Blaming two-faced, life-long anti-EU hypocrite Corbyn and his Labour crew, or the SNP, for the current Brexit impasse is ridiculous: the current Parliament versus the People democratic crisis originates in Downing Street.

Following one of the most clumsy General Election Campaigns in history, the CONfraudulents, with the support of the no-nonsense Brexiteer DUP, had an absolute majority to fully deliver a clean break Brexit – had all CONfraudulent MPs adhered to the Conservative Manifesto and their own Personal Election Address promises. But if PM May wanted to explore the feasibility of a consensus approach, surely the time for that was in the first 6 months following her 9 months late issue of the Article 50 Letter – not 6 days before an extended deadline, in the manner of a dead cat’s last spasms.

Remoaner PM May’s approach to the EU has been like a naughty schoolgirl crawling to her Headmaster’s office to discover her punishment.  Even knowing the future of the UK was at stake, feeble Brexiteer Minister after Brexiteer Minister and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson all resigned with pathetic whimpers nowhere near the class of Sir Geoffrey Howe’s memorable resignation speech – none fit to be Cricket team tail-ender batters, never mind middle rankers. The rest of PM May’s fellow CONfraudulent Quislings couldn’t even muster the courage to vote her out for her utter incompetence.

It’s obvious from their complete negotiating ineptitude, such as undermining the UK’s position with inappropriate public expressions of disliking a WTO/No Deal Brexit, that most MPs have no experience of haggling a reduction on a bulk purchase of strawberries at a local fruit market for making jam, never mind negotiating anything more significant.

All appear to have forgotten that a key reason Leave edged the 2016 Referendum was because of the EU’s humiliating rebuff to PM Cameron’s attempts at persuading them to reform. The bullying EU Leaders’ intransigence has continued ever since, yet the same House of Fools who voted through the EU-originated HS2 £100B fraud, and, incredulously so ill-informed that they’ve only recently had training on the implications of a Customs Union, still can’t or don’t want to see it.

Having by an overwhelming majority delegated the decision as to whether to stay in an increasingly integrationist EU or leave it to trade with the whole world, the incompetent elite, failing to do the people’s bidding, cling to power like leeches to achieve nothing; apart from their 16 No-votes: 3 rejections of PM May’s Treaty, 12 No’s to other Brexit proposals and yesterday’s No to WTO/No Deal.

The UK is currently a complete laughing stock with a deluded PM trying to blame everyone but herself. Commenting on her chairing a seven hour-long Cabinet meeting only to repeat herself and yet again invite Corbyn for more Champagne and sandwiches to beg support for her pathetic Deal would only dignify the farce.

Yesterday, just as it looked as if MP’s couldn’t be more out of touch, Labour MP Yvette Cooper – whose Constituency voted 70% Leave – with the support of Sir Oliver Letwin and other die-hard CONfraudulent Remoaners, put forward a Withdrawal Bill making it legally binding that PM May must seek an extension to Article 50 from the EU in order to avoid a WTO/No Deal Brexit.

Fittingly, with 100’s of MP’s so brazenly and dishonourably ripping up their Parties’ 2017 GE Manifestos and Personal Election Addresses’ Brexit promises, it only won, 313 to 312, with the support of the House of Commons’ very own tag-wearing criminal, Fiona Onasanya MP, soon to be given her P45.  A sad day indeed for honesty and democracy.

No wonder that in the meantime the CONfraudulents’ claim to be the party of law and order has been shown to be false, as our streets have become an outdoor human abattoir – not even meeting the pre-kill stun meat butchering regulations – aided and abetted by MP’s failure to introduce the required deterrent punishments to bring their abdication to protect people to an abrupt halt: public flogging for carrying a knife or acid and the death penalty for using either.

It appears the only hope of MP’s carrying out their promises with a WTO Brexit is if the Bill ironically causes MP’s to run out of time to prevent a WTO/No Deal Brexit, as one defeated amendment sought to avoid, or at least one of the EU 27 decide they’ve had enough of the UK’s indecision.

Cue friendly advice to France’s President Macron: veto the UK’s request for an extension – nothing like standing up to a foreign country to stir up some unifying nationalism to make yourself more popular, as Margaret Thatcher found when on the back of her justified and deserved Falklands War success, she metamorphosed from being the most unpopular PM in UK history to winning the 1983 General Election by a landslide.

As Knights of the Realm John Redwood and Bill Cash explained, a long extension to Brexit would be so costly – estimated at £36 Billion (approx. 1¼ times the current annual £28B Defence Budget) – as to probably require a Government sponsored Money Bill authorising such expenditure, adding to the UK’s now cumulative £2+ Trillion debt pile; costing £50B p.a. to service even at the current low interest rates.

Now we know they’re unwilling to implement Brexit, the Conservative & Labour Parties will face the same complete wipe-out at local and national elections as the Lib-Dems – no wonder the Dishonourable Members of the Mother of Democratic Parliaments are desperately trying to have an extension to both thwart the People’s Brexit Vote and avoid the UK having to hold EU elections on 23rd May.

Having yesterday seen how, when it suits them, MPs can bring forward emergency legislation which is expected to be made law today by the EU-loving House of Lords, it is clear that MPs’ continuing collusion in the carnage on UK streets is adding to the mostly youth blood already covering their hands.


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