‘It’s only a little scratch ….”


The covidiocy of the government is getting out of hand. Yes, they’re aided and abetted by the MSM and, sadly, by a good part of their fearful readers expressing their acceptance of face diapers in their comment posts. But rest assured – this mental illness, this fear & hysteria, has the whole western world in its grip. From Japan to France, Spain and the USA: all are scared of ‘spikes’ and rolling back their Lockdown easements. The masters of the international MSM must be very pleased indeed!

Yesterday I asked when we’ll see masks becoming compulsory in ‘confined environments’ such as offices. Today, there’s a leak from ‘officials’ to the DT, in the wake of yesterday’s announcement making mask-wearing in shops mandatory:

“Face coverings could soon be recommended in all public places including offices and other workplaces after ministers introduced new laws forcing people to wear them in shops, the Telegraph has learnt. Officials have begun private talks with groups representing major employers amid growing fears within Government over the prospect of a second wave of covid infections in the autumn. The talks came as a council in Lancashire became the first to order face coverings to be worn in all workplaces and enclosed public spaces following a rise in coronavirus infections.” (link)

It’s a local council which is ‘ordering’ the wearing of masks in their workplaces – not government. What more proof do we need that CV-19 policies aren’t so much about ‘saving lives’ but about controlling us, the sovereign, by bureaucrats, be they local, be they national? Remember though: the current hysteria in the MSM and thus the government is based on ‘case numbers’ – that is tests, and not on patients hospitalised with CV-19.

RemainCentral is keeping out of the uproar about mask-wearing, except for one article where they use the photo of Ms Liz Truss (mask) followed by Michael Gove (no mask) to fulminate about how government needs to show unity. Never mind that mask-wearing isn’t yet compulsory – this only kicks in on the 24th of July – we needed to know what this Lib-Dem person had to say:

“Munira Wilson, the Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman, said: “Michael Gove’s refusal to wear a mask today will simply lead to more accusations that it is one rule for the government, and one for everyone else. While we wait for this change to come into place, the government should not only be encouraging people to wear face coverings, but [should also be] leading by example. Michael Gove, it seems, is capable of neither.” (link, paywalled)

‘Refusing’ to do something which isn’t yet mandatory: oooh, that’s so bad! This cry for government to ‘lead by example’ shows that this whole face-nappy-wearing exercise is about PR, about providing ‘good images’, and in the end about governing by letting the Westminster MSM set policies and play opposition.

Except for demanding there must be ‘more clarity’, there’s nothing official from Labour that I could find. PMQs today should be interesting. Will they all wear masks? That’ll do wonders not just for the audibility of our MPs but for undermining even more the role of the HoC in our governance. And when will we see the BBC going ahead, ‘leading by example’ and making their presenters wear masks in their studios?

But don’t worry – it’ll get even worse as government is being driven by the fear & hysteria agenda of the MSM. We’re given daily outcries about ‘rising case numbers’ – that is positive test results of people who’re not hospitalised but who only undergo tests. Now that CV-19 death numbers are vanishingly small, it’s case numbers which are used to drive that panic and never mind that most of those tested are asymptomatic or may have experienced a brief illness which was no worse than the annual cold. 

But wait – there’s the vaccine! Or is there? The DT has an intriguing report, starting thus:

“It is more plausible, say some experts, that the first Covid vaccines will be time-limited, requiring booster shots every few years. Others may work, not by preventing infections completely, but by relieving the worst of the symptoms.”  (link)

Interesting: we know about booster shots from veterinary medicine where our pets need those shots every year. We also know about annual flu vaccines which are needed because that virus evolves so quickly. It seems this’ll be the same fo CV-19:

“The first of these new studies shows that the protective antibodies fade relatively quickly from the blood – just as they do with other coronaviruses.  Of 96 people tracked by a team at King’s College London, 60 per cent had a “potent” Covid-19 antibody response at the height of their infection. But this fell to just 17 per cent three months later – in some, antibodies were almost undetectable.” (link)

So what’s the solution? More tests and compulsory booster shots for everybody, regardless of consequences like side effects which may be worse than the ‘cure’? The latest work on CV-19 vaccines is about injecting antibodies to CV-19 even though the scientists developing these vaccines are not sure if this’ll work. Then there’s the body’s own response, the role played by T-cells:

“The second big finding is more positive and relates to T cells, white blood cells that help the immune system fight off viruses. Several studies have detected T cell reactivity against Sars-CoV-2 in those who have never been exposed to the virus.” (link)

Toby Young in the DT explains this phenomenon in his comment last evening:

“To put it in layman’s terms, if you’ve fought of a cold recently you may have sufficient antibodies in your system to fight off Covid-19.” (paywalled link)

That however ought not to be mentioned in CV-19 ‘experts’ circles – it might give us peasants ideas about not complying with mask-wearing or later with possibly compulsory vaccination. And don’t ask if this could influence CV-19 test results!

I wonder how the doom-mongers in the MSM will react to the prospect that a vaccine, when found, may not ‘protect’ the population and may not eradicate that virus once and for all. Will we have to become a nation of mask wearers, a nation in rolling local Lockdowns, depending on case numbers due to ’test-test-test’, in a case of ‘seek and ye shall find’? 

One final point which is breathtaking. Yesterday we mentioned that ‘worst-case-scenario’ study about a possible 2nd wave (link) on which government apparently based their covidiotic decisions to make mask-wearing compulsory. Toby Young, quoting a letter from a reader,  writes in today’s LockdownSceptic News that:

“the report’s authors haven’t created their own model, but have relied on the notoriously flawed Imperial College model. Yup, their 119,000 number has been spat out by the same gimcrack computer model held together with sellotape and chewing gum that produced the 510,000 figure back in March.” (link)

What is it with this government, with Hancock and Johnson, that they are still letting themselves be driven not just by the fear & hysteria mongers in “Our MSM” but by numbers in ‘scientific models’ which have been utterly discredited? 

Are we now governed by a cabal of ‘government scientists’ who ride roughshod over evidence disputing and discrediting their findings just so they can implement the largest destruction of our liberties and of our economy which we’ve ever seen in this country?Where is the outcry about ‘Our NHS’ which has created the avoidable deaths, the looming, year-long waiting lists, the suffering of people who cannot consult their GPs, never mind even see them?

Benjamin Franklin was right, it seems, when he said that:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

We’re not ‘safe’ from CV-19, we’ve not been ‘safe’ from flu and common cold, we won’t be ‘safe’ from any new viral pandemics – but driven by fear we’re giving up our liberties thanks to the unholy alliance of ‘government scientists’, ‘experts’ whose papers support that cabal and which are never peer reviewed, and ‘Our MSM’.

Liberties once lost are very hard to regain. Perhaps it’s time for a very British campaign of civil disobedience.




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