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Revolting! And that’s just the behaviour of the pratfall of clowns in the HoC yesterday. It is beyond belief that the same cabal of Remain MPs and MSM ‘political correspondents’, who have screeched since June 24th 2016 that a majority of 52% is far too small to allow Brexit to go forward, have no qualms to bulldoze through and celebrate a so-called Brexit Bill with a majority of 1 -one!- vote!

Before the voting yesterday afternoon Ms May was meeting with Corbyn. That meeting didn’t really go to plan:

“No 10 and Labour claimed initially that the leaders had had a “constructive” meeting after they spent an hour and 40 minutes in the Commons working through options. They agreed to set up a working party to meet today.” (paywalled link)

Mr Corbyn btw has been getting stick from his own shadow cabinet, demanding that a 2nd referendum must be part of his deal with Ms May. We can guess how the May-Corbyn deal will look when we see, surprise surprise, how the May-team is made up::

“Mrs May appointed a Remain-heavy negotiating team to carry on the talks with Labour until her next meeting with Mr Corbyn. Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington, Chief Whip Julian Smith and chief of staff Gavin Barwell all voted Remain, with only Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay voting Leave among the quartet.” (link, paywalled)

Of course, to make certain that everything was running according to the Whitehell Remain plans, look who was there:

“Mrs May’s Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins was in Parliament on Wednesday and was understood to be party to the talks.” (link, paywalled)

It gets worse though. While that Letwin/Cooper” Bill is now having to go through the HoL – 98% Remain! – Ms May is crashing, sorry: planning ahead, Corbyn talks notwithstanding:

“If Mrs May fails to reach an agreement with Mr Corbyn, she is expected to table a series of votes that will force MPs to choose between her deal or an alternative such as a customs union, which could take place on Monday.” (link, paywalled)

Remember that she will have to present her ‘deal’ to the EU Council on April 10th, and the EU is of course happy to ponder what sort of extension they will offer the hapless May. So the Whitehell serpents are ‘preparing’ a relevant letter to the EU already, in the hope that the HoL will pass “That Bill” later today.

This farce has now become utterly byzantine – do let this information sink in:

“A long extension, or ‘flextension’, will still require the UK to continue with preparations for EU elections on May 23 – but these polls would no longer be required to be held if a deal was passed and ratified by May 22.” (link, paywalled)

Given yesterday’s brilliant ‘performance’ of bulldozing a “Bill” through the HoC – three readings in one afternoon – we can be 100% certain that, now that a precedence has been created, such deal would be forced through the House in time so that the EU Parliamentary elections – which neither Labour nor the Tories want – will not come to pass, fiery speeches by Nigel Farage and Gerard Batten notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, the fabled 1922 Committee was meeting yesterday to ponder yet again on ways of how to remove Ms May. That mountain, topped up by the ERG, again gave birth to a mouse. Ms May stays … Party before Brexit, innit!

It is pathetic how the Tory MPs are incapable or unwilling to get their act together while the ordinary party members in the country – 7 out of 10 according to this snap survey – want her gone:

“Our take is that most Conservative MPs want her out of Downing Street as soon as possible..  That many of them want her out now. And that none of them have a clear idea of how this might be achieved.”

Pathetic – as pathetic as Mr Steve Baker putting his hope in the HoL to somehow filibuster “That Bill” (here). Fat chance of that happening in the Remain HoL! Has he, have we still not learned not to put our ‘trust in Princes’?

The papers this morning have dedicated yet more pixels to politicians, especially Tory politicians – some of whom nobody has ever heard of before – but as none of them bring anything new or even a hint of a solution, I shall refrain from even mentioning them.

The one point none of the MSM and not even some Brexit twitterers have dealt with is the unmitigated travesty of how the whole Letwin/Cooper Bill was presented and pushed through.

Sir Bill Cash pointed out repeatedly that this “Bill” was so ill conceived and ill prepared that they even quoted from standing orders which didn’t actually exist – to no avail.

That farce got worse: Ms Cooper, presenting her ‘Bill’, gave a speech which was better suited for a Remain Rally. She quoted the latest Project Fear pronouncement from Whitehell – ‘we’re all going to die’ – using that letter by the head of the Civil Service to the Cabinet on Tuesday as supporting evidence.

To crown it all: the HoC printer – do they only have one? – had broken down so the amendments to that “Bill” were not even available for debate.

When Sir Bill Cash pointed out that the order papers were deficient, the Speaker sneered – but lo and behold, the order papers were deficient! There were not even enough copies of “The Bill” or selected amendments for everyone to read!

MPs pointed out significant discrepancies in the list of amendments and major drafting errors in the Bill itself. MPs had different amendments on the paper in front of them, they weren’t even discussing the same things. And still they ‘debated’ merrily …

Sir Bill Cash’s remark fell on deaf ears:

“It would cost the taxpayer £36 billion if our EU membership was extended for up to two years. Why does the Cooper- Letwin Bill not have a Money Resolution since it proposes spending so much?” (here)

The Remainers were riding high and roughshod over any objections. A Labour shadow minister had the effrontery to declare that “We support this Bill because it’s necessary to fulfil the wishes of the House”, showing clearly what this was all about: the Remain Parliament stomping on the wishes of the 17.4 million Brexit voters.

This is what the HoC’s buffoonery has achieved:

“Every English and Welsh region outside the M25 is happy to leave the European Union without a deal if no agreement can be reached by the end of next week. The study by YouGov asked voters “if Britain has not agreed a deal by April 12th, what do you think should happen?”The research found that only people living in London did not want to leave without a deal.” (link, paywalled)

That would have seemed impossible even a few weeks ago!

More and more voters watching Parliament Live, are now holding their MPs in deepest disgust. They see that it is not Brexit which is ‘a danger’ to our country and democracy but that our elected representatives instead have become the imminent danger to our country.

The MPs have paraded their venality, their stupidity and their contempt for us live on TV, for all to see. This will not end well for any of them, but nor will it end well for us. We’ll still be in agony over Brexit because the HoC does emphatically not want a GE. Is the time for civic unrest now approaching fast?


Brexit Betrayal + 8

or will it be even longer?


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