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There’s a new quip making the rounds: ‘conspiracy theories are actually spoiler alerts’. It’s correct, as today’s news show. A year ago some sceptics pointed out that the ‘covid experience’, of restrictions imposed by diktat, of people accepting their loss of civil liberties without a murmur, were a blueprint for the ‘climate’ fanatics. Nah, it couldn’t happen here, said the green & good.

Well, it is happening already. Firstly, there’s the latest report by the UN’s Climate Change entity, the IPCC. The BBC reported the under the screeching title, ‘Code Red for Humanity’ – but I suggest you look instead at a first assessment by Paul Homewood in his blog ‘Not a lot of people know that’ (link). If you’re more into watching videos, then watch what Tony Heller of ‘Real Climate Science’ has to say (link).

Fortified with their observations we can now delve into Carrie & BJ’s green policies. It’s worse than we think, not least because the costs of their ‘Net Zero by 2050’ agenda are going to be horrific:

“​​With Britain racing to hit Boris Johnson’s target of being carbon net zero by 2050, there is far less agreement about what saving the planet will cost. The country is embarking on its most radical economic overhaul since the industrial revolution, with no business to be left unscathed and trillions of pounds needed for the switch – a bill which will ultimately be borne by taxpayers, employers and consumers. It is estimated about £50bn of investment will be required each year between 2030 and 2050 but the true cost could be higher still.” (paywalled link)

‘Taxpayers’ and ‘consumers’ – that’ll be us peasants then, what a surprise. Never mind that the country is already sitting on a pile of debt thanks to covid – a few billion quid more in taxes are neither here nor there, are they! 

It will all happen as predicted by us ‘conspiracists’ thanks to the uber-expert who will guide BJ, Whitehall and us peasants to the glorious heights of ‘Net Zero’. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you – Sir Patrick Vallance! Once an ‘expert’, always an ‘expert’!

Those of us who over a year ago have pointed out that the SAGE covid statistics were strangely akin to those produced by ‘climate change’ experts, have also pointed out that what worked for covid will be made to work for ‘climate change’. We’ve been proven correct. 

“Britain’s chief scientific adviser has called on governments to produce climate change “road maps” and a new emissions dashboard as the world emerges from the Covid crisis. Sir Patrick Vallance said that the time for vague promises on climate change was over and yesterday’s “stark and rightly uncomfortable” report by the UN’s intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) showed the need for immediate action.” (link, paywalled)

‘Emissions dashboards’? Are those going to be like the death-graphs and case graphs we’ve become accustomed to? Well, I suppose so – after all, those graph-producers need to be kept in work. Here’s more from the amazing Vallance who has read that IPCC report in one sitting and then produced his proposals: a true scientific champion! More:

“[Vallance said]: Every government needs to develop an evidence-based road map setting out the technologies that they require and by when to achieve net zero . . . monitoring progress against those road maps is going to be crucially important.” (link, paywalled)

“Evidence-based road map”, is it? As ‘evidence-based’ as the covid casedemic? Is this ‘evidence’ coming from the usual ‘climate experts’ according to whom the Arctic should’ve been ice-free for the last six years, the small Pacific islands should’ve been drowned by now and “we” should’ve had sizzling summers with weeks of hot sunshine? Those of us who can recall the 1970s know what a proper heatwave is like – and it’s not one short week of hot weather!

We better get used to the ‘new twosome’ lecturing us, the ‘expert of experts’, professor Patrick Vallance and the Met Office’s chief scientist, professor Stephen Belcher. They penned an article just for The Times. The fluffy language is hiding the restrictions to come. Here’s some of the fluff:

“Nations need urgently to revise their paths to net zero, through their nationally determined contributions. Global net zero emissions will ultimately stabilise the climate, but unless mitigation measures are deployed quickly it will not be enough to achieve the Paris goals.” (link, paywalled)

I’ll omit their wail about how much ‘carbon’ was produced in the last year – funny that, given that most of the industrialised countries were in lockdown – and won’t point out that just one volcanic eruption will spew forth more CO2 than “we” could ever mitigate. I won’t even mention historical events like the eruption of Krakatoa in the early 19th century, creating ‘the summer that never was’, with the Thames freezing over. 

Next, Vallance and Belcher tell us that “we” must press ahead even though the UK emits only 1% of global emissions-  because the UK could ‘make a huge difference by promoting innovation across the globe.’ (link, paywalled). Here’s the appeal which comes under ‘we’re all in this together’:

“We need to change how we live our lives to move all of us from energy hungry habits on to clean technologies and reduced energy consumption. And there are other benefits to be gained: paths to net zero could provide greater energy security through local production and improve health through better air quality.” (link, paywalled)

Note that ‘health’ had to be shoved in: can’t leave the NHS out in the cold, can we! Then they describe how they envisage this ‘change in our lives’ to happen. I bet some are already working on apps to support those ‘measures’:

“Progress needs to be measured. Building on the fair and transparent approach, a live dashboard needs to track current emissions of carbon dioxide. […] Presently, emissions are based on estimates of fuel use, farming practices, etc, which are then aggregated into emissions from sectors, such as transport, agriculture, etc, and then into national contributions. Building on these inventories, an objective system could directly measure greenhouse gas concentrations and use modelling to infer emissions in near real time.” (link, paywalled)

‘Objective measures’ – like those which defined ‘covid deaths’, the goalposts having been shifted by diktat? Real-time measurements of ‘direct emissions’ and ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ provide the fodder for modellers like Ferguson. Never mind that he was wrong every single time – he’s apologised for that. He and his ilk will produce CO2 scare graphs – bank on it.

Now see why the duo of ‘chief scientists’ are shamelessly proposing this scheme – it is about surveilling us, it’s not about “objective measurements”:

“Such a measurement system would chart the immediate effectiveness of mitigation policies and allow further targeted action in polluting sectors. As fossil fuel use decreases over the next decade or two, an enhanced system will need to assess accurately emissions from other sources. This direct measurement is achievable, and a pilot system is being trialled in the UK, and should be pursued now.” (link, paywalled)

That’s where new apps come in – like the one which created pingitis. Three guesses as to who those ‘other sources’ are! Three guesses as to who will define what the latest ‘pollution sector’ is going to be! I was going to propose that we might like to start breeding mules for transport – it worked in the Middle Ages – but perhaps better not: who knows if their farts and piles of dung will be deemed pollution worthy of punishment.

Rest assured though that the Green & Good won’t be in the same boat with us! Paul Joseph Watson in his video describes the current situation. This will only get worse. I wonder if the rip-off scandal of PCR testing (link) will wake up some of the green & muzzled lemmings. 

Here’s another point the uber-scientists have left out. Renewables are not producing constant electricity. So there will be black-outs and brown-outs. What will the Met Office do if their supercomputer, so dependent on electricity, will have to be switched off because our NHS needs electricity to keep patients alive?

Moreover – what will ‘Generation Smartphone’ do when the batteries of their precious smartphones run out of juice and can’t be recharged because there are electricity shortages? I’m not even going to mention electric cars … nor will I mention the push for ‘home heating with electricity only’. 

Here’s one prediction I can make with confidence: WFH on ‘normal pay’ will be sold to us as ‘green solution’, as a step towards ‘Net Zero’. After all, those ‘workers’ aren’t using ‘transport’, thus ‘saving energy’ all round … no, don’t mention heating costs or home electricity bills reflecting PC usage …

One thing is certain: if covid and the measures for ‘preventing’ covid haven’t yet quite killed off our democracy, then Carrie & BJ’s “green net zero revolution” certainly will. If that’s what ‘Generation Smartphone’ desires then they deserve all that’s coming to them.





Photo by UK Prime Minister

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