This letter was written by Alan Piper


Ed: we publish this open letter because it addresses in exemplary fashion the consequences of the latest Lockdown Measures for ordinary people, for small pub landlords. Alan gave us his permission to publish because “We are tearing our hair out here and the hardest part is stopping staff reading too much into the ” new normal” and making life impossible.”

There surely are many other like him, and many small business owners who, like Alan, are battling not just with the consequences these latest measures impose on them but with the attitude of those frightened people, their customers and indeed their employees, who believe what the MSM have been writing. Who knows how many there are who are also scared of falling foul of those self-appointed ‘Covid Rule enforcers’, who are frightened into compliance because they do not want to be shouted at by others who think anyone without a mask is a potential killer. And that’s without even mentioning the hard work people like Alan have put in over the summer to adhere to the then Covid Rules. “Tim” is the local MP, Tim Farron (LibDem).  Here then is the letter:

“Hello again Tim

Sorry but I’m writing again because I am just aghast at what Boris has done to pubs here in Cumbria. After a sleepless night I hope the following points might focus any attack you might wish to make.

1. Although very busy when allowed to open post lockdown, we pubs get no credit for putting in measures that have successfully kept CV at bay, here at least, and in my case – agreed with environmental health. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve not heard of any outbreaks in W&L. And let’s ignore any costs incurred in doing all that.

So are we suffering because he cannot adequately control what is happening in other parts of the country ? Sounds like it.

2. Table Service. Works for some, doesn’t for others. Creates such a huge burden for us with lots of separate areas where people can spread out so much that I doubt we can do it. Cannot find or house enough staff apart from anything else. So everything is put at risk because Bozo thinks we can all call on flunkeys, at zero notice, to step in to keep our livelihoods viable. Thank God it’s nearly October – if he’d done that 3 months ago ….doesn’t bare thinking about.

3. Also it makes a nonsense of the alleged science. We’ve got the 1m+ distancing across the Bar and in the (v polite) Bar queue, have done the risk assessment, have track & trace, one way system, small groups, sanitizers, etc. But now – you cannot come to collect a drink from the Bar which has proved to be safe – and we are at risk of a huge, arbitrary fine if you do.  

4. “It is very much business as usual” Your closing words. I wish I could say the same. I hope you are right and the tories chuck Boris out and make life bearable again but I do get a sense of complacency in the zoom Parliament. imho Parliament needs to start functioning properly again – in person, face to face. Had any CV cases there? No, thought not.


A very anxious Alan Piper”


Ed: I’d like to hear from you, dear readers, about how this latest Lockdown is affecting you personally, in your palace of work, in your daily lives. Thank you.



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