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There is a need to take notice of the successes and failings of other countries which are having to deal with this crisis and learn from them. It is clear that some countries, to their credit, do not create police states as part of their programs to defeat this virus.

The nation must get back to normal and resolve this Covid-19 crisis through more normal means.  That means focusing on those most vulnerable to the virus, who are mainly those with existing medical conditions and mostly over 70’s. The very belatedly announced ‘shield’ policy for these vulnerable people should be developed. They should be cocooned with compassion and care, given the resources to protect them. It is not necessary to do this with the over 80% of the population who would not be detrimentally affected by this virus. The whole population does not need to be targeted but the whole population can help those most vulnerable.  There is no reason why this cannot be done immediately.

The World Health Organisation has said that it is likely that the crisis will be over in a month. China has come close to ending their crisis, with two death cases per million.   The UK has done well with 15 Covid-19 deaths per million. Other countries have been very much higher. Italy, for instance, has been 151 per million. There could be special circumstances there and we need to know about such circumstances and other factors with those countries who have been affected.  However, all countries will eventually overcome it.

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said he hopes the problem will be resolved in 12 weeks. It will be anyway without the draconian measures he endorsed.  He has to have the courage to admit that he made a mistake and a test of his leadership will be him reversing his policy as speedily as possible.

The big problem to overcome with all countries is how much damage has been done to their economies and indeed their citizens’ health and welfare by misplaced policies to deal with the problem.  With the UK, these misplaced policies have produced on the hoof, not thought through, and are likely to cause irreparable damage to British businesses, to individuals and to families. These can all be minimized the sooner the current policy is reversed.

The ironic point is that whenever their policy is reversed, the government will claim the credit for defeating the virus, when in fact it was going to be defeated anyway, without some of their draconian methods. What they must not do is claim that it is necessary to vaccinate the entire population to guard against this virus in the future. China did not need a vaccine to defeat this virus and nor will any other country.

The important point about any virus is immunisation of the body to fight it (and indeed any other virus), and feeding the body the right nutrients to destroy any attack on it.  Vaccines do not do this, they simply give temporary ability to stop infections, but they do not destroy them and have to be renewed. They also can have contents which have some bad effects on a body so they have to be used with caution.

This coronavirus scenario cannot be summarized without mention of the use by the government of its ‘scientific advice’.  This continues to argue that the stringent government policies are to “reduce the transmission rates”, but are these the best policies, with all their disadvantages, to protect those most vulnerable? The government says these policies are the ‘right’ things to do, but are they in fact wrong?

Throughout this crisis, it seemed that if there was something unpalatable to announce, that the government would say it was the advice of these ‘experts’.  No one ever seemed to question their advice, even on the occasions when it was obvious they were being misleading with their presentation of facts and figures.

One set of figures perplexed me and that was in the regional figures they had an ‘unknown’ category.  It was this category which had the highest mortality rate, about 12%, at 270 deaths compared with 1-4% elsewhere in the UK. This is out of a total of 1019 UK deaths to date. It is about a quarter of the deaths. It begs the question, has the government was covering something up, because apparently Kings College Hospital had 27 Somalis with the Covid-19 virus, and maybe it referred to migrant cases?  No one seems to know.

Then there is the view circulating that the coronavirus in fact came to the UK as early as November of last year because from then on, particularly in December/January, many people caught a serious form of flu type virus when lasted for between one and four weeks. Again, who knows, because no tests were done on those concerned.

In the field of medicine, it is often the situation that you get one or two or even more professional opinions offering “scientific advice”, and they can all differ. It is perhaps concerning that no one got another group of scientific advisors to give a differing opinion. If they had done so, we could well have had an entirely different medical and political approach to the problem.

If all goes wrong the government can always maintain that they were doing the right thing by following scientific advice, even though as politicians they know the buck stops with them, the decision makers.  However, the decision makers, the politicians, do love the opportunity for the media limelight and to be able to make “bold, decisive decisions,” to demonstrate their “leadership” credentials. It is such a shame that some of these bold, decisive decisions have been so shambolic and chaotic with little sense of proportion and logicality to them.

It is important to get a sense of proportion on this issue. In the world today, there have been 14,129,450 deaths this year. There have been 28,812 deaths this year related to the Covid-19 disease.  There were 111,450 deaths today in the world. The world Covid-19 deaths today were a couple of thousand.  In the world today this this year, there have been 116,775 seasonal flu deaths, four times that of the Covid-19 virus.

There have been 3,118,450 deaths in the world this year from infectious diseases. Covid-19 is one of these and the numbers of deaths pales into insignificance in comparison.

There are many other causes of world deaths which are not getting the attention they should be getting. These are just some of the figures which the UK government is denying the population when they announce Covid-19 daily results. The only conclusion which can be drawn is that they are misleading the population into a panic mode for which there is no justification. Another point about the figures as they are never released saying what underlying conditions (or indeed other health issues) those who died had, or indeed the numbers in each age and their gender. There should also be honesty about how many of those who died were due to die anyway due to another illness or condition.

The dangers of Covid-19 to the whole population are being grossly exaggerated. This has been demonstrated by the fact that the Prime Minister, the Health Secretary and the government Health Officer have been tested positive for Covid-19, yet apart from self–isolating, they, like many, have mild conditions and are well enough to work from home. It is time for some honesty about the situation. The public are being asked to make major sacrifices for a policy which is not justified by the facts.

It would not be right to conclude this article without giving praise to the many doctors, nurses and numerous other medical staff, who have been engaged night and day for many weeks in dealing with this virus as well as all the other medical issues they have to contend with. They have had major concerns about their working conditions, about their limited protection at work, and other factors, as well as worries about successfully dealing with this virus.


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