the following was meant to be just a comment post, but then in grew … It is in reference to this paragraph in an article by “flyer”, in INDEPENDENCE Daily, March 1st 2020:

“Day by day, it has become increasingly apparent that the politicians that we supposedly elect to represent us, are really just concerned with fobbing us off with lies and spin while they pursue their own agendas. Agendas that usually consist of self-enrichment by selling us out to the globalists who are just the latest nut jobs trying to take over the world: we’ve been to war for far less in the past.”

Conspiracy by our ruling class? No. Cock up. The ignorant virtue-signallers who get into Parliament are largely to blame. We are presented by the major parties with candidates with university education, supposedly because that education in whichever subject teaches them ‘how to think’.  The fact that they lack hinterland is only exposed when they get into positions of real power. Were they to stick to their last then this would not matter so much, but when they go beyond their narrow academic training the limitations of purely intellectual qualifications becomes glaringly apparent. They are then open to manipulation by those whose motivation is, as flyer says, self enrichment.

I have too often spoken about one case which illustrates my point, the Minister for Climate Change whose limited general knowledge meant that he had no understanding of the chief problem relating to the ‘problem’ of global warming, namely the difficulty and expense of storing the product of intermittent and unreliable solar and wind. Let me instead move on to Prime Minister Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, a lawyer by birth and training. His government committed us to reducing CO2 output by 20%, not just from electricity generation but from all energy use. He didn’t understand that electricity is a small part of energy use: space heating is the big user of fossil fuels. He was told of his error but ignored the advice – not just ignorant but arrogant.

This Tory administration has members even more ridiculous. When he was Secretary of State at DEFRA, Michael Gove (English, Lady Margaret Hall),  announced a ban on wood burning stoves, proclaiming the coming of the all-electric house. His worship of a teenage ignoramus, unmocked by the MSM, is an indictment of politics and journalism. He has no understanding that when we burn fossil fuel in power stations we lose energy by turning heat into electricity, then we transmit the electricity along the National Grid, losing energy, then we convert the energy into heat in the home or for industrial processes. Physics tells us that this loss of efficiency is impossible to avoid unless you pipe the fuel directly to the end user. Under Lancashire and Yorkshire there is enough energy to power this country cheaply for fifty years, giving us the edge needed to  compete with the USA with its commitment to boost its competitiveness, and giving us time to develop zero-carbon alternatives that actually work.

Using natural gas for generation and space heating/industry is so obviously correct at all levels that someone with a less academic education, like the current holder of the position, should see it clearly, and if he feels lost he can always consult Tamara Margaret Finkelstein, his Permanent Secretary who has a degree in engineering — a hopeful sign if he listens to her. If he doesn’t, current policies will not only ruin British industry, they will kill the old, the poor and the sick. 

The solution? Choose people with life experience, don’t stick to the system that elevates people like Blair and Gove into the upper levels of government, connected political animals who are impractical know-nothings when it comes to the real world. Did you imagine that things are different now? 

Cromwell was once criticised for letting oiks into his army. Here’s his response:

“I had rather have a plain, russet-coated Captain, that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that you call a Gentleman and is nothing else.”

This is from a letter to Sir William Spring (September 1643) That’s not Richard Spring aka Baron Risby, MP for West Suffolk 350 years later, it’s one of the 17th century ruling class who had no right to rule other than birth. 

Plus ça change.

Respectfully, Julian Flood


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