Today is Good Friday, a day which for decades has been marginalised by a society which clamoured not to have ‘religion stuffed down their throats’ but is ever so grateful for extra ‘days off’. In a strange twist of fate most of those who for years didn’t want anything to do with religion are now forced to celebrate and ‘observe’ the customs of other religions. Not a peep against them is allowed. 

So while many are enjoying this day off, war doesn’t rest during this ‘holiday period’ – nor does the hypocrisy of our so-called ‘betters’ in government and in the Westminster MSM. One headline in the rather unison concert of this morning’s newspaper editions stuck out, as you can see when looking at the compilation in the usual place (link).

It was the DT which stepped out of line. The rest of our glorious MSM had two subjects only: the transport of dinghy ‘immigrants’ to Rwanda, now ‘guaranteed’ by the PM himself, and the ‘secret visit’ that Californian pair paid to the Queen.

The underlying message across the board is about being ‘humane’ . Perhaps that’s why DT was being extra humane by picking up the fate of that Brit who was captured with all those other Ukrainian fighters when one part of the Mariupol industrial complex was liberated a few days ago (paywalled link).

Let’s not quibble about the DT making this story into a wail about the inhumanity of the Russians who allegedly beat him up and ‘paraded him’ on Russian TV. It’s certainly humane that the DT gave space to his anguished mother in a report yesterday (paywalled link), and never mind that the DT seems to have milked that story for all its worth.

We’re told that this man ‘didn’t do nuthin’ and was ‘only a medic’ while a bit further down we learn that this ‘British boy’ has a history of fighting in foreing countries:

“He said he had stayed in a bunker on medical duties, denying that a tattoo of a rifle sight meant he was a sniper and that a swelling on his finger was from pulling a trigger. […] Mr Aslin had previously travelled to Syria to fight alongside Kurdish armed forces against Islamic State, and joined Ukraine’s military as a marine. Friends said he had extended his contract with the military for six months before the Russian invasion.” (paywalled link)

While lawyers will be able to sort out his problem – is he or isn’t he a foreign mercenary? – here’s the reason why the DT has given so much space to this bit of news (my emphasis):

“Ang Wood, his mother, speaking from her home in Balderton, Nottinghamshire, said: “He called me and said they have no weapons left to fight. I love my son, he is my hero. They put up one hell of a fight. Boris needs to take Putin down.” (paywalled link)

Blimey. That’s ‘one hell of a reason’ for ‘taking Putin down’, isn’t it! It’s also a great demonstration for the excellent success our propaganda media have had in brainwashing the people of this country, and not just for the duration of this Ukrainian war.

Anyway, what could be more natural than a British ‘boy’, 28 years old, going to fight in foreign countries, for foreign causes! One wonders why, if he’s such a keen fighter, he didn’t join the British Army. Perhaps their training was too restricting and they didn’t offer him opportunities to ‘fight’? Be that as it may – the general tenor of the comment posts under that piece of news is sufficient to turn anyone’s stomach. I hope they are written by ‘Ukrainian bots’ and are not representative of what ordinary Brits think. 

It’s stories and comments like this which illuminate the lying propaganda production, performed so admirably by our MSM. Not only must we believe our own propaganda writers, we also must not expect them to ferret out the truth. “We” only credit Mr ‘e and his cronies, all the way up to the PM, with telling us ‘Teh Truth’.  Trying to find out what really happened is not only frowned upon but blocked by our government which pay lip service to ‘free speech’, overlooking the other side of that coin which is free access to uncensored information. 

It is quite wonderful, isn’t it, how our MSM, always so eager to fabricate ‘a story’ from tweets, have homed in on this one piece of ‘news’ picked up from social media, that this one Brit could possibly have been beaten up by bad Russians. At the same time they’ve overlooked the many truly despicable items on social media where Ukrainian soldiers have published photos and videos of how they were torturing and killing Russian soldiers. Of course, as always, “it’s different when we – or an ally – do it”. 

I can relate to the anguish this mother feels for her boy. It is the same anguish mothers in Russia feel for their sons, it’s the same Ukrainian mothers feel for theirs. On this day – Good Friday – we might also remember the anguish felt by the mother of Jesus Christ who died on the Cross. Perhaps we also remember that the anguish of Good Friday has become the signpost of Hope, pointing to the glory of Easter. I hope mentioning this event, this death, this anguish, this hope, isn’t ‘too much religion’ stuffed down people’s throats!

Let me close on a secular note: on this spring morning Nature shows how irrepressible, how resilient she is. The garden birds are singing their hearts out, the spring flowers are bursting to life, there are the first, tender green leaves on the lime trees and the little apple trees I’ve planted are blossoming. 

There’s much to make us feel sad and anguished but life shows us again and again that, even while we shed tears, there’s all the beauty to console us – if only we look and don’t blind ourselves.

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