Given the record of the House of Commons over Edward Heath’s European Communities Bill in 1972 and John Major’s Maastricht bill in 1992, the House of Commons will eventually pass Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Bill, in whatever new packaging it is given. Most Tory MPs are for Remain; Labour MPs far more so, and Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement will definitely keep Britain in the European Union indefinitely, which is what Remain MPs want.

Mrs May’s misnamed Agreement will subject Britain to the rule of a Joint Committee set up in Articles 164 to 169. That committee will be under EU control because Article 174 says that the Court of Justice of the EU will settle disputes between its EU and UK sides. The Joint Committee will rule Britain from the start of the transition period. It will be a transition period that will last until the 31st December 2099 (Article 132 allows the Joint Committee to extend the Transition Period until ‘31st December 20XX’).

The decisions of the Joint Committee with be binding on the EU & UK (Article 166 clause 2), so the Joint Committee will overrule the British government. The EU has been overruling the British government from Brussels since 1972, but from the start of the transition period the EU will have its Joint Committee in Whitehall to overrule the British government from there. The Joint Committee will do so secretly, as clause 10 in Annex Vlll says that its proceedings will be ‘confidential’ – in other words secret.

The BBC and the rest of the mainstream media will conceal the secret government of Britain for the EU by the Joint Committee, just as they have concealed the contents of Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement from the British people so far. In the transition period Prime Ministers in Parliament could take orders confidentially from the EU’s Joint Committee in Whitehall, just as our present Prime Minister takes her orders confidentially from Angela Merkel now.

When he vetoed Harold MacMillan’s attempt to join the European Economic Community in 1963 General de Gaulle said:

England is insular. She is maritime. She is linked through her trade, her markets, her supply lines to the most distant countries. She pursues essentially industrial and commercial activities and only slightly agricultural ones. She has, in all her doings, very marked and very original habits and traditions. In short England’s nature, England’s structure, England’s very situation differ profoundly from those of the continentals.

He meant Britain when he said England, just as we mean the Netherlands when we say Holland.

Because the UK’s nature differs profoundly from the continentals, it follows that the UK’s interests have often clashed with the interests of continental Europe. Often the UK is the odd one out when voting happens in the Council of Ministers because the UK should never have been the odd one in to begin with. Britain should never have been sucked into the unification of continental Europe planned by the neo-fascists in Berlin and Brussels. Those neo-fascist EU bureaucrats have drawn up Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement as their Final Solution to the British problem.

The EU Commission is determined to remould England’s “very marked and very original habits and traditions” into conformity with European procedures. For instance, Habeas Corpus in English law whereby police must charge an arrested person within two days, or release them, does not conform with continental European habits. The continental procedure is for investigating magistrates to have suspects arrested and thrown into jail while they investigate allegations against them. So continental magistrates can arrest anyone their government finds troublesome and keep them in prison indefinitely.

Seventeen million, four hundred and ten thousand, seven hundred and forty-two people voted for the UK to secede from the European Union on 23rd June 2016. Voting is a peaceful way of resolving our differences. But the biggest vote for anything in British history will be overruled by Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement. The peaceful means to national liberation has been overruled. When peaceful means to national liberation are overruled only violent means remain, and the EU has foreseen this. The EU had Britain in mind when it created the European Gendarmerie Force.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights has generously granted EU citizens all their human rights & freedoms, but Article 52 of the Charter allows those rights to be ‘limited’. Clause 1 of Article 52 says that ‘limits’ on those rights & freedoms may be made only if the limits “are necessary and genuinely meet objectives of general interest recognised by the Union or the need to protect the rights of others”.

The EU side of the Joint Committee will want to limit the rights and freedoms of British people who resist EU rule. The Court of Justice will rule that under clause 1 of Article 52 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights those limits are legally justified. That will happen after the Joint Committee invites the European Gendarmerie Force onto British soil.

It is likely that the Joint Committee junta will survive in whatever version of Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement is eventually passed by the Commons. That junta will crush the secessionist rebellion of 23rd June 2016 by force. In a transition period lasting until 31st December 2099 anti-EU parties and pressure groups in Britain will be forced underground. Their members will be hunted by the EGF and Europol. Britain will enter a new Dark Age, as surely as night follows day.

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