My cards on the table. I`ve had enough of you lot. Yes, you who are conspiring to deprive me of the one piece of genuine democracy I have received in many years of occupation of our supposedly representative Parliament.

On the 23rd June 2016, I was presented with two democratic options a choice: to leave the EU or to remain. The chains were invisible of course, but this nation has been shackled nevertheless by an unholy alliance of “elitist” placepersons and all those who financially depended on collusion with a body structured to deny the humble grass rooter any effective voice in its decisions or its structural organisation. Note I use the word “effective”. Of course, there is a window dressing of respectability, it has a “parliament”, but under no circumstances does it have a parliament with the ability to instigate legislation. This had to come down from the top; the top being a malevolent body dedicated to its own totalitarian agenda and completely ruthless in its actions and defence of its own superiority, particularly to those it directly governed but completely cavalier in its treatment and attitude to the common voter.

As confirmed by a past president of the Junta, Mr. Barroso to Mr. Cameron, the outfit has aspirations to be an empire and already has many of the trappings in this respect viz 28 servile ex-nation states. Having conceded sovereignty how can they remain a nation? In fact, I have heard it expressed they have no more standing than a parish council – maybe a scintilla of hyperbole, but nevertheless having an element of truth; just as one cannot be a little bit pregnant so can a state not be a little bit less sovereign.

So back to little ‘ol me! I, along with 17.4 million (plus) others, have become completely resentful of a parliament supposedly meant to represent each and every one of us. We were permitted to vote, but we weren`t allowed to “participate” thereafter. I, along with all those others, have finally twigged this. The whole event has revealed unholy collusion between the legacy parties to keep the truth of our servitude from us and to indulge all those luxuries enjoyed by the elite. In fact, the whole damned referendum was rotten to the core, or as Mr John Reid coined so nicely, “unfit for purpose”.

Now to speak about the present shambles, which is quite clearly calculated, and has been from the 24th June 2016, to frustrate the will of the people and bring about the inherited view of our indoors elite “remainers”. They are bowing to their own prejudices and the expressed desires of their EU masters that we should adhere to the usual format of repeat referenda till they get the result “right”, or bring about such frustration (divide and rule) among the irreconcilable requirements of the numerous sectional interest groups that a return to the status quo is the most appealing option to everybody. That is, to “remain as you were in the EU”, or if those results are unobtainable, that any “agreed” withdrawal agreement is so toxically laced that it means an exit “In Name Only”. But above all, Britain must not be allowed to prosper whatever the outcome, for fear that it will serve as an example to hearten other nations who are presently under threat from their own internal “exit” seeking factions.

So now we face the following scenario, as I read it:

  1. Mrs May won`t budge from her present deal or no deal choice.
  2. Parliament votes down the deal again, then introduces an amendment which seeks a referendum and an extension of negotiating period.
  3. The two questions in the referendum are whether we should accept a deal manufactured out of an amalgam with Mrs May`s and Mr Corbyn`s efforts or remain in the EU.

If this transpires, either way Vote Leave is sunk and remain frustrates the referendum leave vote, but does allow us to stay in servitude on the same terms we endure now, although that 28th seat will be a pretty lonely place in effectiveness terms. Alternatively, the “concocted deal” will leave us in servitude forever, paying forever, without even a 1/28th vote at the table. To me, such a “deal” spells UTTER DISASTER.

There is one last possible shake of the dice. Yes, by all means put it back to the people, but only to those who voted Brexit and the constituencies of either party who voted Brexit also. I would suggest that the ERG resign en bloc and form a new party grouping in parliament based on Nigel`s organization. All those other MPs Labour and Conservative who are members for constituencies that voted LEAVE must join with ERG in the voting. Then, they will take control of the House of Commons and be able to supervise a “Deal or No Deal” Brexit.

Dear reader, obviously, I`m a bit hazy on the mechanics of this “solution”, but I do feel it is essential that we “properly/completely” leave the EU. I for one had no doubts in pushing the leave message to the voters or writing on this site prior to the referendum. I didn`t ever say it would be at no cost, but I did dismiss the “fear” campaign as over egging the cake and I similarly dismiss “catastrophe” at this juncture. This suggestion is for the grassroots to control parliament, which, after all, is only fair and equitable. Remain MUST NOT be allowed to overrule the expressed wish of the majority of the electorate.

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