Winter’s coming, the ‘CV-19 tide’ is rising: be afraid, be very afraid!


To mask or not to mask – that is the question. Confusion reigns, the socially-distanced and ‘working from home’ peacocks in the HoC didn’t wear masks at PMQs yesterday. Meanwhile Hancock says one thing (‘must be worn in shops selling food’) while No 10 says it’s not necessary and the doctors’ trade union, the BMA, says they must be worn everywhere (link).

Let me start with a little bombshell though. ‘Tis a quote by Luke Johnson, former chairman of Pizza Express, who was invited to participate in a CV-19 podcast at the DT:

“Questioning the reasoning behind face coverings, Mr Johnson told The Telegraph: “I think it is more about trying to reassure those scared witless people that it is safe to go outside, it’s safe to go to shops. I think it acts as a constant reminder to everyone that this disease is taking over our lives and it continues to reinforce the obsession and hypochondria around one single illness to the detriment of every other aspect of life.” (link)

Well said that man! I’d politely suggest though that this is more about certain people like that director of the BMA wanting to stay in the limelight while others – Whitehall mandarins and all those local council ‘enforcers’ – want to increase their power to keep us subjugated.

Meanwhile, ‘winter is coming’ and we must now be afraid, very afraid, because of that prediction of 120,000 deaths. That prediction was made by the Academy of Medical Sciences and has been utterly and thoroughly discredited in the last newsletters of LockdownSceptics. We reported on that yesterday. But Johnson and of course “Our MSM”, in full fear & hysteria mode, are going full steam ahead:

“Boris Johnson has promised to do “absolutely everything in our power” to prevent a second wave of coronavirus, amid warnings that the coming winter could make the pandemic as deadly as the Spanish flu. Testing capacity is expected to be “massively” scaled up to cover checks to everyone with a cough or fever as winter bugs circulate, while ministers hope to give flu jabs to everyone over 50.” (link, paywalled)

Goodness me – ‘everyone with a cough’ will be tested? Since when is ‘testing’ a cure? Never mind that though – ‘Our Doctors’ are even more worried:

“Dr Chaand Nagpaul, head of the British Medical Association, said doctors were “incredibly worried” about the months ahead, warning: “A second wave arriving in the middle of winter would be devastating for the health service, staff and patients.” (link, paywalled)

He’s got his priorities right: ‘health service and staff’ are first in that alleged firing line while ‘patients’, that is us who pay for all this, come a feeble third. How GPs will be able to give those flu jabs to everybody when they’ve corralled themselves inside their surgeries and only talk to patients over the phone, if that, is certainly a conundrum. I suggest with all due respect that they enlarge their phone systems because now anyone with a cough (why not a sniffle as well?) will have to call them ‘just in case’. But never fear, ‘Our NHS’ is on the case, preparing for that dreadful winter:

“The NHS is also pressing the Treasury to carry on paying to use private hospitals that were taken over at the height of the pandemic, meaning that Mr Johnson will be under pressure to find billions of pounds more to make good his promise yesterday of “taking every reasonable step” to prepare.” (link, paywalled)

Obviously, ‘Our NHS’ isn’t being ‘privatised’ – it’s the other way round: they’re crushing private health providers. To round up this fear mongering, the authorities in certain towns and cities are now standing up for their clients. This is the intriguing headline in the DT:

“’Third stage’ of Covid-19 pandemic to hit South Asian communities, says Blackburn’s public health director – ‘Rising tide’ of coronavirus disproportionately affecting tight-knit groups in North West England” (link).

The explanation for this alleged 3rd wave by that public health director is not racist at all, how dare you think so! His explanation is based on data from government test-and-tracers who have now released postcodes to local authorities:

“Dominic Harrison, director of public health for Blackburn […] wrote in the Lancashire Telegraph describing the outbreaks as a new phase in the crisis. Phase one involved “older, wealthier, ethnically “white British” people who were infected abroad and returned to the Uk from holidays in Italy, France and Spain”, he wrote. “In the second phase during March and April, most were infected both by wider community spread and within hospitals and care home settings.” […] “In this third phase of the pandemic, we can see a higher percentage of those newly-diagnoses over the past two weeks are from South Asian heritage communities. There is a clustering of cases in larger multi-generational households in areas characterised by smaller smaller terraced housing.” (link)

Yep – ‘rich white people’ brought the virus to these shores – the thousands coming from infection hotspots on the subcontinent, untested, had nothing at all to do with this ‘rising tide event’ whatsoever. He next remarks:

“What we’re seeing from looking at postcode data is a single case being infected then going back to a household and all of that household getting infected .” (link)

Hm. Couldn’t this ‘single person’ have come from an already infected household? After all, tests don’t provide a timeline, describing when a person had become infected. There are also no data about hospitals in those communities being overwhelmed by CV-19 cases. And then there’s this last observation, making me go ‘hmmm’:

“[…] there have been reports that councils are reluctant to publish the localised figures for fear of damaging community cohesion.” (link)

Oh dear. ‘Community cohesion’ (where have we heard that expression before?) must apparently be maintained even at the cost of ‘rising tides’ of infections. Never mind, Johnson and ‘Our NHS’ will surely deal with that, especially if everybody is coerced into wearing masks!

There’s one piece of ‘good news’, sort-of, reported in both broadsheets. After all, peasants must be made to discern a glimmer of light at the end of that CV-19 tunnel – else they might become unruly. It’s about the CV-19 vaccine developed in Oxford. You can read the report in the DT (link) ‘for free’, while the report in The Times is for paying guests only. Here‘s the good news:

“In a phase-one trial involving about 1,000 British volunteers, a University of Oxford vaccine appears to have stimulated the desired response from the immune system, The Times understands. The subjects are understood to have shown encouraging levels of neutralising antibodies, thought to be important in protecting against viral infection, and there were no serious side-effects.” (link, paywalled)

The actual report will be published in ‘The Lancet’ on July 20th, so forgive me if I keep my reservations to myself, for the time being. The one date which is of interest to us all is that this vaccine – provided there are no serious side effects and provided their ongoing trials are successful – might be available at the end of the year but more probably in 2021 (link). So don’t expect a return to the ‘Old Normal’ any time soon.

Finally – there are some puzzling questions about masks: how, where and by whom will all those discarded one-way masks be destroyed? Should local authorities pick them up wherever they’ve been discarded? Should mask picker-uppers wear hazmat suits? Will there be a ‘mask-surcharge’ by local authorities who need to deal with this? Won’t we have to wash our privately made fabric masks at 90º in our washing machines? We surely need ‘government guidance’ before the mask-wearing hordes (hah!) are released!

I leave you with a very handy tip published at the end of today’s LockdownSceptics Newsletter. There’ve been comments on several blogs that ‘Our GPs’ cannot issue exemption notes for people who cannot wear masks for medical reasons because they don’t have the means to do so.

Therefore, it’s up to us to provide ourselves with such notes and that tip is just the ticket. It’s much cheaper than the £100 fine and, as far as I’m concerned, the perfect way to show that whole fearmongering lot – from government mask-enforcers and the Westminster MSM to the scaredy cats who believe that any non-mask-wearer is out to kill them – what we really think of their latest attempt to coerce us!




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