The Grim Reaper 


Here we go again: we’re all doomed, everybody will die because this 2nd wave is ‘more deadly’ than the first. Allegedly. Thus screams the headline in this morning’s DT. It’s an ‘exclusive’, so The Times has gracefully not poached on that reserve while the Guardian preferred writing about the latest scare number – 60,000 deaths! That’s positively awful!

The rest of the MSM write about other things, like the two kids who have died in the Channel. They were amongst the ‘passengers’, those hopeful, intrepid ‘refugees’ of a capsized boat. Stowing away and then hijacking a tanker is definitely the better option, regardless of a few scary minutes being faced by the SBS. After that scare it’s all good: food, clothes, a home, staying in the UK ‘for free’.

I do wonder though if all those hopeful illegals know about covid, deaths, lockdowns and the rest here in the UK. Or are they fleeing the atrocious, covid-plus-lockdown situations on the continent? News from across the Channel have reached these shores: ‘tis as awful in France and Germany as it is here! Or will be. Following that German poll which we mentioned yesterday – 63% of Germans thought that a Lockdown will surely come – today we read:

“The German chancellor has said that the hospital system could collapse before Christmas without tighter restrictions as intensive care wards fill up. Today at an online meeting with the chief ministers of the 16 federal states, which largely set their own coronavirus rules, she will make the case for temporarily shutting much of the economy.” (link, paywalled)

Why she wants to do this, especially when the German papers, as covid-obsessed as ours, have been proudly telling everybody that Germany did best, covid-wise, compared with their EU neighbours and especially with us here in the UK because the German Health System is so outstanding – well, your guess is as good as mine!

Perhaps she’s in competition with Macron whose covid measures are also ‘better’ tha ours. Now Macron ‘is considering’ a month-long lockdown which is alleged to be ‘more flexible’, with schools being allowed to stay open:

“French President Emmanuel Macron is due to make a televised address on Wednesday but his office did not comment on whether he would announce such a measure then. The French leader has held meetings to review the state of the epidemic in recent days.” (paywalled link)

The reason? ‘Tis the same as here or in Germany or indeed in other EU countries: the scary case- and death-numbers:

“Gerald Darmanin, the interior minister, warned the country to prepare for “difficult decisions” after the country reported its highest daily death toll since April 22.” (paywalled link)

However, the three authors, the DT correspondents in Paris, Berlin and Rome, have smuggled in this sentence, in the middle of their report on France:

“Some of the strictest restrictions currently in place anywhere in Europe have so far failed to halt the spread of the virus.” (paywalled link)

Surely that’s worthy of at least an opinion piece? Nah – not in the Covid MSM!  Next we read that in Portugal and Russia people are now also told to muzzle up or else. This is followed by an interesting little report about Italy where the people went on the rampage, protesting about the Italian Lockdown. Italian Police blamed ‘extremists from the far-Right and far-Left, as well as radical ‘ultra’ football fans’ for the mayhem in the Northern towns, but then the DT reports:

“Italians largely accepted the country’s national lockdown between March and May […] But that consensus is showing alarming signs of fraying after the government toughened its anti-virus restrictions, shutting bars and restaurants at 6pm and ordering the closure of gyms, swimming pools, theatres and cinemas. The measures – the strictest since the end of the national lockdown in May – will be in place for at least a month.” (paywalled link)

Just as the Paris correspondent smuggled in that little sentence about France’s harsh measures not having stopped the virus, the Rome correspondent smuggled this one in, which is strangely familiar:

“While businesses called for fewer restrictions, some scientists said more were needed.” (paywalled link)

Ah – ‘some scientists’ … ! One assumes ‘some scientists’ are advising Macron as well, just as they certainly are advising Mutti M. After all, if she and Macron are happy to skewer their economies, why shouldn’t Italy follow suit … and why shouldn’t BJ here in the UK, especially when Nicola shows him how to do it: more tiers! Just savour this inanity:

“[…] licensed premises in level 3 of her five-tier system – likely to cover much of central Scotland – can reopen from Monday but are barred from serving alcoholic beverages and must shut by 6pm. Pubs and restaurants in level 2 areas […] will be permitted to serve alcohol indoors with a meal until 8pm. […] Scotland’s islands, the Highlands and Moray may be placed in level 1 thanks to their lower coronavirus levels, allowing their pubs to open until 10.30pm and serve drinks without meals.” (paywalled link)

That makes sense, yes? No? The Welsh “government” meanwhile, having provided a bit of hilarity to the rest of the Union when store managers refused to sell ‘non-essential’ items such as female sanitary ones, has now worked out some sort of list of what us Welsh peasants might be allowed to buy, after negotiating with store managers (link).

And so to that ‘exclusive’ in the DT. It is the best example I’ve yet found – for three things: leaks from ‘sources’, SAGE driving the government policy, and that infallible one: a ‘projection’ which is meant to be taken for reality. The aim is to scare us all into submission:

“An internal analysis of the projected course of the second wave is understood to show deaths peaking at a lower level than in the spring but remaining at that level for weeks or even months. It is understood that the projection – provided by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) – has led to intense lobbying from Sir Patrick Vallance and other Government advisers for Boris Johnson to take more drastic action. “It’s going to be worse this time, more deaths,” said one well-placed source. “That is the projection that has been put in front of the Prime Minister, and he is now being put under a lot of pressure to lock down again.” (paywalled link)

That ‘projection’ looks remarkably like a scenario for a flu season. It’s a ‘plateau’, covering the months until Spring. Of course, such ‘plateau’, such death toll caused by flu  has never happened before in the annals of the NHS!  But never mind that: flu ain’t covid, and this time it’s gonna be really bad, so we must be kept indoors, for our own good. There’s more:

“Separately, Sage has warned that all of England will need to be under Tier 3 Covid-19 restrictions by mid-December scuppering Boris Johnson’s hopes for a normal Christmas.” (paywalled link)

All that is accompanied, as always, by graphs which have been manipulated in such a way that timescales and numbers cannot be compared across the various pages. We’re used to this: the Climate Change Doom mongers have been doing that for years. With covid though they are now also shamelessly corrupting the language. After using ‘dying with covid’ rather than ‘from covid’, here’s the latest version:

“The total number of deaths involving Covid-19 in Britain stands at 61,116. In England and Wales the number of weekly deaths registered as relating to the disease has more than doubled in a fortnight, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).” (link, paywalled)

How medically significant can a diagnosis be if it’s labelled ‘involving covid’! What does this even mean? Is it perhaps the latest attempt to suppress the numbers of those dying from cancer, heart attacks, accidents? It seems so when the Covid MSM report:

“Its [the ONS]latest bulletin records 670 deaths that mentioned “novel coronavirus” in the week ending October 16, up 53 per cent from 438 in the week ending October 9 and up 108 per cent from 321 in the week ending October 2.” (link, paywalled)

Nothing has changed since the first Lockdown: ‘mentioning covid’ on the death certificate means ‘died by covid’. Scientists and engineers know that one cannot hope to solve a problem or define an event if one cannot describe precisely what it is, that such definition must be applicable across the board and must not change depending on the feelings of the investigators.

I’m also reminded of the various adverts by snake-oil salesmen, of 100, 150 years ago. They peddled their ‘patent medicines’ by claiming that these would cure everything, from hair loss to stomach upsets and ‘female’ troubles, all in one go. So it now is with the ‘scientists’ definition of ‘death with, by, involving or mentioning covid’ which they peddle to governments and leak to the Covid MSM.

By shifting the goalposts continuously they try to keep us in a state of total confusion which increases fear and hysteria. Being told to fear something unknown is much more scary than being told to fear something we know about. That ‘technique’ is meant to make us incapable of taking decisions for our own life.

And finally … well, there’s a nice little report about that Leader with whom the Covid MSM want to replace BJ. You really couldn’t make it up. This is the headline for The Times’ report: “Sir Keir Starmer hits cyclist as he drives SUV to his tailor” (link, paywalled). I’ve made a screenshot, in case that headline gets changed. It’s been known to happen …

The report details that nobody died, it was all properly reported by Starmer who, according to the police, ‘complied with his ‘duties under the Road Traffic Act’ and he later contacted that cyclist – an off-duty PCSO – to ask about his welfare. Good old Starmer, aye!

The irony of a Labour leader, fully into greenery, driving a SUV (!) in London (!) to visit his tailor (!) for ‘adjustments’ to a suit (!) obviously has escaped those reporters. However, since that tailor also makes stuff for “Jude Law, the Miliband brothers and the actress Billie Piper” it surely is ok for Starmer to be a customer there as well. Yes, these are all normal people, representatives of ‘The People’ which Labour claims to ‘own’.

Ending today’s column on a giggle or guffaw is surely better than pulling one’s hair out because of the unremitting fear-mongery in the Covid MSM!




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