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An appeal to Remain voters

The point is that if our politicians succeed in engineering EU Referendum II, what are we supposed to do? Regardless of which way you voted in the EU Referendum, how would you react to being invited to vote again? For you can be sure that EU Referendum II would be constructed to make a Remain outcome a racing certainty, either in the way that the question was framed, or how the debate was controlled (rigged), or both.

This is the way that the European Union works, bearing in mind that the overwhelming majorities of the British political class and the establishment are, to all intents and purposes, agents of the European Union; they make no secret of this fact for much of the time. If you throw in the state broadcaster’s bias towards the joys of EU membership (check out News-watch if you’re sceptical about the BBC’s pro-EU bias) then those of us who would like to see the UK leave the European Union would be heavily outgunned in EU Referendum II.

Reflecting the overall profile of voting in the EU Referendum, I would say that roughly half of my wider family and friends voted Leave, whilst the other half voted Remain. That said, recently a number of my Remain-voting acquaintances have let it be known to me that perhaps being in favour of having the UK governed by a foreign power wasn’t such a great idea after all. We’ve come to see the EU’s true colours over the past couple of years and we’ve discovered that those colours are more pirate-like Jolly Roger than United Colours of Benetton.

So, here’s my appeal. If you voted Remain in the EU Referendum and are invited to vote again in EU Referendum II, please give serious consideration to placing your cross in whichever box is most likely to result in the UK regaining its sovereignty.

Bear in mind that the power-brokers in the European Union are on an avowed mission to create a United States of Europe (‘ever closer union’); to emasculate member states and centralise EU power in the European Commission; to have EU foreign policy take precedence over member nations’ foreign policies and following on from that, to form a European Union Army to enforce EU foreign policy, inimical to NATO, the preserver of peace in Europe since it was formed in 1949; to set tax policies across all member states – a policy of taxation without representation and generally to convert sovereign nation states into regions of the United States of Europe. It was the Conservative MP Ken Clarke who said: ‘I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe.’

Existential Crisis

I hope you can you see that the apparently simple question of whether or not the UK should be a member of what is purported to be a trading bloc, is now in fact an existential crisis for the British people. The European Union absolutely is not a trading bloc. That may have been the original, goodwill intention when the European Coal and Steel Community was formed in 1951. However, today the European Union is a nascent empire without a demos.

In other words, the 500 million people who make up the European Union have no allegiance to the European Union at all. They buy into it primarily, if not solely for economic reasons. That was always the intention of the founding fathers, led by the Frenchman Jean Monnet who said: “The fusion of economic functions [will] compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European state.”

If you want your country, the United Kingdom, to become a region of a single European state governed by unelected, unaccountable people like Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk, then if EU Referendum II comes to pass by all means vote Remain. However, if you value everything that the United Kingdom stands for, I appeal to you to vote for the option which will ensure the recovery of our national sovereignty – a precious gem bequeathed to us by generations of blood, treasure and sacrifice.

In my next post I shall explain why we should not fear the impact of the UK leaving the European Union on World Trade Organisation terms.

If you agree or disagree with my opinion, please comment below.

In any case, thank you for reading my post above and thank goodness that we still have freedom of speech in the United Kingdom.

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