This speech was given by Roger Arthur to the
South East regional conference

Those who deride our love of country miss entirely that we are not trying to hold on to past glories, but to the principles of liberty and justice – which have been forged during our long island story, punctuated by Magna Carta and a civil war.

Detractors from those values are on the wrong side of history. There are many examples of the price paid by our forebears in defence of those values, binding us together with a strong sense of history. I am going to start with a flavour of mine.

I was born on the day that Rommel was ejected from North Africa. My earliest memory is of a hole in the ceiling, from a German V2 which landed on the other side of the street.

I didn’t get recognition for my part in Rommel’s downfall – unlike Spike Milligan. But about one year later on June 6th 1944, an RN Lieutenant whom I came to know well led a flotilla of armed motor launches into the Channel, where he read out D-Day orders.

Their task was to float barrage balloons into the Pas de Calais, to help deceive the enemy that the Allied landings were to be there – and they expected to draw devastating enemy fire.

When the lieutenant read out the orders a number of sailors lent over the side. They were not being sea sick – they were scared.  From sailors, to troops on the beaches through to paras at Pegasus Bridge, evidence of fear was all around. But they did not turn back.

Churchill said that the lights had gone out all over Europe. But that day those gallant men carried the flame of freedom back to mainland Europe and they did not do it for glory.  Indeed, one of the key Allied objectives was to:

“Restore the sovereignty of nation states.”

But the EU cares nothing for that. Indeed it is diametrically opposed to it, as signposted on a Brussels notice, which reads:

National SOVEREIGNTY is the root cause of the most crying evils of our time ..…The only final remedy for this… is a FEDERAL UNION….”

While EU rulers have made no secret of that agenda, many of our politicians have side-stepped the issue. But they know that rulers, with central control over an expanding empire, without democratic checks and balances or an impeachment process, are MORE likely to lead to conflict.   Indeed, the two world wars were caused by leaders with unbridled power, without such checks and balances.

So the emasculation of Parliament was not only unlawful, it was driven by the false premise that national sovereignty must be ended to avoid war.

Of course the EU could not have reduced Parliament to the status of a local council without the help of quislings in Westminster, some of whom for years referred to the nascent super state as a “Common Market”.

The arch villain Edward Heath opened the door to our subjugation, when he signed the 1972 EC Act, although Lord Kilmuir had advised him that “I have no doubt that if we do sign the Treaty, we shall suffer some loss of sovereignty”.

A review of government document (FCO 30/1048) predicted that “it would take 30 years for the British people to wake up to the real nature of the EU project – by which time it would be too late for them to leave”. 

Sadly a number of Heath’s successors continued to facilitate the EU agenda and they all have one thing in common, apart from the fact that they are quislings, which is that:

None of them ever asked the sovereign people if they were content for their nation state to be brought to an end.

So those who were supposed to be our servants facilitated the emasculation of Parliament. That was shocking enough. But the spin and deception continues today and the Tories are still not ready to dump Mrs May’s toxic WAB trap.

They know that an exit on World Trade Organisation terms is now the only realistic way to deliver what 408 (63%) constituencies voted for, with a 72% turnout.

But a significant number of the 496 (76%) MPs who voted to invoke Article 50 now seem bent on preventing that, many on the false premise that a WTO Brexit would be too damaging, when the long term benefits far outweigh the short term challenges.

So Parliament delegated this huge decision to the people but is now in open rebellion against their express will.

EU rulers and their quislings should know by now that the last men standing for democracy in Europe usually have roots in these islands, and they would find it far easier to let us go than to try to keep us enslaved to their rule book.

But as we know, their answer to every problem is more EU and they will only reform in the direction of ever closer fiscal, political and military union, even if it takes them over a cliff edge.

Our next priority is surely to stop our leaders from abusing power again, recognising that unchecked power can and does corrupt. As Thomas Jefferson said:

When government fears the people, there is democracy.

When the people fear Government, then there is tyranny.”

As we know, EU rulers who are not directly elected do not fear us but treat us with contempt, and many in Westminster seem to have gone native with them.

Jefferson contained the risk when he designed the US constitution, taking key principles from Magna Carta, to hold the executive to account, securing man’s right to justice and freedom of speech.

I submit that our country too needs a properly codified constitution to ensure that any British politician who cedes power to a foreign entity shall be sure of being sent down for treason.

But that may not be enough because our traditional two party First Past The Post system has failed to deliver Brexit and has fallen into disrepute, because:

  • Parties have become too dependent on big donors.
  • There too many unelected peers in the House of Lords.
  • Free speech is being eroded & public media not impartial.
  • MPs renege on promises too easily and with impunity.
  • The First Past The Post system is wholly unrepresentative of voting intentions.

In fact it is actually a Winner Takes All system!

It is abundantly clear that some form of proportional representation is needed. The two main parties never wanted that before, but now that they are under the threat of extinction themselves they might be more receptive to the idea.

Yes, maximising the number of real Brexiteers in Westminster remains an immediate priority, but as we saw from Peterborough it is by no means certain that the next General Election will deliver a majority of them.

Many Labour/Conservative voters will revert to their traditional party allegiances and Corbyn will offer more of other people’s money.

Even a Tory/Brexit Party/UKIP alliance may not prevent a Labour/Liberal/SNP coalition, led by Corbyn – from initiating another referendum, with questions designed to suit their masters.

So in summary I contend that we need to:

  1. Push for a codified British Constitution, plus a form of PR and means to limit the influence of big party donors.
  2. Remain in the fight to cleanse Parliament of those who have sought to thwart the will of the people.
  3. Expose the Tories’ Withdrawal Agreement Bill trap and confront the flawed opposition to a WTO Brexit.
  4. Reinforce our Manifesto, exposing the cowardice of other parties which kneel to the Mainstream Media.
  5. Be ready to fight another referendum or General Election if needed, punching above our weight.
  6. In the longer term, to replace Corbyn’s Clowns to become a UK Opposition party to be reckoned with.

We should not be afraid to declare our love of country, with government of the people, for the people, by the people. This is not the time to leave the battlefield, abandoning values of liberty and justice forged over almost 1,000 years.

The flak from the Establishment will only increase as we continue on our journey, but whenever tempted to throw in the towel, we must remember those who did not turn back on June 6th 1944.

We must wrest back the control of our destiny, restoring dignity and respect for politics in the process, because that is surely our duty and our task.

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