With Brexit in such a perilous state and neither main political party having an iota of an idea as to which way to proceed, the need for clarity is most important.

Theresa May has kicked this problem further and further down the road, to the point that, one can only surmise, she is running the clock down to see who will blink first.

With her “really not leaving”-leaving deal completed and on the table it has become crystal clear that the majority of MP`s will not vote for it. Therefore, the only legal option is to make that much voted for clean break and just leave the EU on the 29th March 2019.

Those in Parliament who do not wish to leave and see it as a potential catastrophe will have to blink first though, and to stave off the so-called ‘fall off a big cliff’ they will have to vote for the deal on offer. The Prime Minister is adamant that there will be no second referendum. In this regard I must take my hat off to her for staying true to her manifesto. The remoaners are doing everything in their power to increase the pressure and I hope sincerely that she does not give in.

Various cabinet ministers and individual backbenchers have made it clear that they will resign. Well – good riddance, I say, to their posturing and threats!

In truth, looking around social media and amongst all my friends, a second referendum will be a disaster for not only the democracy of this country but it will also give way to potential civil unrest, not seen since the 1600’s.

If a business or institution was in such a perilous state you can guarantee that the executive and senior managers would not be breaking for a holiday. I think it is inconceivable that Parliament will rise on the 20th December for two weeks leaving the country to just blow in the wind …

They surely cannot go away, back to constituencies and the shires to eat their turkey, sing carols and get drunk. They cannot easily relax and be festive when all the time at the back – and it should be at the forefront of their minds! – is this mess that they, and they alone, have manufactured.

We are hearing stories that the Government is planning to use the army; they are allegedly buying fridges by the warehouse-full and spending 4.9billion quid – where has that come from? We are in austerity, are we not!

The Labour party, do not be fooled, would not be in any better a position to see this through. They are all at sea too. This was highlighted by their inept leader when he tabled a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister and not the Government. This was a big mistake as the Tories are under no obligation to give this motion any time within the parliamentary timetable whereas if it had been a motion against the government then time would have to be found to debate and vote on it. This man wants to run the country.

Bear in mind that 650 MP’s earn £77,000 per year in salary and claim £98 millions in expenses between them. My thoughts are clear and simple: you must not be allowed to go anywhere until you have this sorted out. No break and no time off until the methodology of our divorce from the EU is sorted, agreed, voted on and moved into statute law assented by Her Majesty the Queen.

People are just sick and tired of this situation and the constant one-sided bias of the press and media. We are not fools, not thick, not all Northern, and we did know what we were voting for. Parliament (650 of them) must be made to get together, stop their bickering and get this malaise sorted out.

It will be to all their detriment if they do not. The next election, even if it is, as planned under the fixed term act in 2022, will have a very different makeup compared to how it is now. People will not forget the Tories by any stretch of the imagination. Labour will not fare any better either as they are remembered for simply being wet, unorganized and unhelpful. For the glory of power, they are clearly playing silly games and must grow up.

We are in uncharted waters, without a doubt, but the British people are brave, loyal and strong. They can and will survive, come through this and anything it throws at us. Resilience and the British Bulldog spirit will prevail.

Bring it on!


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