Ed: Having seen my appeal a week ago, one of our star letter writers, Roger Arthur, sent me the following letters he wrote to the mighty in the past few months. We are happy to publish them because they show that some issues simply haven’t gone away.

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1. A Letter to the POTUS

Dear Mr Biden

Congratulations on becoming President of the United States.

Here in the UK we will soon be celebrating our Independence – as you did in 1776 – as we cast off the remaining shackles which bind us to the EU Politburo. Please do nothing to frustrate that process.

Many here were puzzled when Mr Obama urged us to succumb to ever-closer union under unelected EU rulers – who can’t be impeached – and by threats from your party to put the UK at the back of the queue, in trade negotiations.

A common Allied WW2 objective was to restore the sovereignty of nation states. So giving preference to an unelected EU Politburo – which wants to end such sovereignty – surely makes no sense. 

Sadly some of your colleagues seem to have been influenced by contrived concerns relating to Northern Ireland (NI) and its cross border relationship with the Irish Republic – although the US and Canada trade successfully, without a Customs Union.

Throughout Brexit negotiations, the EU has sought to keep the UK enslaved to its rulebook, using those contrived concerns as a lever. 

You will no doubt have grasped that the so called “Backstop”, was introduced in an attempt to trap the UK in the EU’s customs Union, in a direct threat to our sovereignty – which they have made no secret of wanting to end.

But there has been a Common Travel Area (CTA) in Ireland for nearly 100 years and no one proposes to change that. Those with British and Irish passports will continue to be free to move across the border after Brexit, with NI residents able to identify as Irish or British – or both.

Indeed, if the EU would agree to zero tariffs (GATT 24) then there would be no need for a customs border, yielding substantial savings to the EU, which is a net exporter to the UK. Leaving the EU means that no part of the UK shall remain in the EU Customs Union and the UK will not be erecting a hard border.

If anyone does impose a hard border, then it will not be the U.K. Indeed the EU’s chief negotiator (Barnier) said that Brussels will “find an operational way of carrying out checks and controls without putting back in place a border”.

The idea that the UK cannot prosper independently of the EU, without a return to violence in NI, is patently absurd. (As you know the level of violence per capita in NI, is much lower than that in the US.)

It would clearly not be in the interest of the US to have your closest ally leave the EU – as anything other than a strong and independent nation.

Ask why would US Democrats prefer to side with an enterprise which wants to end the sovereignty of nations and which has tried to undermine NATO.

So please don’t be taken in by questionable EU tactics and remember which European country has been the most resolute supporter of your country, of NATO and of government for the People, by the People.  Isn’t that what “Democrats” should be supporting?

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely, Roger Arthur

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2. I sent this letter to Martin Howe QC early in January. He has not responded, but his Sunday Telegraph Article (paywalled link) does deal with the first item, regarding the NI Protocol:

Dear Martin

Whilst the Brexit Agreement did not achieve the total independence of a WTO exit, it is clearly better than TMay’s WA. It even has a unilateral means of escape, although the penalties incurred by invoking that may be too eye watering to contemplate.  

However a number of concerns remain. On page 15 of the Brexit Agreement for example it says that:

“Decisions adopted by the Partnership Council, or, as the case may be, by a Committee, shall be BINDING ….” on the U.K.

But Sovereignty is of course where regulations are proposed – debated and decided in your own Parliament – before being enacted.  In that context alone, sovereignty has not been restored.

Also the NI Protocol remains whilst Gibraltar has been dragged into Schengen and a number of other concerns remain. Surely we need to ensure that:

i) the NI Protocol is phased out ASAP, 

ii) 94% of U.K. companies which don’t export to the EU, are NOT burdened by EU rules,

iii) our armed forces do NOT come under Brussels command,

iv) we do get full control of our territorial waters ASAP, 

v) the level of tax avoidance – allowed by EU free movement of capital – is brought back under U.K. control,

vi) payments to the EU and our obligations for Eurozone defaults, are wound down ASAP,

vii) we revert to a U.K. Bill of Rights – rather than continue to follow ECHR rulings and

viii) that we need to remove all constraints on the U.K’s ability to financially support its strategic sectors.

Since the job is clearly incomplete, we will need to remain vigilant with an EU and it’s Quislings, who have not acted in good faith and who will seek any opportunity to drag us back into bondage.

So I and many others, would be interested to know if you believe that U.K. Sovereignty has really been restored and what you believe still needs to be done. Many thanks.

Best wishes for the New Year,

Roger Arthur

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3. A letter to Boris Johnson, sent on 15th June 2021:

Dear Boris

Your support of genuflection to undemocratic Marxist pressure groups, suggests that you have learnt from the voters of Hartlepool. So let us spell it out.

Most people do not want Woke, they hate cancel culture, they are against open immigration, they do not want to be talked down to and labelled racists.

They hate that our culture and our history is being rubbished and attacked.

They hate that our nation’s heroes are being cancelled. They hate crime and violence, while politicians constantly make excuses for the perpetrators because of ethnicity.

They hate the constant attacks on our police and undermining of their powers to protect us. They hate to see leaders kneeling to minority groups and despise them for it.

They are disgusted that the people of Northern Ireland have been sacrificed as part of the BRINO compromise, which leaves us shackled to the EU rule book in so many ways.

They are fed up with climate change evangelists who demand that each UK household should stump up around £100,000 to meet predicted global temperature rise, based on flawed IPCC models.

You can deceive some of the people for some of the time. But they have seen more than of enough smoke and mirrors and they want strong leadership now – not the virtual signalling that you have been adopting.

They have heard more than enough that you are following the science and it’s worst case predictions – as a reason to keep them cowed into submission.

Please stand up and lead, Mr Johnson, because the goodwill of the people is almost exhausted.

Regards, Roger Arthur




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