Merry Christmas! Viv tells me that my quiz offering last year was kindly received, so this time I’m having another crack! Answers in the New Year… enjoy – and if commenting, please don’t reveal the answers!


          ROUND 1: What connects…

  1. The “Halloween” and “Star Trek” franchises?
  2. A yellow boy, red shoes, and white nuns in a black film?
  3. The opening scene of 1970 film “Some Will, Some Won’t” with the climax of the 1978 version of “The 39 Steps”?  
  4. Martin Scorsese, who had a very effective 3D take on the answer to (3) a few years back, with the answer to (2)?
  5.  Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

ROUND 2: What’s next in sequence?

6. Sked, (Mackinlay), Holmes…

7. Jeroboam, Methuselah, Salmanazar, Balthazar…

8. Henry VI.1, Henry VI.2, Henry VI.3 ..

9. Messidor, Thermidor, Fructidor, Vendémaire…

10. Jonathan A., Christopher P., Willard D., James Tiberius K., S.James Tiberius K., John H., Rachel G…


ROUND 3: Odd one out:

11. Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet, Falstaff?

12. Captain Kirk, General Kirk, Admiral Kirk? (Clue: time travel)

13. Fawlty Towers, Do Not Adjust Your Set, Monty Python, At Last the 1948 Show?

14. The Frogs, Into the Woods, Company, Mame, Anyone Can Whistle?

15. Sir Robin Day, David Dimbleby, Harry Enfield, Sue Lawley?

ROUND 4: Christmas Music:

16. Who wrote perennial Christmas favourite Hansel and Gretel?

17. Which 4 carols comprise the core of Helly-Hutchinson’s carol symphony?

18. The Beatles are the only band to have had 4 Christmas No. 1s. But what  is the proof that they love Bach of Christmas Oratorio fame? (Hint: the answer comes in two parts)…

19. Perennial Christmas crooner Perry Como sang “Christmas Dream”, the song that opens “The Odessa File”. But who composed it?

20. In “Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas”, who is his neighbour and what song do they sing as a duet?

ROUND 5: Morecambe and Wise, and their guests:

21. Who interrupted a show with an urgent news bulletin from the Chancellor, and has also presented Top Gear, Antiques Roadshow and TV AM?

22. Who also co-founded TV AM and appeared in a sailor’s suit with a load of colleagues?

23. Who said: “You’re playing all the wrong notes!” only to be told, “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order, I’ll give you that!”

24. Who, on winning her first Oscar, received a telegram saying “Stick with us, kid, and we’ll get you another!”?

25. Who attempted to sing “Windmills of your mind” in 1973 whilst Ernie got stuck, Don Quixote like, in the prop windmill?

ROUND 6: This Sporting Life:

26. Which P.G. Wodehouse book is dedicated to John Henrie and Pat Rogie, who were imprisoned for “playing of the gowff on the links of Leith every Sabbath the time of the sermonses”

27. In which book does Mr Winkle shoot Mr Tupman by mistake instead of the intended rook? Harry Seacombe had it turned into a successful musical.

28. Who presented ITV’s World of Sport for most of its 20 year run, having replaced Eamonn Andrews?

29. Where is the FIFA headquarters located?

30. Who swam the entire length of the Thames for Sport Relief?

ROUND 7: Christmas and Art:

31. Who started painting “The Adoration of the Magi” in 1481?

32. Who wrote and illustrated “The Snowman” and “Father Christmas”?

33. Who originally illustrated “A Christmas Carol”?

34. What is the connection between the Rosicrucians and Christmas cards

35. Some artists use a common theme or gimmick, e.g. Louis Wain did comical cats. What is Ed Wheeler’s Christmas related gimmick?


ROUND 8: Pantomime (Oh no it’s not!)

36. Dawn French is doing it for the first time this year, but in what role?

37. What do foreigners usually understand pantomime to mean?

38. A pantomime horse, summoned by poltergeist Timothy Claypole, was a stalwart of which children’s BBC comedy series?

39. Cinderella is an ever-popular theme, but who wrote the comic opera version in 3 weeks, which premiered in 1817?

40. A favourite source is Charles Perrault’s “Mother Goose” tales. But which tale from the collection was set as a Handelian pastiche by Helly-Hutchinson, who also appears in (17)?

ROUND 9: Eschatological Theories…

41. How/why do conspiracy theorists argue that the EU represents the Beast of the Book of Revelation?

42. “Whispers of living, echoes of warning, phantoms of laughter on the edges of morning. World without end spins endlessly on, only the men who lived here are gone, gone on a permanent vacation, gone to await the next creation.

World without end at the end of the world. Lord, don’t you know it’s the end of the world? Lord, don’t you care if it all ends today? Sometimes I’d swear that you planned it this way …
Dark are the cities, dead is the ocean, silent and sickly are the remnants of motion. World without end turns mindlessly round, never a sentry, never a sound. No one to prophesy disaster, no one to help it happen faster.”

Who’s MASS is this a quote from?

43. What notorious number allegedly represents “Vicarious Filii Dei”, “Nero Caesar”, and the amount of tax collected by King Solomon annually?

44. Who directed the film “The Seventh Seal”? (Clue: his final semi-autobiographical work, a TV miniseries, also available as a film, opens with a big Christmas party).

45. How many books are there in the “Left Behind” series about the rapture by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins?

ROUND 10: Brief review of 2018

46. Who started the year being smuggled in and out of her room in a suitcase, and compared herself to Anne Frank

47. What did Emmanuel Macron agree to lend Britain in January?

48. Who celebrated his 70th birthday in November, still on the metaphorical Welsh subs bench? 

49. What fate befell Charles Darwin in March?

50. Pepper the robot scored a first in October. What was it?


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