The emergence of the Brexit party has, amongst many other things, proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that certain people, no names, here, have absolutely no loyalty in politics at all. Their ability with no emotion or care to jump ship quicker than captain Jack Sparrow is a very worrying trend.

Self -survival will always come first and they have no trouble at all in dumping loyal friends and supporters in the pursuit of maintaining a salary. Let us be honest here, it’s not so much power, the need to stay in place to help others they aim to keep, it’s the status and money that comes first.

Nick Bowles Conservative MP was for sure going to be de-selected by his constituency association because of his stance on Brexit, he astutely and quickly resigned from that association. Then being told he would not be denied the whip he further cocked a snook to his party and friends and walked across the floor of the house to the increasingly full independent benches, thereby ensuring he maintained his £79,000 salary and enormous expenses for a further few years.

Other Tories are looking likely to be de-selected within their own associations but have the comfort of knowing that they will not be kicked off the Government benches as decreed by the Tory party chairman. So, no pressure there then. It is a green light to do and say what they want with no fear or recriminations. Safe in the knowledge that they are financially safe until 2022.

Labour, Tories and others have left their parties to walk across the floor and start a new party, it isn’t faring very well but that is another topic for discussion. These politicians have decided that a new way of politics is needed, hurrah say the electorate.

However, it isn’t a new kind of politics is it, it is dishonest, self-serving and very selfish what they have done, for the simple reason that they cry foul on democracy not being heeded, as we have not had or we are not likely to have a second referendum on Brexit, yet at the same time, having left the party they were elected as part of, having walked away from the manifesto they stood on, they have not had the minerals to put themselves back up for the test of their electorate. Their new ‘democracy must survive’ stance, their ideas for the country and their own constituency have not been and will not be put to the test.

They continue to receive their salary, expenses and maintain their standing with no mandate at all. What of their constituency groups, the loyal activists that walked the streets, stuffed envelopes, manned phones and worked so hard for them, they have been tossed aside like a used napkin at an activist`s garden party!

Ukip MEP`s signed an agreement that they would, at the point where they find themselves being no longer in a position to keep the whip, hand back the seat won under a proportional representation to the next person on the Ukip list. It is a good system, fair and honest, the voter votes for the party, its principles, ethos and manifesto, less so the individual person.

None of the twenty or so MEP’s voted for under the Ukip banner that have left Ukip recently have been fair and honest as they have not done so, including one Nigel Farage.  This is dishonest, unfair and to me goes to their person, who they are and more importantly what they will continue to be.

Certain members of this afore mentioned group joined other parties, smaller ones emerging through the political theatre and vying to find their place on the stage amongst the sudden proliferation of new small parties. Along comes Nigel on his white charger called Brexit Party and again they jump ship. Their loyalty to the smaller party that welcomed their name and stature as shallow as their character.

Loyalty within politics is as much a `thing` as is supporting your football team, you do not flip. There is though clearly, when it comes to money or the outside remotest possibility of remaining on the pitch and hanging around with the `elites` no loyalty at all, no they flip with ease.

This to me is a clear signpost to what you are getting when and if you make your X next to their name. The chances of them staying around for anytime diminishes the more times they have jumped the ship from one to another.

So do your research, help yourself by looking for the word loyalty amongst certain peoples’ Wikipedia or linkedin entries. I can guarantee that with a lot of our current political players you will not find it.    


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