The slow-motion car crash that is the government’s Brexit policy is continuing. Yesterday the PM had to face the HoC in PMQs for the first time after the Tory disaster that were the Local Elections a week ago.If you thought the ‘loyal opposition’ that is Labour would hold her to task about Brexit then you’d have been very much disappointed.

Most of the time the opposition leader and the PM conducted a slanging match over the NHS. The PM was so loud that my collie couldn’t bear to hear her voice any longer: after a few growls she left the room and stalked into the hall. It was that bad.

Pundits say that Brexit wasn’t on the table because the government and Labour were still ‘in talks’ – but at the same time we were told that these talks have ‘stalled’. The consequence is that the PM plans to bring her WA to the HoC yet again while refusing to give the Brady Bunch, the 1922 Committee, that ‘roadmap’ they asked for (see yesterday’s article). More on that below.

There were two other ‘events’, one which didn’t happen and one which was played down. Mr Williamson did not make a speech about his sacking regarding the Huawei ‘leak’: another roaring mouse, he. The US Foreign Secretary Mr Pompeo’s remarks on Huawei were overshadowed by those on Iran but the DM has a good report which is not paywalled, read it here. So nothing for the PM to be scared of.

After all, what does Huawei and our relationship to the USA matter when we can watch the PM destroy Brexit, the Tory Party and indeed herself live on our tellies! Watch this extraordinary ‘confession’ by the PM, in answer to Andrea Jenkyns MP demand for her to leave – the clip is in the linked text:

“Theresa May had the usually rambunctious MPs quieting down when she hit back at the suggestion she was to blame for the Brexit delay: “Actually, this is not an issue about me and it’s not an issue about her. If it were an issue about me and how I vote, we would already have left the European Union.” (link)

The PM is obviously unaware that herself and her WA are the issue. She doesn’t seem to be aware of the ‘Law of Holes’. Why she has her Party in such thrall is inexplicable, but yesterday’s PMQs showed clearly that she must have them by the short-and-curlies.

We’ve pointed out repeatedly that she regards getting her abomination of the WA across the line is intricately tied to her giving a date for her resignation. That was beautifully illustrated yesterday yet again. Here’s a report from RemainCentral, The Times (paywalled):

“As talks with the opposition stall, it seems that Mrs May has decided that confronting MPs with votes on Brexit is less risky than doing nothing and allowing calls for her to quit to grow. If she is to get her Brexit deal passed in time to stop MEPs elected from the UK taking their seats in a new European parliament on July 2, the bill needs to start its progress this month, according to Downing Street sources. May allies said it remained unclear whether the government would seek to hold “indicative votes” before the Bill’s introduction. No 10 insisted that the prime minister had already made a “generous” offer to quit once MPs had passed her Brexit deal.” (link, paywalled).

It’s a pity she never showed the same haggling skills when she negotiated with the EU! Savour how the toothless tigers of the Brady Bunch accepted that ‘generous offer’ by the PM:

“The prime minister ignored a deadline to set out a timetable for her departure before yesterday’s meeting of the 1922 Committee executive. Instead she agreed to meet the group of 16 senior Tory MPs who represent backbench interests next Wednesday. Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the committee, told reporters he expected Mrs May to respond to their demands that she depart whether her Brexit deal was agreed or not. He added that the prime minister intended to bring legislation implementing the EU departure agreement before the Strasbourg polls on May 23.” (link, paywalled)

It’s the same old same old: ‘vote for my deal and then I’ll go. Perhaps.’ A reporter of the DM has managed to speak to a ‘source’ on that 1922 Committee:

“Speaking after last night’s meeting of the committee, one former Cabinet minister told the Mail: ‘This feels like the endgame. The walls are closing in on her and there is no way out.’ […] With a new summer deadline for Brexit at the earliest, Downing Street is said to be planning for the PM to hang on until September in the hope that she can deliver it before stepping aside” (source)

The DT (paywalled) reported that ‘Brexiteer MPs emerged grim-faced’ from that meeting. That should have been ‘shamefaced’, shouldn’t it! What are they afraid of? A GE? Well, in view of the new expenses scandal reported by the DT that does make sense …

Isn’t it extraordinary how the PM and her supporters in the cabinet and the Party seem oblivious of the impact the EP elections are going to have. They take place in two weeks precisely and the whole Tory lot are not only fiddling while Country and Party burn, they are full of delusions of grandeur:

“The Downing Street source declined to say what part Mrs May would play in campaigning for the European elections. Asked whether the Tories would hold a formal campaign launch or publish a manifesto, the source said: “We announced a full slate of candidates last month and sent our election address out to UK households last week. Our message is there’s only one party that can deliver Brexit.” A leaked copy of the Tory campaign materials makes clear that the party will attack Nigel Farage as an opportunist with links to extremists.” (link, paywalled)

Unbelievable, isn’t it, that after last week’s election disaster the Tories still think they can win the EP vote with the same top-down attitude. Their plan to attack Nigel Farage because of ‘links to extremists’ is hypocrisy of the highest order.

As far as I know, Mr Farage hasn’t met with or supported Hamas, an organisation which has been firing countless rockets into Israel in the last few days. The leader of Labour supports Hamas, but if one needs talks with him in 10 Drowning Street to get that EU sell-out deal over the line, that ‘link to extremists’ is fine …

Still, some Tories recognise the danger, for example Ms Leadsom, but it’s not that TBP is on course to win the EP elections but because they may snatch votes from the Tories and thus lead to a Corbyn government (link).

The Tory leadership still seems to think that we peasants need to be shown the spectre of a Corbyn government which can only be averted by slaying the Farage Fox. Well, it worked once, but unlike them, we do change our minds when circumstances change.

Oh yes – yesterday the BBC broadcast the first part of a Belgium TV series, a behind-the-scenes report on how our dear EU friends regard us and the PM. It was filmed during the ‘negotiations’. The concluding part will be on tonight.

When Remain BBC set the date for this broadcast they obviously believed the PM and the Remain HoC, that there would be no EP elections. Caught out, weren’t they …

This show is delicious campaign material for all Leavers and especially for TBP. Now the BBC has egg on their faces while the Leave Nation sniggers. Thank you, BBC!




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