Are we now in a bazaar where the government is reduced to haggling about dates – and I don’t mean the edible ones? What has the PM, what has her deputy Mr Lidington, what have the Labour ‘negotiators’ been doing yesterday? Drinking tea and dunking biscuits?

There was no announcement of ‘a deal’, and they will meet again today. What we did get were the sad news  – sad for the government and the Tory Party, that is – that the EP Elections will have to go ahead.

However, the PM, through her deputy Mr Lidington, has come up with a new timetable. According to this, the PM now aims to get her WA through Parliament in June so that the newly elected MEPs won’t have to take their seats – or it might be August –  or it might be later – who actually knows:

“Theresa May is targeting July 1 as the day Britain leaves the EU after abandoning a deadline for a Brexit agreement with Labour. David Lidington, the Cabinet Office minister, said the Government was “redoubling” its efforts to ensure a Brexit deal is passed by Parliament in time to prevent MEPs taking up their seats in Brussels. If that proves impossible, the Government will make sure the EU Withdrawal Agreement is  “done and dusted” before Parliament rises for the summer, meaning Brexit day would be August 1. It means that Mrs May has now set five separate dates for Britain to leave the EU. (paywalled link)

You can find non-paywalled reports here and here. It’s as if That Lot in Drowning Street and Whitehell are totally oblivious to the one exit, the one solution which would have us Out and incidentally abolish the EP elections: leave on WTO rules before May 23rd. Sir John Redwood has been pointing this out repeatedly, but noooo ….! 

One reason for this game-of-dates is of course the demand of Tory MPs and Tory grassroot members that the PM go. The demand for her to set a date for her ‘Leave’ is intricately tied to this despicable game with our future.

Yesterday, Sir Graham Brady of the 1922 Brady Bunch, ahem, Committee, roared like a mouse:

“Theresa May has been given until teatime on Wednesday to come up with a “roadmap” to her resignation as leader of the Tory party – or she will have one forced upon her.Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 committee of backbench Conservative MPs, is understood to have made clear backbenchers’ frustration at a meeting on Tuesday night.” (paywalled link)

That will have had the PM quaking in her kitten heels! He’s actually given her a deadline:

“Sir Graham is understood to have given Mrs May until 4pm on Wednesday – the start of the meeting of the party’s 1922 executive – to set out a “roadmap” for her departure from Number 10. […] If Mrs May refuses to set out her exit plans, the 1922 committee will set out its own plans and can say “here is our timescale” for her departure, [a] MP said. (paywalled link)

A roadmap! How perfectly quaint. And how perfectly useless. After all, we did have a ‘roadmap’ given by the PM herself about when we’d Leave the EU … March 29th, wasn’t it? And Sir Graham Brady and his other toothless tigers believe the PM will keep to their roadmap? No chance, when you read this:

“Theresa May is poised to remain in office until the Conservative conference this September after setting a new summer deadline to complete Brexit talks.The prime minister was urged yesterday by Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers, to spell out a faster timetable for a departure before the Commons summer recess, which is expected in the third or fourth week of July.However, Downing Street indicated that it was working to a new deadline for solving the Brexit impasse that would mean her remaining in office for up to four more months.” (link, paywalled)

No wonder that the nerves in the Tory Party are jangling, as this extraordinary outburst by a member of the 1922 Committee shows:

“The Vice Chairman of the 192 [sic!] Committee sent a clear message to both Brexiteers in his party and those Remainers who voted against the Prime Minister’s deal for three times. Mr Walker urged his colleagues to “go find another party” if they are planning to continue to oppose Theresa May’s Brexit efforts. He said: “There were 34 people who voted against the Prime Minister’s deal. “They were six Remainers and 28 putative Leavers. And you have to look at them and ask is the Conservative Party the place that you continue to feel provides a home for you? Because if it doesn’t, stop making all our lives miserable and difficult and go find another party.” (source)

Strewth – is Mr Walker telling his colleagues to cross the floor and join the ChUK-TIGs or, God forbid, TBP if they’re not 100% PM-loyalists? Unbelievable, isn’t it!

On past form, the PM will obviously find perfectly good reasons to stay after fours months – and after six months – and after 12 months, until the end of this Parliament in 2022. After all, didn’t she ‘deliver Brexit’, ahem, BRINO? And aren’t her ‘strong and stable’ hands needed in this perilous times? Perhaps the PM has taken a lesson from The Speaker who also won’t relinquish his seat because only he, in his opinion, is capable of ‘delivering Remain’.

On past form, we can be sure the PM fondly believes that she can still ‘deliver’ her ‘Remain’ to the Tory grassroots, even after a disastrous result for the Tories in the EP elections. She has the full backing of the Whitehell mandarins, after all.

Meanwhile, across the Channel in EU-Land, that perfect democrat M Juncker believes he could’ve prevented Brexit if only he’d intervened on the side of Remain in the 2016 referendum (source). Well, it was a pity he didn’t! I think he’d have increased the Leave vote by another 5% at the very least.

Also in EU-Land, the economy is faltering, and it’s of course the fault of Brexit (link). It is of course not the fault of EU intransigence blocking Brexit at every turn. That this intransigence was fuelled and ably supported by our Whitehell civil serpents is another story.

I note with no astonishment whatsoever that the influence of Sir Mark Sedwill, top civil serpent, on Brexit and other government issues like the sacking of the Minister of Defence has vanished from the MSM. So has that trip to Beijing, as has Huawei. Oh – and Mr Gavin Williamson did not, after all, give a speech in the HoC yesterday. Well, perhaps he’ll do it today …

Let me close with a warning regarding the forthcoming EP Elections. It was reported in Breitbart London on Monday (here) but didn’t concern our MSM:

“A recent report from Politico provides an insight into Facebook’s new “election war room” established ahead of the upcoming European election. Facebook has previously deployed a similar “war room” in the United States ahead of the midterm elections in November 2018. Now, Politico has reported on the company’s efforts to establish a similar project in Dublin, Ireland ahead of the upcoming European elections.”

Do read the whole thing – it is chilling and shows that the Remain establishment is not giving up. And that, dear friends, means that we must  not give up either, come what may (or May), but to




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