There’s been a lot of stories of manufacturing jobs moving abroad using the excuse …”because of Brexit“.

Anyone think the EU is good for British industry or any other business simply hasn’t paid attention to what has been systematically asset-stripped from the UK over the last 47 years. The EU actively encourages UK-based firms to leave the UK with loans, but the EU hasn’t been the only reason. Labour and Conservative alike are equally to blame.

The Mini that David Cameron stood in front of as an example of British engineering are built by BMW mostly in Holland and Austria. Former PM David Cameron’s Remain battle-bus in June 2016 was made in Germany even though we have Plaxton, Optare, Bluebird, Dennis etc, in the UK. The Remain battle-bus was recycled for Theresa May’s 2017 General Election campaign. Says it all doesn’t it? (Reference)

Cadbury’s ( now owned by Kraft) moved their factory to Poland in 2011 – see here.

Ford Southampton moved their Transit van plant from to Turkey in 2013 with an €80 million EU loan allegedly backed by George Osborne when he was Governor of the European Investment Bank. Loan guaranteed by the UK Taxpayer! (References here and here)

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR is owned by Tata Steel, the same company who have trashed our steelworks and emptied the workers pension funds), agreed, before Brexit, to build a new plant in Slovakia, now opened in Oct 2018 with €125 million Slovakian state aid fund, backed by the EU Commission (Reference)

Now JLR say they have cut production in UK…because of “no deal” fears? No, people are buying fewer Diesel cars because of government policy, who at first encouraged us all to convert to diesel, now say we should convert to electric – see this.

But where are those electric cars going to get their power from in future? The Drax power plant, since 2013 in Northern Ireland and Selby, North Yorkshire, a Green Blob initiative, “Ash for Cash” scandal, burns wood pellets that are shipped across the Atlantic from Canada. This accounts for 80% of the Drax supply, with a massive carbon footprint in transporting wood pellets and burning them at no expense spared through government subsidy, adding 4 times as much CO2 and increased particulates into the air “equivalent to adding 3 million Diesel cars to the roads”, said Biofuelwatch. Many in the know who are also into biofuel electrical generation cottoned onto the fact that they received more through this subsidy than any electricity they generated. Labour or Tory, both are friends of the Green Blob insanity at your expense (here and here).

The British Army’s new Ajax fighting vehicle is built in Spain, using Swedish steel at the request of the EU Commission to support jobs in Spain, rather than Wales. A decision mostly made because the UK government has to follow EU Defence Procurement Directive 2009/81/EC, meaning contracts for defence have to be tendered across the EU internal market. And this was announced just before the Brexit vote in May 2016! Under WTO rules military equipment can be excluded from government procurement rules on national security grounds! (Reference)

With this in mind, 3 Royal Fleet Auxiliary support vessels are up for tender abroad too. The decision, whether a UK shipyard gets the contract or it goes abroad, is pending at the moment, subject to a government decision. The prospect looks bleak for UK shipyards the longer we remain in the EU. Why not freeze the tendering process and award the contract to a UK shipyard, after we leave the EU? Handy ePetition to sign! (Reference).

The list goes on:

M&S one of the last British clothing manufacturers left the UK for the far east in 2003

Also in 2003 Gillette fled Hemel Hempstead and London to Poland, with loss of 415 UK jobs.

Texas Instruments Greenock semiconductor plant announced in January 2016 that it was earmarked for closure in 2019, phasing production to Freising, Germany and Japan.

Peugeot moved their 206 Ryton car plant to Slovakia in 2006 possibly using state aid without EU approval.

The point is that businesses move about all the time, not because of Brexit, but because they move to where it’s favourable to make a profit. It’s up to the UK government to make businesses more favourable, less expensive, fewer taxes, fewer expensive regulations, make it easier for them to make a profit, instead like the EU, has embraced the subsidized Green Blob. For every job created through the Green Blob scam nearly 4 are lost (here).

In January 1993, whole sectors of  British industry were buried under an avalanche of expensive EU regulations to harmonize to EU standards from the Single Market. During 1992 in the run up to its introduction UK businesses were faced with a stark choice by over-zealous council inspectors who issued firm notices to either conform to EU directives and then go bankrupt or face criminal prosecution if they continued trading, closed shop for the last time. (Reference)

The biggest and most expensive piece of legislation ever put through a British Parliament is a mass exporter of UK jobs adding huge costs and regulation to businesses (Reference).

In 2006, Carbon Taxes (CCL) , were first implemented by Ed Milliband under the Labour government and any hopes that the Conservatives would repeal this Jobs destroyer has been dashed in 2010 as they endorsed it too with the Libdems. The UK government policy whether Lib Lab or CON for all UK industry is decline with a vengeance, despite Brexit, following the cult religion of Climate Change and alignment to the Single Market. Yet Remainers blame Brexit for companies fleeing the UK? But the industrial graveyards of the last 4 decades say otherwise!

The UK has to shake off this Green Blob and Single Market to be competitive, to keep jobs and industry in the UK, so why not start by scrapping the Climate Change Levy (CCL), Paris Agreement (2015) along with Single Market rules.

President Trump has shown the way, attracting businesses back to the USA making it more attractive for real jobs and growth of 4.1% (see here and here).



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