If one desired to find incontrovertible proof of the scientific illiteracy of our politicians and their string-pullers in Whitehall, our beloved silent mandarins, today’s MSM headlines provide it in full measure. Moreover, their disdain for us and our elected representatives – not that they’ve been much use! – is breathtaking. And that doesn’t even touch on the fact that actually, this Omicron variant isn’t the killer variant we were told it is. 

Look at the original statement by Dr Coetze, the SA doctor who described the effects to the world. She told Andrew Marr (BBC) yesterday (see here) that the symptoms are ‘extremely mild’. The BBC cannot ‘vanish’ this clip or declare it ‘fake news’ – but they and the rest of the MSM will surely try their best.

Meanwhile, the scare articles are flooding in, with The Times banging the drum writing that, omigawd, a third (!) case has been found in the UK, that there will be more, that this is ‘only the beginning (link, paywalled). So: all hail our covid emperors, firstly for having immediately instituted that travel ban – thank you, Johnson! – and then going for the muzzle-up legislation. This will be nodded through in Parliament today, no debate permitted:

“The regulation change on use of face coverings will go before Parliament today and come into effect at 4am tomorrow. But MPs do not have a vote on the measures before they are brought in because of a proceedings quirk. Mr Javid said yesterday a vote only needs to be help within 28 days, potentially weeks after the changes are made.” (link)

If that doesn’t make us proud to be Brits, with our covid emperors showing such alacrity to restrict our, for our own good, then I dunno what will! What are the mutterings of a few MPs, about legislation not being debated … After all that’s what they now do in New Zealand, under the world’s covid poster girl, the saintly Jacinda.

Of course, the actual reason for this super-fast reaction by Johnson and Javid is their desperate attempt to get everybody boostered up – within weeks (e.g. link and link, paywalled) – ‘to save Christmas’. Christmas is only weeks away, in case our mental giants in this government and the MSM haven’t noticed yet. How they imagine to ‘save Christmas’ when those ‘saving jabs’ aren’t available for weeks and when they’re the same jabs developed so rapidly for that ‘alpha’ variant, with only some ‘protection’ against the ‘raging delta’ variant – well, I’m sure our covid politicians and science editors will tell us … eventually.

Here’s another interesting coincidence: the T&T people are now desperately trying to trace the contacts of those three Omicron cases. Thus ‘ministers’ are demanding that the price for PCR tests be slashed so that families can go abroad for Christmas holidays (link). The test producers and users obviously want a piece of that Big Pharma Jab Cake. Clearly, “we” must waste more money on tests. A plain vax~certificate isn’t sufficient any longer. The Omicron cases coming into EU and presumably our airports were all double-jabbed otherwise they’d not have been allowed onto the airplanes.

France has now ‘detected’ eight cases, and the language of the French health minister is revealing: “They are being considered as possibly being contaminated with the Omicron variant having been to southern Africa in the last 14 days” (link) – “contaminated”! As if those people were covid lepers. That’s the same mindset creating the attitude permeating politics and MSM which labels unvaccinated people as ”leprous, needing an outwards sign to show that they’re ‘a danger’.

That’s the ‘covid politics’: politicians and MSM all goose-stepping to the same global Big Pharma marching tune: ‘Get rid of the current vaccine – get ready for “Teh Pill”. This is made by Merck (the company who has dissed their own, successful drug Ivermectin) and Pfizer. Both are waiting for Fauci’s FDA and CDC to approve that pill which, Robert Kennedy alleges in his book, works along the lines of Ivermectin but will cost at least ten times as much. 

This is the trajectory for our western societies: comply with inane legislation, outwardly by showing your willingness through muzzling up, inwardly by getting jabbed again and again, may this be ever so useless for new variants, and never mind that the damage to your health will be worse than getting ‘the Rona’.

But here’s a delicious piece of news! It comes under ‘you couldn’t make it up’, and under ‘beware of unexpected consequences’ (my emphasis):

“Furious South African President slams Britain for leading western world in ‘unjustified, unscientific’ travel ban due to omicron variant – but admits his country is on the verge of a fourth wave — Cyril Ramaphosa said SA authorities would not be considering lockdown — He slammed Britain for kicking off travel restrictions” (link)

Well, some SA covid ‘academics’ clearly jumped the gun without thought for the far-reaching consequences. Our own government must have been waiting, quivering in the starting blocks, for this ‘discovery’, to implement all those restrictions. It usually took them a week at least before such measures were implemented. 

So there we have it: if you feel very tired, have a sore throat and a bad headache then you must be ‘contaminated’ with Omicron. Only more tests, more muzzles and a booster jab will cleanse you. Welcome to the policies of covid apartheid, of covid lepers and the loss of freedom.


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