From Afghanistan – – – now to the Ukraine?



There must have been a big sigh of relief in all the Westminster MSM newsrooms: “she” is back! Yes, our lovely MSM have decorated their print editions this morning with a photo of Mrs Harry Windsor. That takes up space which they’d otherwise would have had to fill with real news (link).

I simply have to mention a piece in The Times. They, staying with the theme of ‘wimmin’, trot out an oh-so-sweet little interview with the Estonian PM, Ms Kaja Kallas. She declared that there would be ‘less violence’ if wimmin were in charge (link, paywalled). True: wimmin in charge use ‘soft violence’, such as ‘rulz’ which have to be obeyed or else, like that female NZ Pm has so amply demonstrated.

There’s another ‘she’ who is also mentioned: Mrs Priti P., or rather, her plan of flying dinghy people to Rwanda. Firstly, the UN sez this is illegal, and secondly, ‘Channel migrants’ say they’ll come anyway, according to the ‘i newspaper’ as quoted by the BBC newspaper compilation team:

“Reaction to the UK government’s plan to transport some asylum seekers to Rwanda leads the “i newspaper”. It reports that people seeking to cross the Channel say they are worried but not deterred. A Sudanese man tells the paper he will attempt the crossing again, adding: “Sometimes you arrive, sometimes you die.” (link)

Furthermore, to no-one’s surprise: the Home Office ain’t happy with that Priti plan. So I won’t be astonished if this scheme turns out to be just another of her plans which always come to nought. Meanwhile we’ve not heard much at all from Miz Truss, and Mr Ben Wallace also seems to have nothing to say.

Perhaps the reports, first in The Times and then copied by the DT, will entice him out of his PR-bunker. The Times, reporting from Kiev, wrote yesterday afternoon: “SAS troops ‘are training local forces in Ukraine – ’Serving British soldiers ‘on ground’ for first time” (link, paywalled), indicating that actually, NATO is overtly involved in the Ukraine war. This is rather serious because so far an open involvement of NATO troops has been carefully kept out of the MSM. First see this (my emphasis):

“SAS troops have trained local forces in Kyiv for the first time since the war with Russia began, Ukrainian commanders have told The Times. Officers from two battalions stationed in and around the capital said they had undergone military training from serving British special forces, one last week and the other the week before.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, well – our armaments which “we” sent to the Ukraine must of course be used properly. So who better than the SAS rather than ordinary Army officers to provide training! This is rather moving:

“We have received huge military help from Britain,” he said. “But the people who knew how to use NLAWs were in other places, so we had to go on YouTube to teach ourselves. You can learn in seven minutes, five to seven minutes. After that we had good training. British officers were here two weeks ago in our unit and they trained us really good.” (paywalled link)

Blimey – one can learn how to use modern weapons from youtube? That’s a bit scary because nobody knows where all those weapons will end up, what with ISIS ‘soldiers’ fighting in the Ukraine … Note well that this Ukrainian officer does not say ‘SAS’. Here’s another Ukrainian soldier:

“The claims were echoed by a Ukrainian special forces commander, who told the paper [The Times] that the 112th battalion to which his unit was attached had undergone training last week.“They were good guys, the Brits,” another commander, nicknamed “Bear”, said. “They have invited us to visit them when the war is over”. (paywalled link)

Again, this Ukrainian commander does not say ‘SAS’. In fact, I’ve not found any mention of ‘SAS’ in either of those reports. So are the titles just click bait or is there more to it? Here’s a veiled clue (my emphasis):

“Dozens of British army veterans have travelled to Ukraine to fight, but the commanders insisted these were serving British special forces soldiers who were there for training.”  (paywalled link)

Are ‘serving British soldiers’ not prohibited from participating in foreign wars? Has this law been changed behind our backs? Perhaps, we might ask, those ‘serving British special forces soldiers’ were in the Ukraine not just to train Ukrainian military but to train themselves. We might ask if there are more of them, using the umbrella of ‘training Ukrainians’ as cover for other operations. The denial from our MoD is as expected but does sound a bit ominous (my emphasis):

The Ministry of Defence refused to confirm the Ukrainian commanders’ accounts, citing a longstanding convention not to comment on special operations.” (paywalled link)

That bland statement seems to permit the question if some of our special forces are doing more than just train Ukrainian soldiers. The next question would be: what ‘special operations’ are these? And: doesn’t this make us, the UK a participant? Meanwhile, NATO and the USA are pouring more heavy weapons into the Ukraine, to the tune of over £1bn (paywalled link). All these news confirm the interpretation that this war is a proxy war for NATO ti fight Russia.

Don’t expect our supine MPs to demand that this government explains why “we” have money to waste on participating in a war without the necessary agreement by the HoC! Don’t expect anyone inside Westminster to ask why we all must bear the ever increasing cost-of-living, from energy price hikes to inflationary food prices, just so “we” can show that “we” stand with the USA in fighting Putin.

I leave you with another text to read over the weekend. It’s an update written by Jacques Baud whose earlier essay was one of the most important analyses of the situation (link, in case you missed it). This one is equally important. Do read it.

That’s all for today and for this week. Tomorrow there’ll be a short little article for Easter Sunday – don’t miss it.

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