Labour government, ever so insidiously. They do not support Sunak – why would they swing behind the designated loser! – but someone seems to have done a few calculations and has come up with this:

“Meeting the pledges made by Liz Truss during the Tory leadership contest would require £80 billion to be spent, analysis by The Times suggests. […] Her rival, Rishi Sunak, has assembled a policy package that could cost as much as £29.2 billion, including a pledge to scrap VAT on energy bills at a cost of £4.2 billion if the price cap rises to more than £3,200 this autumn as expected.” (link, paywalled)

So a Sunak would cost us less than a Truss? Interesting. But hold yer horses – this ‘analysis’ doesn’t mean The Times will now suddenly support Rishi, oh no. Instead, they’ve published another ‘analysis’ in today’s ‘news’. One doesn’t have to be a Tory voter, never mind a Tory member for one’s hackles to rise when reading this concoction.

Their ‘analysis’ has the enticing title “Who are the Conservative Party members deciding our next PM?” (link, paywalled), describing at great length that sadly, they’re generally ‘stale pale male’:

“The demographics of Conservative Party members, who pay up to £25 a year to join, differ greatly from the rest of Britain. The average member is more likely to be male, middle class, southern, Leave-voting and over the age of 55. We don’t know all the details for sure because the party does not publish an exact breakdown but the best estimates we have are provided by Queen Mary University.” (link, paywalled)

Nobody really knows anything, but ‘estimates’ are nowadays as acceptable as ‘models’. Furthermore, there are ‘polls’ documenting that:

“​​[…]  the likelihood that Tory members favour Truss increases with age. Given the average age of party members is 57, this trend provides a boost for Truss’s chances of being chosen as the party’s next leader.” (link, paywalled)

Of course those old men would vote for a nice filly like Truss – of course they would! Never mind that these despised Tory members voted hugely for Keim Badenoch in an internal Tory Party poll. That ‘analysis’, based on ‘estimates’, explains why they would:

“Tim Bale, lead author of Queen Mary University’s research report into political memberships, posited that older members may resent Sunak for being “preternaturally young and smooth”, while men may be drawn to Truss for the same reason many supported Thatcher — “they rather like a disciplinarian governess type”. (link, paywalled)

Strewth! That’s what I call a proper smear-job by insinuation! There’s more. After a thorough moan about those horrible Tory members not recognising ‘austeriteee’ and voting for Truss because she wants to rein in state spending which would benefit those ‘rich’ pale-stale-male Tories, here’s one more quote showing the inanity of the pollsters. A YouGov honcho said:

“The public just want the cost of living crisis sorted out and to not to be baking in 40 degrees, that’s what YouGov is picking up. If the Conservative Party was facing a general election, that’s the kind of thing they would be talking about. It’s a very unrepresentative and very niche set of people who are picking the policies over the next few years, and they don’t resonate with the general public.” (link, paywalled)

Should La Liz now promise to stop the weather so “we” won’t ‘bake in another heatwave’? Crikey. Let’s of course not mention that years of green crappery, supporting renewables with our money, have done nothing to stop ‘heatwaves’. Let’s not mention that it was Labour’s Ed Miliband who slapped the green surcharge on our energy bills.

Above all, let’s be really really upset that those 200,000 (allegedly, nobody knows the number for certain) Tory members are allowed to ‘elect’ the next PM! Labour would of course ask the whole country to determine who should be their leader. I wonder if those ‘analysts’ are hankering for the good old days when people at Glastonbury ‘celebrated’ a certain Jeremy Corbyn …

I leave you with a hilarious report on the Truss&Sunak hustings travels. They were in Cardiff yesterday and lo and behold, so were ‘extinction rebellion’ activists, glueing themselves to the road. There were only a few of them – bystanders and police seem to’ve been in the majority, clever video editing notwithstanding. You can read all about that in the DM (link) or in the local rag (link). Rest assured, these ‘rebels’ were not in danger of ‘death by heatwave ‘- it was grey and damp yesterday, as per usual for the Welsh capital.

Why am I again amazed that the Westminster ‘editors’, the London ‘analysts’ and ‘experts’, are so blatantly incapable of looking beyond the M25! After all, it’s their modus operandi, isn’t it. What infuriates me is that these people believe they know better than anyone beyond their tiny swamp, that they are therefore eligible to drive national politics – well cushioned from being accountable because they never have the courage to defend their opinion by standing for elections themselves.

Better stock up on water now, in preparation for the next ‘killer heatwave’. You know it’s coming because our MSM say so, and they never lie …

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