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I have written quite a lot recently about the problems facing the silent majority in the UK these days. That’s easy. Anybody can say what’s wrong. And, on its own, it doesn’t really achieve that much. Many Leaders of the Opposition are good at criticising the government of the day and loudly proclaiming what’s wrong with the country. Yet, when they get their turn in power, they turn out to be just as useless as the jumped-up, arrogant, self-interested, sleazy peacocks they have replaced. The challenge is to solve these problems – and make life better for the silent majority.

I believe that the biggest problem facing us today is the culture war started by the Cultural Marxists. The most obvious aspect of this war is the way that woke bullies use social media to try to silence anyone who dares to stand up for freedom of speech, common sense, and a belief that we all deserve to be treated equally regardless of the colour of our skin.

This short essay aims to start a conversation about how to develop a strategy to cancel the cancel culture. I aim to show that the only way to counter social media bullies is to take to social media and shout them down. I will begin by briefly diagnosing the disease, which will provide a quick recap of the key points I have made in previous essays. I will then set out how I think this disease can be cured. I certainly don’t have all of the answers. But, I think that I have enough here to start an important conversation.

‘Woke’ is shorthand for the slang ‘stay woke’, meaning to be aware of an issue, particularly so-called social justice issues. Woke culture (or wokeism) is a new, sort of ‘religious’ orthodoxy sweeping America, the UK and much of the Western world.

‘Wokeism’ focuses on social justice, anarchist, or leftist issues: micro-aggressions, police actions against Blacks, LGBTQ rights, poverty among Blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, attacks against Muslims or suspicion against them by associating them with terrorists, and environmentalism.

It goes without saying that wokeism is anti-Western, meaning that the woke point of view concludes that anything Western is by definition racist and thus deplorable. Cue the ritual shaming, and also cultish kowtowing by political elites.

Wokeism requires absolute adherence to its demands. And if you don’t agree, you’ll be publicly humiliated or defamed, professionally ruined, or otherwise dismissed, typically via social media attacks. For example, the University of British Columbia’s Board Chairman had to resign after simply liking Donald Trump’s Tweets.

Wokeism finds almost everything offensive which means it wants to cancel seemingly everything. This cancel culture is a subset of Wokeism.

Wokeism produces people so self-righteously engaged with their holy list of issues that anyone disagreeing with them must be silenced.

In the name of tolerance and anti-racism, Wokeism uses bullying tactics which are intolerant and often racist.

Like bullies everywhere, no amount of agreement, acquiescence, apologies, or grovelling satisfies them, because they really don’t want it. They want to quash anyone who does not salute their definition of the prevailing narrative. And, they can’t win arguments on their own merits, so again, silencing is their tool.

In wokeism, there is no forgiveness, only the guilt that the woke assign. And, since they perceive themselves, or those they purportedly represent, as victims, everyone else is inherently and permanently guilty.

We should have no problem with genuine concerns for equal opportunity. The problem is with the underlying Marxism, associated critical race theory, and leftist philosophy represented in wokeism; that wants to tear down the Western system for the sake of historically demonstrated failed and dangerous ideas that undermine freedom and justice for all.

In short, my diagnosis is that woke bullies are nihilistically angry and can’t be reasoned with. Thus, there can be no reasonable compromise. In which case, it’s them or us. So, we must destroy wokeism before it destroys us.

My strategy to out bully the bullies, by shouting them down, is as follows.

Napoleon won a number of battles, including Jenna and Austerlitz, by defeating larger armies. His secret was in working out the key turning point – the German’s call it the Schwerpunkt, the centre of gravity or main focus – and making sure that he always had more men at that key point. Thus, Napoleon’s strategic philosophy can be summarised as singleness of aim and concentration of force.

For our purposes, this means three things. First, pick the main enemies. Perhaps BLM, Xtinction Rebellion, and high-profile supporters of Jermy Corbyn.

Second, pick five main individual targets for each of these enemies. In the case of BLM, perhaps, Patrisse Cullors, Alice Garza, Opal Tometi, Yusra Khogali, and Eric Mann.

Third, without using profane language, threatening people with physical harm, or doing anything that would get you in trouble with the police, take to social media and subject them to a literal torrent of counter-hatred that steps as close to the line as the law will allow. Make them hate taking to social media so much that they decide to quit and take up gardening instead!

Cullors would make a perfect target. The Daily Mail recently ran an article showing that she recently brought a million dollar mansion. This provides perfect ammunition for an all-out attack to destroy her credibility with her wokeist allies. Bombard her with literally thousands of mocking Tweets every day for 2 weeks. Tell her that she’s a ‘Champagne socialist’, ‘sell-out’, ‘hypocrite’, ‘bourgeois’, etc until she throws in the towel.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The idea is to patrol social media like a Wolfpack of submarines, just like BLM does when it organises a social media pile-on. The Wolfpack spreads out in a line across likely waters, when one submarine sights a target, it calls the others in on it, and the pack closes in together for the kill. Just like Blitzkrieg on land.

The real key to Blitzkrieg’s success was not in the innovative used of massed formations of tanks as an offensive force, but in the use of communications networks to co-ordinate the actions of these tanks with artillery and air support, which delivered the necessary overwhelming firepower at the key point. At the start of Operation Barbarossa, German tanks communicated using radios; Russian tank commanders waved flags at each other. Yet, the Russians eventually defeated the Germans. This was partly because of sheer weight of numbers. But it was also because, by 1943, the Russians had learned to copy many of the German’s innovations.

Our aim must be unconditional surrender: this will be achieved when the wokeists accept that all lives matter, including white lives, and stop making demands for preferential treatment for non-whites.

The conceit that the tail can wag the dog is not a new one. For example, G R Elton’s ‘Puritan Choir’ thesis showed how a vociferous minority of radical MPs succeeded in bullying the moderate majority of MPs into adopting a radical Puritan agenda during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The wokeists are a vociferous, but small minority. They need to be taught that a small minority cannot be allowed to hold the majority to ransom.

If you don’t believe that there is a problem, you will do nothing. And, you could be right. But you could be hastening your own doom. If you believe that there is a problem, but you are not prepared to be utterly ruthless, you will take half-measures and be defeated; just like that well-meaning fool Neville Chamberlain.

If you believe that there is a problem and you are prepared to do whatever it takes within the law to win, you will emerge victorious. After all, you have the silent majority on your side – and most battles are won by the bigger army.

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