‘Nudging’, the modern art of politics – shouldn’t we be the ewe though, not BJ?


I know, I know – I should be immune to the surprises I find in the MSM every morning but still I’m surprised. So this morning, even after the spectacle of the ‘Carrie Revolt’ splashed across the Sunday papers (more on that below) I was surprised by ‘breathtaking news’ yet again – not because they’re ‘news’ but by the way they are being presented to unsuspecting readers. 

I don’t mean the mawkish assurances of Prince Charles (link, paywalled) and BJ to Germany and Lee Cain respectively, that “we will always be friends” (paywalled link). To tell someone whom you’ve just knifed in the back because otherwise “Carrie would go crackers” (link) that you’re still friends: how sweet! I hope BJ will remember that when the ‘Men in Grey Suits’ will plunge their knives in his back: they’ll surely also always be his friends, no?

Mildly entertaining as those pronouncements were, there were also two reports on the ongoing trade negotiations, coming under “Lord Frost spoke”. I am as certain as can be that this was done on the behest of BJ who is desperate to reassure us plebs that Brexit will happen. RemainCentral headlined their report: “Lord Frost: Brexit red lines ‘still in place’ as crunch Brexit talks open” (link, paywalled). Amazing – there’s still something left to ‘crunch’!

In an astonishing example of producing ‘Clickbait for Leavers’, the DT headlined their article thus: “’We may not succeed’, says UK’s chief Brexit trade negotiator”. Succeed with what, one asks oneself and delves into the text, to find:

“Lord Frost signalled that he would not be deviating from Boris Johnson’s “red lines” amid speculation that the departure of Dominic Cummings from No 10 could herald concessions. He said there had been “some progress in a positive direction” but admitted there were still “significant” differences between the UK and EU on fishing and the level playing field.” (paywalled link)

Ah! So no real news then except the reassurance that BJ won’t cave in, Cummings or not. That’s all we Leave peasants need to know. We don’t need to know about another threat made by “Our Friends in Brussels” – we’ll always be friends, won’t we! – you’ll need to visit our friends at facts4eu and read their three reports, the latest of which was published yesterday, to find out.

However, in another example of selective reporting in ‘Our MSM’ there was one article on Friday evening on the latest EU blackmail, written by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. It ought to have been splashed all over the MSM. It wasn’t, thanks to Princess Nut Nuts and the ‘bloodbath at No 10’ she instigated. It’s sunk without trace, but in order to evaluate this morning’s ‘nudge’ reports on BJ ‘standing firm regardless’ here’s a quote:

“The EU has threatened to cut off “top-up access” to European electricity and gas pipelines in the case of a no-deal Brexit, raising the risk of supply squeeze during peak winter demand and potentially a halt to flows in an extreme scenario. […] There is now an overt linkage between full fishing access to UK waters and the continuation of normal energy flows through the interconnectors, even though the issues have nothing in common and even though energy supply is a sensitive matter of national security and would normally be off limits in such talks.” (paywalled link)

Isn’t it surpassingly strange that the Brussels mouthpieces in ‘Our MSM’, a.k.a. ‘Brussels correspondents’, didn’t mention this rather important piece of EU blackmail! Is it because Leavers might have become outraged? AEP quoted an EU official – surely someone those ‘correspondents’ could also have spoken to? See this:

“We don’t see why we should automatically give the UK this additional top-up in access to our electricity markets when they refuse to agree to level playing field commitments or give our fishermen access to fishing opportunities, worth a lot less economically,” said an EU official close to the talks.” (paywalled link)

Obviously, the deluge of gossip from No 10, of who said what, and who must be believed, was far more important! We were also informed in those acres of pixels that BJ would announce his ‘green’ policies for his ‘reset’.

And now, in a screamingly funny instance of “own petard – hoisted” we learn that BJ is self-isolating! He’s been ‘pinged’ by T&T! He’s been ‘ordered’ into quarantine for two weeks (e.g. paywalled links here and here). In case you were worried about Carrie, the DM informs us (here) that BJ will ‘self-isolate’ in No 10 while Carrie and baby will ‘carry on’ in No 11. Awwww …!

Rulz are rulz, innit – but do see the delicious report in LockdownSceptics about this latest covid event. They ask a rather inconvenient question:

“If having had COVID-19 less than six months ago doesn’t give you immunity, what hope is there for a vaccine? The BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine is already a two-parter. Will we be expected to have a booster every few months as well?” (link)

I’d guess the answer to that is ‘yes we will’, and we’ll be told to test ourselves every day, fersure, because being ‘asymptomatic’ still means we’re potential super-spreaders. If you thought that surely there must be an end in sight by spring, sorry: the BioNTech CEO told the BC yesterday that ‘we can have a normal winter next year’ if everybody gets vaccinated by next autumn (link). That’s a lot of tomorrows we’ll have to wait for that promised jam …!

There is a frightening  aspect to these ‘reports’ and to the unspeakable spectacle of the political assassination of Cummings and Cain to which the MSM treated us over the weekend. It’s not just the political turn to ‘greenery’ by BJ, towards which his mistress has now ‘nudged’ him – if we’d wanted ‘green’ we’d surely have voted for that Party, right? –  it’s the fact that politics are now made in the editorial offices of ‘Our MSM’, by the permanent leaking of gossip in order to ‘nudge’ politicians as well as us plebs into ‘behavioural changes’. There’s actually a government unit set up to do the ‘nudging’, instituted by Cameron in 2010 in the wake of some earlier ‘attempts’ by Blair (link).

The whole covid policies are a prime example, from Messrs V & W and ‘Project Covid Fear and Hysteria’ all the way down. So is the Carrie-instigated ‘Bloodbath at No 10’ we’ve been treated to. “Government” is the vehicle, with ministers being ‘nudged’ themselves by their handlers, the Mandarins, and yes, the MSM. 

This is achieved by selective leaks in collaboration with selected ‘reporters’, e.g. those who’ve fallen over themselves penning their Sunday articles on ‘what really happened’ in No 10. It’s as if anyone who works there is ‘a source’, a ‘senior source’, a ‘figure’, a ‘ministerial aide’ or even ‘a minister’. They’re all anonymous so we don’t know if the reporter has only been talking to the Chief Mouser.

However, given that we’ve been told how ‘clever Carrie’ has lots of friends amongst journalists we can surmise that there’s a constant flow of chat between ‘reporters’ and those who believe they are important figures, all the way down from Carrie. Tears and innuendo, ‘outcries’ and gossip are used to cement policies which those at the top of the Westminster Cabal want to implement. Unscrutinised.

This is important because, given our experience with the covid policies, we can see what is coming down the line. There’s not just that ‘nudge’ into ‘CO2 Neutrality’, there’s the indisputable fact that the MSM and the green blob have for decades suppressed all reporting on evidence which shows that we’re not gonna boil to death. That label ‘denier’, borrowed from the ‘Climate Wars’, has already been used to smear all who dare question Messrs V & W as ‘covid deniers’. 

We now learn that Labour wants a ‘Law’ to ‘criminalise’ all who doubt the use of vaccines. I wonder if they will demand that ‘Our Sacred Cow’ must therefore be deprived of all the staff – staff that is always so desperately needed – when they’re questioning the next ‘Holy Cow’ that is vaccination. Some do, as The Times reported (link, paywalled). It’s only LockdownSceptics who ask:

“If the Labour Party wants people to trust public health authorities on vaccines, why not call for a more honest and transparent presentation of scientific data about every aspect of this crisis? […] To rebuild public trust, we need more openness not more censorship.”  (link)

No, dear colleagues – it’s not about building trust, it’s about ‘nudging us’ into the proper behaviour, with no-one being permitted to ask if that behaviour is actually useful but with ‘penalties’ demanded for doubters. We’ve already seen that ‘nudging’ works in regard to muzzles.

Meanwhile the teachers’ unions – them again! – are now demanding that England does as Wales did and scrap all exams next year (link, paywalled). Let’s keep our children stupid – they’ll be more easily nudged. Never mind that stupid kids won’t be qualified to work in the vast field of cyber-whatever, from security to T&T. After all, there will be AI, won’t there, so our kids don’t need to learn. Let’s just not think about that country where the most and best AI research is taking place – the one where they ‘discovered’ covid.

I leave you with the breathtaking ‘news’, revealed in The Times (link, paywalled), that a ‘study’ by Imperial College London (yes, that Ferguson place yet again) showed that the side effects caused by statins are only ‘in the patients’ minds’. Their study was undertaken on sixty (!) patients. Ah! You can see where this is going: side effects caused by covid vaccines will easily be brushed away as being only ‘in the patients minds’. 

I wonder though if all those sufferers from ‘long covid’ will also be told it’s only  in their minds and to get a grip. Surely researchers couldn’t be so cruel! Surely, given that these wonderful covid vaccines are inducing ‘mild covid symptoms’, or so we’re told, some might get ‘one covid’ from the vaccine?  Nah – that would definitely only be ‘in their minds’ and would be ‘vaccine denialism’!

Welcome to a happy new week where BJ will nudge us into ‘green blobbery’, a man either fit of questioning the validity of his covid rules or fret of meeting his MPs face to face. Apparently, ‘zoom conferences’ from the safety of No 10, with Carrie whats-apping him on his smartphone from the safety of the bedroom in No 11 is the way to go! Never mind that she could be what-apping her meejah friends at the same time, to ‘nudge’them to ‘nudge’  him. That’s ‘modern politics’. 

Don’t let yourselves be nudged and 




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