Why that title?

Well I have been subscribing to Independent Daily for quite a number of years now and our brilliant editors Viv and Debbie have been forensically and faithfully diagnosing and reporting the fake news and distortions of the truth and not least the possible “criminal” silences of our supposedly democratic elected leaders aided in their infamy by the MSM, much of the national and international establishment and many of the so-called (and self-named) “elite” – you know, those who consider themselves older and better than me, and a considerable number of the population as peasants who must not under any circumstances be or become `informed` lest they get to the truth and overturn the shop.

The referendum for Brexit was the moment that catalysed over 40 years of misrule and deliberate obfuscation by those said elders and betters. The penny dropped at last.

The positive result meant that all that had gone before would be reversed, wiped out, those rogues and buffoons had had their day – they were (or ought to have been) history.

Oh yes! that`s all well and good, but when are we getting round to “The Fringe”?

Let me explain: after Brexit Eldorado failed to appear, all the previously failed usual suspects` reappeared, resumed their cosy, often illegal conspiracy, and set out to frustrate the simple instruction for them to bring about a complete Brexit which was the return of FULL Sovereignty over every aspect of this nation`s life and existence.

Eventually, the fear campaign waged by the Remain adherents before the Referendum failed ignominiously, the peasants refused to be browbeaten and won.

However, come the fightback after the referendum and FEAR as the main weapon re-emerged.

Not only the Brexit result got the fear treatment, but the newly hatched Chinese Disease was seized upon for similar FEAR treatment, not just for the dissimilation element of denying the public a real debate on the whys and wherefores of this virus, treatments, panaceas, and international input, but for the opportunity to seize power uncontrolled by parliament.

The most visual element of fear was always to stress that “we are on the “cliff edge”, whether it was of economic disaster, international pariahdom, NHS overwhelming, mental disease from incarceration or lack of early treatment for cancer, heart problems, and obesity complications.

The modus operandi in every case has been to engender a depressing picture of forthcoming disaster yea catastrophe.

So there you are! We have been made to believe we are always on the edge, brim, or FRINGE of something nasty.

I am presently `holidaying` not far from Edinburgh. That beautiful city has for many years since the war been holding an Edinburgh Festival. For a number of early years events were primarily “upper cultural level”, but over later years other more or less impromptu events have almost overtaken the first comers and have become established as the “Fringe”.

As I say, I have been appreciating the work of this publication`s editors in commenting on many of the inconsistencies or downright lies promulgated by the government or their allies, in effect casting an iron curtain over the “real situation” on virtually any topic, but now they ensure in the time of Lockdown that there is little vocal interplay amongst the population or in their own media like Facebook and Twitter.

Independence Daily is not alone in its writings. In fact when Viv drew our attention on Saturday to “the various segments in yesterday`s Lockdown Sceptics”, I was astonished to see the list of bloggers and stories which, when taken together, are a compelling story and force. And what`s more, I now understand this list is just scratching the surface of those seeking to be heard and to bring about the reversal of government policy, for want of a more damning word: “stupidity” in denying overwhelming contra evidence.

I am also aware that without cohesion this contra voice will never be heard or prevail, that`s even if it isn`t nipped in the bud and quashed.

I would suggest an MSM “Fringe” be formed, properly funded, and running its own newspaper and radio and television news channel. To run alongside the MSM.

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