It’s time for him to throw in the towel


So we’re back to where we started: Lockdown. Why? Because the PM has swallowed whole the pious mantra of an ‘overwhelmed NHS’, based on the horror scenarios and scare numbers by SAGE.

Forget the documented numbers, even by the government’s own ONS, disproving SAGE. Never mind eminent scientists who actually know about medical data, and above all never mind the experience of us ordinary people who have seen the empty wards, who have suffered from being locked out of GPs surgeries: SAGE has spoken and that’s that.

I was especially incensed when I read the tired old mantra, about protecting the National Covid Service, being rolled out again. The last sentence in the following quote made me hopping mad (emphasis added):

“Mr Johnson said the draconian measures – which come into force from midnight Thursday morning until December 2 – were the only way to avert bleak Sage predictions of 85,000 deaths this winter, far above the previous ‘reasonable worst case’, and the NHS being swamped before Christmas. He said otherwise doctors would have to choose between saving Covid sufferers and those with other illnesses.” (link)

This is such an outrageous statement that I’m still bouncing off the walls with fury. In the first place, the 1st Lockdown meant that those doctors and nurses did precisely that: choose between ‘saving covid sufferers’ or saving all others. Yes, it was imposed on them, and yes, in March nobody knew how this would develop. Now we do. We also remember all those videos of empty wards, of nurses videoing themselves doing Tik-Tok dances while patients died at home, untreated. Collateral damage, we were told. Covid was worse. 

There’s more. Anyone who has ever had to visit A & E knows full well that the staff there uses ‘triage’ to decide who gets treated when. There are even official ‘triage nurses’ employed, for fluff’s sake! This system was instituted and perfected on the battlefields of the Napoleonic wars – meet Dominique Larrey who perfected this system. Doctors and nurses have taken such decisions ever since modern medicine!

It is outrageous that SAGE has obviously decided that frontline medical staff are incapable of deciding for themselves which patients to treat. Note especially that SAGE has decided for the medical frontline staff that it’s covid patients who need to be ‘saved’. The poor clinicians and nurses at the frontline cannot be trusted, according to SAGE,  to ‘eradicate the virus’

I hope frontline hospital doctors and nurses will be furious. I hope they will now come out in their droves, telling us that yes, wards are empty, yes, there are hardly any covid patients in ICUs, and that yes, there are now treatments available which have made covid less deadly than in spring. If they keep silent, as they did in spring and summer, because some NHS managers told them to then they are clearly breaking the Hippocratic Oath by putting administrative decisions, spurious statistics and patently false data above their duty to treat the ill – all the ill, not just covid ones. 

There’s a great article in the Sunday Mail – not paywalled, so you can read it yourselves. It’s by Professor Henegan and Dr. Jefferson who run the Oxford CEBM. Why are they not being listened to by No 10? There are of course numerous other opinion pieces where the usual lockdown-sceptic suspects have their say. There is one by Peter Hitchens (here) which is worth reading, it’s not paywalled.

As for the many other opinion pieces, worthy as they are: we’ve heard it before. They aren’t listened to and we peasants are not really interested in more of their erudite philosophical thoughts. They’re for later. We however, who will become impoverished by such economic necessities in the ‘fight against covid’ as more taxes, negative interest rates and inflation, remain unheard.

Meanwhile though, with this 2nd Lockdown we’re back to where we started, thanks to SAGE and a weak, confused, scientifically illiterate PM, counselled by his equally scientifically illiterate ministers Hancock and Gove. These two are patently jockeying for position to replace Johnson as soon as he’s made to go. We better not forget that they advised BJ to go for this 2nd Lockdown and sod the economy – outvoting Sunak. After all, these two believe it’s more helpful to signal their covid virtue by ‘saving lives’ and not the economy.

I don’t know if the famous ‘men in grey suits’, the formerly ruthless wielders of knives when getting rid of a PM was deemed needful, are going to do the necessary now. There’s some grumbling in the ranks, as this interesting twitter thread by Matt Chorley, one of the editors at The Times, shows. Tory MPs better realise that their time of troughing will come to an abrupt end, especially when economic disaster bites and people flock back to the anti-semitic, pro-islamic, discredited but firmly ‘socialist’ Labour Party. That would be an additional stone thrown on our country already being half-destroyed.

Sir John Redwood muses about the use of Lockdown in his Diary this morning (here) but frankly, this is not sufficient. He asks his readers what controls “we” think are necessary – nice, but again, that’s futile because we’ve said it all before. Why would government listen to us ignorant plebs when they don’t listen to those eminent scientists, Nobel Prize winners amongst them, who have been pointing out the fallacies of Lockdown and of the manipulated statistics? The PM and SAGE haven’t even listened to the Holy WHO which has told the world that Lockdowns should only be employed as a very last resort. 

I’ll leave you with this statement by BJ, jaw-dropping in its trivial, pretend-pious virtue signalling:

“No responsible PM can ignore the message of those figures,’ […] ‘We’ve got to be humble in the face of nature’.” (link)

Yes he can when those numbers are so obviously wrong that one has to doubt the probity of SAGE who produced and promoted them. Do they even live in the same world as we do? As for that pious claptrap, of being humble in the face of nature: words fail me! No politician,especially no PM has ever been ‘humble’, not in the face of nature, not in the face of anything. Someone tell BJ that we voters, we despised peasants, are also a force of nature and that it’s time for him to be humble in the face of us – and resign.

It is All Saints Day today. If the PM really thinks that we’ll accept his ‘being humble in the face of nature’ as explanation for this Lockdown then may all saints help us! The unholy Westminster Cabal certainly won’t.




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