With the dawning of 2019 and all that a new year promises I ask the question are we being slowly engineered by the political class? There are several reasons why I ask this.

The first is our creeping acceptance as a nation that our flag is at best worthless or at worst racist. Individual nations like Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland have their own flags but the Cross of St George together with the Union Jack are now seen as ‘persona non grata’, not allowed to be flown, displayed or even carried in public.

At a recent World Championship boxing fight in Manchester between two British boxers a man wearing a Union Jack waistcoat was first of all told by Show security to remove it. This led to an inevitable confrontation and the man and his friends were thrown out of the venue.

Earlier last year at the Durham Miners gala – could you get anything more English? – the Police and officials of the gala stopped an elderly couple attending the actual field as they were carrying both the Cross of St George and the Union Jack flags. No real reason was given other than that they would be potentially inflammatory. Inflammatory to whom was never established.

The sense that these flags are now seen as racis, is a poor reason for banning them and bears no basis in fact. They are the flags of the Union and England. We are lost as a Nation if we carry on accepting this trend.

Schools are infiltrated with the thoughts and doctrine of numerous lobby groups. We do nothing to fight this apart from screaming our indignation on twitter or facebook. Bristol, which seems the epicenter of this behavior is a particular worry. In one school 47 pupils identify as being in need of gender transformation, a further 36 are said to be gender fluid. The council have dictated that young boys should be taught that they can have periods too. There have, by all reports even had to put in place sanitary disposal units in boy`s toilets. Schools are also, across the country, introducing lessons given by drag artists.

Who is driving this, what is the agenda?

Reports this week across several newspapers and media suggest, all of a sudden, that bacon – anathema to Islam – should be banned due to its probable group one carcinogens. Funny how this long suspicion has only now suddenly come to light. You just simply have to be very sceptical at the timing.

The welcoming of Sharia law and some 80 courts dishing out Sharia judgements by the Prime Minister is a step seen by many as far too far over the line in the sand. One law for all is the way in which we live and consent to be policed and judged. You simply, by all that is right, fair and decent cannot introduce a separate system of justice, especially one that is so very misogynistic, to run against an existing hundreds of years old justice system based on proven common and statute law.

Finally, we now have illegal immigrants landing daily, on the shores of these Sceptered Isles. The questions surrounding this are many, but: why now? We have had migrants in Calais for years attempting everything to get here. How come they have suddenly come up with the bright idea of nicking boats and coming across the twenty- one miles of the Channel?

Where are these boats coming from and why cannot the French authorities stop them? Why is our own tough talking, slow walking Home Secretary doing nothing  positive about stopping this invasion, for invasion is what it is? Or certainly the beginnings of one …

I began wondering about this social engineering and whether it is a possibility when the Government refused Asia Bibi sanctuary from persecution and certain death in Pakistan earlier this year. This was done in the name of ensuring that certain communities here were not offended. When the Archbishop of Canterbury, no less, did and said nothing to save this woman, a Christian woman and her family in grave danger, one of his flock, I thought: yes, yes we are being slowly but surely conditioned.

The press and media are most certainly a whole different level of conditioning toolkit. Their refusal to report the real problems of the EU in France, Belgium Sweden Spain and Italy is truly unbelievable. The bias towards Great Britain staying in the EU is staggering and knows no boundaries.

TV advertising is quickly becoming the forerunner in all that is PC and engineering us as a nation to the further acceptance of multiculturism. In the last twelve months we have seen an increasing plethora of adverts which feature multi-racial families living together and sharing the fun of holiday parks, fish fingers and new furniture.

Do we need this reinforcing into our cultural thinking so blatantly and in such volume? I for sure do not believe we do. It only increases in my humble opinion, tensions and mistrust which is just bubbling under the surface. People who are “British” are increasingly casting a wary eye towards this behavior and the increase in both the  appeasement of certain minority groups and the social engineering towards a blanket acceptance that this is the future.

The answer will be inevitably violence, civil unrest and a breakdown of law and order never seen in this country. It will create a new society born of mistrust, anger, greed and resentment that will take generations to fix, if indeed we ever do. The young people have long been forgotten by the political class, they are lost. Globalisation of the world and this country’s part to play in that is not over. It will only be over when the good people stand up and make themselves counted.

The people have the answers, just as they did on 23rd June 2016. The people will not accept this conditioning and engineering towards a different type of Britain that they just do not recognize.

The people are beginning to awake, they are without a doubt getting angrier and more frustrated at the political elite treating them as less than equal.


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