The Green Jamboree, COP26, will be upon us in three weeks. It’ll start on Sunday 31st October and will last until the 12th of November. The Times has provided us with two short articles today – I’m sure these are the precursors of much more green PR stuff to come. We know by now that this is Johnson’s and his wife’s dream event where they aim to strut around the international green stage, demonstrating that no nation is as green as the UK. The gas crisis, the petrol shortages affecting us common little people: who cares, certainly not all those green and good delegates. 

The first of the plebs going to face extra discomfort in the name of ‘green’ are the Glaswegians. It’s a Lockdown of the security kind. Under the title “Fences go up to protect Cop26 delegates” Marc Horne writes in The Times:

“The area around the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) on the banks of the Clyde in Glasgow has been locked down, with a high security fence being erected to guard against attacks by terrorists or violent protesters.

“Extra security measures have been introduced where the partition crosses roads to prevent vehicle attacks, alongside a network of temporary road closures and restrictions.” (link, paywalled)

I well remember the disruption to normal life caused by that NATO Summit in Cardiff in 2014. The NATO fences cut off traffic from North to South, from East to West, and the main shopping centre in the middle of Cardiff was more or less inaccessible. That summit lasted only two days while the fencing was up for three weeks before and after. The Glaswegians though will get ‘value for money’ for their discomfort because those green delegates will be there from the 31st October to the 12th November. I adore how this disruption is being described:

“A Glasgow council spokesman said: “Due to the scale of the event, we will experience temporary changes to the movement of traffic around the city.” (link, paywalled)

That’s not all. Those delegates will be kept safe inside and outside those fences. There’ll be a veritable army to protect them:

“More than 10,000 officers from across the country will take part in one of the largest policing operations seen in the UK for Cop26 next month.

“Armed officers and search dogs will patrol the city’s underground and overground rail networks for the duration of the two-week UN event.

Specialist police divers and officers, using cameras which can capture underwater footage, will be patrolling the Clyde and its banks.

“The army has been brought in to assist with security, while UN troops will be on duty inside the main conference area.” (link, paywalled)

Are the green organisers afraid of revolting, non-green peasants? Surely those ‘Extinction Rebels’ won’t try and terrorise the delegates? Won’t they be safely inside that fence where they’ll have nothing to fear, given how gentle our police farce has dealt with them?

Why nobody has made a fuss so far about UN troops inside that fence, to ‘keep the peace’, is inexplicable. Has that area of Glasgow now become ‘extra-territorial’? Or has this government kowtowed to the UN, accepting that our own police and Army would be unacceptable to keep the greenists ‘secure?

And who, if I may ask, is paying for all that ‘security – before and after? Those fences don’t come cheap and need to be put up – three weeks before the start and God knows how long it’ll take to take them down. Perhaps La Sturgeon will ire-use that fencing for a proper, covid Lockdown should Glaswegains succumb to the flu and covid ‘surge’ predicted by yon Ferguson.

There’s one other ‘article’ on COP26 which is so obviously PR, pushed by one of Johnson’s ministers that I had to pick up my jaw from the floor when I saw this headline in The Times while I was innocently having my first cup of coffee: “Cop26 leaders will use fuel made from sewage to fly home”. The author, Caroline Wheeler, informs us:

“World leaders will have their private jets filled with sustainable aircraft fuel when they leave the Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

“Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, wants the UK to become a leader in sustainable aviation and pioneer “guilt-free travel”.

“He will use the summit, which starts on October 31, to showcase the new green fuel, which can be created from household waste, sewage and recycled cooking oils. More than 150 world leaders will fly home with the eco-fuel.” (link, paywalled)

The irony of ‘world leaders’ using private jets to get to that festival of green bovine excrement seems to have escaped both the author and Mr Shapps. However, nothing is served as hot as it’s been cooked, so the understandable if gruesome joy of all those rich, private jetters perhaps not reaching their homes is premature:

“Shapps, an amateur pilot, wants airlines to use 10 per cent eco-friendly jet fuel by 2030, rising to 50 per cent by 2050 — when Britain aims to be carbon-neutral.

A source close to the minister said: “There is already a word in Swedish for flying guilt [flygskam] and we all know people who no longer travel because of their concerns about the impact. But the transport secretary is pragmatic and doesn’t think we should stop flying to save the planet. He thinks we should just find a more sustainable way to do it.” (link, paywalled)

In other words, replacing 10% of jet fuel with this ‘eco-friendly’ sewage concoction absolves all those world leaders with their stable of private jets from “flying guilt”. Isn’t life easy when one’s rich and green! Isn’t it wonderful how all those green overlords can now preach water while drinking wine because their wine is diluted by 10%! It’s even more wonderful that an ‘amateur pilot’ minister is so helpfully providing ‘green labels’ for those with excessive wealth!

What happened to all those trees the green flyers were going to plant? Has anyone seen Greta and her acolytes planting trees, anywhere? And why could his whole thing not be done by Zoom? Will all those delegates have to be double-jabbed and show a ‘covid passport’? Will there be an ‘outbreak’ amongst Glaswegians who’ll have to do the work of serving all those delegates, muzzled up of course? An outbreak like the one happening after the G7 summit in Cornwall in June this year?

There’s one other paragraph in this PR article. There’s nothing about fencing and UN troops – the Met police seems to be quite capable to keep those people ‘safe’:

“It can also be revealed that the world’s richest financiers, including the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the philanthropist Bill Gates, have been invited to a global investment summit and will be hosted by the Queen.

“The event at the Science Museum in west London will be held next week as a precursor to Cop26 and to drum up green investment.” (link, paywalled)

Good gawd – is it now a ‘revelation’ when a simple PR text is copied and pasted into an article? Never mind – applaud how this green government, hauling in Queenie as figurehead, is trying to get a few crumbs from the table of the global rich ‘philanthropists’ for greenery. I’m sure Mr Bezos will shell out to alleviate his ‘space flight guilt’. Will that other ‘philanthropist’, Mr Gates, promote nuclear energy as forcefully as he’s promoted vaccination for the world? That would be the only silver lining to this whole festival of green bovine excrement.

Meanwhile we plebs better prepare for the real-life consequences of ‘going green’. The petrol shortages and the ‘gas crisis’ are only a warm-up …


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