Every time I check in for a flight and pass through security, turn out my pockets and get x-rayed, I think about the people that would kill me, my fellow passengers and possibly my family members and close friends. These people would murder all of us, just for some political grievance.

It isn’t that I don’t sympathise with some of these people, maybe even feeling that their grievances are justified but my first priority is to my family, close friends and countrymen in that order. When people threaten any of the above, any empathy or sympathy that I may have had for them or their cause, comes to a sudden and abrupt end.

I have never served in the military but I have known plenty of people that have, and fought in battles. They would all say the same thing: it’s just a question of survival and getting the job done. The political arguments, the rights and the wrongs, they are all arguments for another day, probably by other people in other places. Morals, ethics, political viewpoints, human rights and all the other veneers of civilisation are a luxury that must be brushed aside at a time when all that matters is winning and survival.

Of course the bleeding heart Liberal/Lefties of today would have us believe something different, they’d like to turn us into timid subservient weaklings, totally incapable of self defence. This is a sinister indoctrination that started in our schools many years ago.

I went to a rough school with useless, Liberal teachers and violent bullying was rife. My father drummed into me that the best way to deal with a bully was to punch him straight on the nose, stop him dead in his tracks. Given that my father would make me practice on my punch bag for two to three hours a day, for me this strategy worked rather well. My teachers however used to cane me brutally for having the audacity to defend myself.

One day after a bully held a Stanley knife to my throat, I hit him and received yet another thrashing from the headmaster. Looking back over forty five years, I now realise that this was the start of this Liberal/Lefty indoctrination, the disease that has made a once proud and powerful nation into a nation of subservient weaklings.

In one particular third world city where I once lived for many years, I had a favourite bar where I would sit at a table outside on the street and have a beer or three. There was a dark spot just down the street and I’d often watch people get mugged at night. The mugging would often start off as aggressive begging, after which, if the assailant detected any sign of weakness or fear, the pleas for money very quickly turned into demands until money was handed over.

Very often I was approached by muggers in the same way, I’d just laugh at them and usually that was enough to discourage them, I’m quite well built and very fit. This is something that decades of bleeding heart Liberalism has taken away from us as a nation. We just won’t say boo to a goose and there are plenty of people willing to take advantage of our weakness.

Today, decades of Lefty/Liberalism has turned into Socialism which with the advancement of globalism is rapidly becoming Communism and with it the emergence of Jeremy Corbyn, his band of nutters and many more besides. Thank God that the tide appears to be turning against this but look where it has left our country: it is a hollowed out husk of its former self.

The sovereignty of our country has been undermined as our government has been infiltrated by globalist quislings and immigrants that hate us and everything that we stand for. Our military has become almost insignificant and with it our borders almost non existent as the globalists rush to dilute our culture to virtual extinction.

Whether or not we are destined to become the new third world, similarly polarised, with the vast majority of us living in poverty, that depends on us once again being able to stand up for ourselves against the bullies that have taken over our government, judiciary, police and other institutions.

I have only the mainstream media to rely on for the truth about what just happened in Iraq and Donald Trump’s killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, which means that I have no idea at all. It appears though that Soleimani instigated and orchestrated an attack on the US embassy in Iraq, along with many other lethal attacks on US military and civilian personnel over the years with many more planned.

I have long felt and argued that we in the West should pull out of the Middle East and leave the Islamic world to manage its own affairs. I’ve said though that these feelings are a luxury when it comes to violence against my country and countrymen. Donald Trump is the Commander in Chief of the US military, his first job is to protect both US civilians and servicemen alike, in the face of violence against them: there was only one appropriate response.

I’m starting to like Donald Trump, he is one of the only politicians today that is actually doing the job that he was elected to do. Perhaps if some of our politicians were to learn from Donald Trump, we could once again look forward to living in a proud civilised country, where our children aren’t groomed for sex, women raped and men women and children murdered by immigrants.

Perhaps our children could then grow up to live in a prosperous country, run by politicians that do as they were elected to do and represent the wishes and interests of the citizens that elected them into their positions of power.





Photo by dok1

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