Where would we be without our covid PM! He told us that we’re a ‘nation of sportspeople’ and that from today we can show this to the world because we can now go and play footie, run, do all sorts of outdoors stuff, even go to openair swimming pools … hang on a minute! There are still open-air swimming pools left in this country? Who knew! Meanwhile the ‘pub passport’ taskforce isn’t getting the easy sailing they expected even as the situation the continent is dire, especially in France. Thus, vaccine or pub passports notwithstanding, ‘free travel’ won’t take place before August, we’re told. 

However, to make quite certain that “we” are going to stay in our little private covid-prisons regardless of today’s new ‘freedoms’, small as they are, we’re also admonished not to break the covid rules. This comes right under Victor Meldrew’s “I don’t believe it”:

“But a new Government advertising campaign will urge people to “take the next steps safely”, telling them not to give in to pressure to hug, sit closer than two metres apart from others outdoors or to meet indoors. The guidance “reiterates the importance of sticking to the rules, resisting the temptation to hug people who aren’t in the same household or bubble”, officials said. The public will be told that “it’s OK to say no” to anyone putting them under pressure to meet in larger groups or break the rules in other ways.” (paywalled link)

Yes, they’re really going to tell us to say ‘no’ to hugging people ‘not in the household bubble’! Fluff me – how many strangers have we been hugging BC (Before Covid) so that the covid dictators feel the need to issue this ‘guidance’? There’s one other gem – this one shows that the worst scaredy-cats are sitting inside the Covid Imperium in Whitehall where common sense has long left the premises:

“With a heatwave expected this week and some schools having already broken up for Easter, there is concern within the Government that some could abandon the rules, with fears of large gatherings and parties as crowds flock to popular areas. There are also fears that people could be tempted to shift outdoor activities indoors as the weather cools towards the Easter weekend.” (paywalled link)

Yes, they’re scared of us tailoring our activities to the prevailing weather! We mustn’t go out when it’s nice, and when it starts raining, we mustn’t continue playing footie indoors, or summing like that. This, despite over 50% of Brits now having been vaccinated! How much more proof do we need for the total, utter mindlessness of the covid empire? I think CDS (Covid Derangement Syndrome) is far worse for the health of the nation than covid itself.

And so to the ‘vaccine passport’ or ‘pub passport’. ‘Ministers’ are looking at it, you’ll be pleased to hear. We know what this means: they’re working on getting the thing done, dusted and making it compulsory. If they weren’t, they’d have said: ‘we are not going to introduce them’. Instead, a ‘culture minister’ said on one of the Sunday TV shows:

“Dowden [yon ‘culture minister], whose brief includes theatres, where certificates could be valuable in relaxing social distancing, said “we need to look at all options” for safely easing restrictions. “Of course we would never look to do this on a permanent basis, it’s just whether it might be a tool in the short term,” he told The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1.” (link, paywalled)

Oh yeah – “we” believe him, don’t we! ‘A tool in the short term’ – yeah right – as short-term as the corona ‘emergency’ legislation which, thanks to the Zoom Parliament, is now extended to October. I simply have to present you with the quote from Dripford of Wales on this issue, to show what happens if one votes for any old sheep because it happens to have a red rosette (no, I didn’t, since you ask):

“Mark Drakeford, the Welsh first minister, told the programme: “I think there are definitely prizes to be won through domestic vaccine certification, but there are very big practical and ethical challenges to face as well.” (link, paywalled)

Is that clear now, you ignorant plebs? If you wanted to know what professional dithering looks like, then Dripford is the professional ditherer par excellence. Meanwhile, Ross Clark, writing for the DT, comments:

“We’re being treated like donkeys. The carrot of freedom is dangled in front of us, but it never gets closer. No matter how obediently we stay at home, nor how many of us turn out for our jabs (the vaccination rate is well over 90 percent in the age groups which have been offered it yet), there is always some pretext for keeping society closed down.” (paywalled link)

Indeed so  – well spotted, Mr Clark! We’ve said this for months. We know that this will keep on going because we’ve now become so accustomed to do as we’re told, not least thanks to the various self-appointed covid stasi roaming our streets and shops. Interestingly, Ross Clark believes that this is due to covid ministers being afraid of accusations of not having done enough a year ago and are thus trying to compensate by going for a ‘zero covid’ strategy now (paywalled link). 

He gives another reason which I find far more valid, writing that it’s always about ‘following the money’ and that some sectors in the economy have gained hugely and will keep profiteering the more and the longer government keeps covid restrictions going. Looking at ‘pub passports’ (or ‘vaccine passports’ in more polite Westminster speech), he observes that these passports, like test & trace, won’t have the same effect on ’saving lives’ as vaccination will have, and writes:

“But just think of the fortunes to be made by health app developers if we were all obliged to download one as a price of visiting the pub. A vaccine “passport” as envisaged by Tony Blair and others is really just a machine for collecting data on our health – data which can then be used to market any number of products and services at us. It’s the same story with contactless cards – the payments industry has blatantly used Covid as an excuse to push for the abolition of grubby cash. That, too, is about harvesting data on our shopping habits.” (paywalled link)

Exactly, Mr Clark!  He is careful in his conclusion not to come full out in calling them snake oil merchants. He finishes his opinion piece with this warning:

“Covid has destroyed the livelihoods of many people, and has created huge opportunities for others – vested interests who have every incentive to push for restrictions to be kept in place for the long term. Using technology to control the population has become big business, and Covid has presented it with a prime opportunity.” (paywalled link)

There is worse to come though should the civil serpents get their way. We know that they’re scientifically illiterate because they’ve swallowed hook line and sinker what the SAGEs tell them, no questions asked. We also know, from their various failed attempts at dragging the public sector bureaucracy into the internet age, that they are ignorant of what technology can do nowadays – and how it can and is being scammed. The Police, so forceful when keeping us ‘in check’, is powerless:

“Police and law enforcement are losing the war on criminal gangs behind a surge in scam messages during the Covid pandemic, the UK’s most senior fraud investigator has suggested. Graeme Biggar, the director general of the National Economic Crime Centre, said cyber fraudsters were “finding it too easy” to plague the public with millions of fake texts, emails and phone calls. Mr Biggar, who leads the response to fraud at the National Crime Agency (NCA), warned that regular scam messages and calls will “increasingly become part of modern life” in the UK unless law enforcement agencies can become better at tracking down the perpetrators.” (paywalled link)

I have news for you, Mr Biggar: this is already happening as the many messages on neighbourhood sites demonstrate. A ‘vaccine passport app’ will make matters very much worse. Toby Young has published a report in Lockdown Sceptics by an NHS insider, describing how this can and will happen. I urge you to read it here. I hope you won’t put your trust in the police or government to tackle the scammers – they’re clearly not able to, and the telecom and internet providers won’t, nor will the banks. 

Must we now not only ditch our smartphones but also our PCs and landlines to be safe? Welcome to the 21st Century – same as the 19th Century! 




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