Cher Michel – a wannabe de Gaulle after the wannabe Napoleon?


Last evening I came across two news items which made me fall off my sofa, laughing my head off. They’re deliciously hilarious at first glance but their implications are serious. Firstly, there’s the news about a certain Frenchman whom we’ve all loved to hate while he was still trying to lord it over us: yon Michel Barnier. Then there’s a piece of covid jab news, too funny for all of us who’ve been told that the WHO is “god”.

I’m saving the Barnier delicacy for the moment, to increase the anticipation, looking first at that WHO story. We’ve all become tired of the covid propaganda about jabbing everything that moves or else – the ‘or else’ being vaccine passports in one form or another, more restrictions. There’s the ongoing propaganda of getting ‘booster jabs’ because allegedly the ‘immunity’ the original double-jabs convey will drop after six months. In some countries the health authorities have also started to declare the jabbed to be ‘unvaccinated’ after six months – keep that in mind when you read about ‘rising case numbers’.

Now the WHO’s Tedros Ghebreyesus stepped in, with a demand that must confuse our covid lemmings, especially in our National Covid Health Service and in the covid propaganda MSM. At a press conference on Wednesday Mr Ghebeyesus said that ‘wealthier countries’ should stop their booster campaign until the end of the year. He also took a swipe at Big Pharma:

“I will not stay silent when companies and countries that control the global supply of vaccines think the world’s poor should be satisfied with leftovers,” Tedros told a news conference, adding that he is “appalled” that some comments by a leading pharmaceutical association this week about the global supply chain being strong enough to support both vaccines and booster shots.” (link)

There’s more – and you might wonder why it is that all our covid ‘leaders’, especially in the MSM, have been pressing ahead with their booster campaign in the last weeks, despite the WHO. Ghebreyesus said:

“A month ago, I called for a global moratorium on booster doses, at least until the end of September to prioritize vaccinating the most at risk people around the world who are yet to receive their first dose,” […] “There has been little change in the global situation since then. So today, I’m calling for an extension of the moratorium until at least the end of the year to enable every country to vaccinate at least 40 percent of its population,” (link)

So now what, my virtue-signalling, shroud-waving hearties? Will you clamour that “we” do as the WHO says – the WHO whose statements were treated as gospel in the antisocial media, leading to accounts cancelled because “Fake News!” when they didn’t toe the WHO line? Or will you disregard this, as the earlier demand has been disregarded and demand that everybody must be jabbed and booster-jabbed first before “we” think of giving away our left-over jabs to look good and caring on the world stage? 

Isn’t this conundrum for our covid-obsessed government and MSM utterly delicious? Perhaps we should now declare that we won’t take a jab, never mind a booster jab, until the poor of the world have had theirs? We’d be ever so virtuous – and it’s what Tedros wants, so there! The Oxford professor involved in creating the AstraZeneca jab told the DT yesterday that the double jab gave proper ‘immunity’, therefore booster jabs were unnecessary and that the doses ought to be sent to ‘teh poor’ in other parts of the world (paywalled link). That was quick!

And so to the Barnier delicacy. You really couldn’t make this up. Last evening the DT’s Europe correspondent reported on this – it must have been truly painful for him. Sit down tight and prepare to laugh (my emphasis):

“Michel Barnier said that France had to regain the sovereignty it has lost to European courts on Thursday and called for a referendum on a ban on non-EU immigration.” (paywalled link)

Oh my aching sides …! We recall that cher Michel was doing his pigheaded best to keep us under the boots of those courts despite Brexit. Unsurprisingly, Nigel Farage told the DT that Barnier was the “biggest hypocrite ever born” for co-opting eurosceptic arguments after working for the EU for so long.” (paywalled link).

Ah, but cher Michel is no more hypocritical than any politician. He is running in the French elections next April, for a ‘centre right’ group, hoping to replace Macron. He is also cleverly setting himself up to undermine Madam Le Pen. RemainCentral, faithfully following the DT early this morning, also quotes Barnier saying: “We will propose a referendum in September 2022 on the question of immigration.” (link, paywalled) – meaning immigration from outside the EU. But there’s this obstacle (my emphasis):

“Unilateral action would breach commitments under EU law. However, Barnier says that the referendum would also approve a “constitutional shield” that would protect France from rulings against it by the Luxembourg-based ECJ and the Strasbourg court, which is part of the non-EU Council of Europe. “We must regain our legal sovereignty in order to no longer be subjected to the judgments of the European Court of Justice or the European Court of Human Rights,” (link, paywalled)

Eyebrows may well have been raised in Brussels, and perhaps it’s true that cher Michel ‘learned’ from Lord Frost’s ‘compelling arguments’, hinted at in RemainCentral (link, paywalled). After I was able to stop laughing uncontrollably I thought that this Barnier statement is actually far more important than just enjoying the hilarity of seeing ‘Monsieur EU’ going for a ‘Frexit’, after all these years.

Looking beyond cher Michel’s statement as just a clever political election ploy, it shows that one of the most well-informed EU insiders is carefully preparing not just for becoming President of France but for dismantling the EU, not least because he is well aware that there won’t be a Paris-Berlin axis after the German elections in a few weeks time. Madame Merkel will be gone and whoever will come out ‘on top’ in Berlin will have to spend most of his first months in office in setting up a workable coalition.

In other words there will be a vacuum in Berlin. Macron on his own won’t be able to use the Paris-Berlin axis to support Brussels in coercing e.g. Poland to dismantle their judiciary system by demanding huge fines imposed by that EU Court from which Barnier now wants to ‘shield’ France. Moreover, during that Berlin vacuum the wannabe Napoleon will have to fight for his survival because the French elections take place at the end of April 2022. There’ll be a vacuum in Paris as well – with Brussels left dangling.

Cher Michel’s hypocrisy is truly luscious. It’s the best justification for Brexit anyone could wish for. It should strengthen the hand of Frosty in the ongoing NI negotiations with Brussels. After all, if Barnier wants to ‘shield France’ from those courts, we can now demand to be shielded, unilaterally, as well. Another side effect Monsieur EU must have been aware of is that this undermines nicely the position of that German Frau at the top of the Brussels pyramid.

I leave you with the delightful image of Ms May, Oily Robbins and Mark Sedwill having tons of egg on their faces. They must be gnashing their teeth, having been so duped by cher Michel. Somehow I wish he’d supplant Macron so that we can have some delectable entertainment next year. Perhaps Frosty should be given the FO should Barnier win.

Thank you, cher Michel – you made my day!






Photo by DrabikPany

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