Ed: because of its importance, we publish the letter by Torquil Dick-Erikson which he kindly forwarded to us. He sent this letter to the Daily Express but sadly we cannot find a link to the article he refers to.


Your main article today opens about a “trade and security deal” with the EU. Then it is all about fishing. What we don’t know is the “security” side. 

At present we have powers of arbitrary arrest by any EU prosecutor of anyone in Britain, and lengthy imprisonment showing no evidence, under the European Arrest Warrant. 

Does HMG want to keep it that way after 31/12/20, with an extension or a replica arrangement, as was the openly declared policy of Rudd and May? 

Or will they stand firm and demand that a British court, faced with an extradition request,  must regain the right to see and assess the evidence of wrongdoing already collected by the requesting state? And the power to refuse the request if it sees fit? 

If not, EU prosecutors will be empowered to arrest and transport anyone they don’t like, on spurious and defamatory accusations, for undeclared political reasons. 

Our independence can then be snuffed out at their pleasure. 

The public really does need to know the intentions of HMG in this regard. Why are the media not asking the government to come clean, and tell us?

Our friends and partners in Europe can play very rough, when it suits them – just look back over recent history. When Scots demanded independence, the UK said “OK, have a referendum”. When Catalans asked for the same, they were told “OK, have 25 years in prison”, and their referendum voters were physically assaulted by Spanish riot police. Brussels agreed that this was within the “rule of law”.  

The EU institutions have appointed a supremo European Public Prosecutor, Ms Laura Kovesi, from the Rumanian Prosecution service, which is notorious for using judicial powers of arrest and accusation with imprisonment “pending investigation”, as a political battering-ram against political adversaries. They are also accused of working closely with the Securitate, the not-so-ex secret police from Ceausescu’s day. Mr Dan Adamescu, a Rumanian opposition newspaper owner, was arrested and imprisoned, and he died in prison. What does this tell us about the sort of European State that the Eurocrats mean to build?


If you do not, the British people risk finding themselves landed with a nasty and dangerous fait accompli.

Yours faithfully,

Torquil Dick-Erikson”


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The incompetence of the SAGE ‘scientists is obvious for all to see. These are the same people who predicted doom from Mad Cow Disease,SARS, H1N1 bird flu etc. and it is difficult to understand why HMG is paying them anything other than cursory attention.

While contradicting them about the Tier system of lockdowns is obviously difficult without major resources, it might be possible to prove the damage which will ensue if the Test and Trace system begins to function properly but with delays in returning results. It seems obvious that the contacts list will grow explosively until the entire population is self-isolating and the UK grinds to a halt. However, ‘seems’ is not enough.

Do we have the expertise to produce a mathematical proof of the intuition that T&T is a recipe for disaster? My preference would be for a cellular automaton which has one major advantage: it provides a simple visual output that can be understood by the least scientific of minds. Even senior politicians.

Respectfully, Sqn Ldr Julian Flood RAF (rtd)


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Ed: The following request was forwarded to INDEPENDENCE Daily via the good offices of Sqn Ldr Julian Flood RAF (rtd):


Dear Editor.

Could you please send me details of pricing for an advertisement?

I like it published every day for a week, starting as soon as possible.


For Sale: Ermine robe, one owner,  worn once. No reasonable offer refused.

Contact: Lady Ch, House of Lords


Sadly, we don’t do adverts on INDEPENDENCE Daily, but you are of course free to put in an offer!


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