“Freedom Day”:  still fenced in!


The sort-of Freedom Day happened yesterday. While the Prince of Wales and his spouse undertook their first appointment unmasked some shoppers were outraged that in some supermarkets staff went about their work unmasked (e.g. paywalled link). The inevitable muscle-flexing of Trade Unions declaring the salary rise of 3% for NHS staff now on offer was ‘insufficient’ (link, paywalled) was barely noteworthy.

There was no outrage either about BJ’s announcement that from September onwards nightclubs and other ‘big venues’ would be legally required to check the jab status of people by checking their vaccination passports and that the unjabbed ‘would be banned’ (link). 

Who cares that only a scant few months ago that same covid government told the nation that there wouldn’t be covid passports. Who cares that many horrible ‘anti-vaxxers’ have pointed out for some time that we’re being pushed into a two-tier society, a society of vaccination apartheid. The outraged covid lemmings who cannot bear to see people working unmasked would heartily applaud this!

It is staggering but not surprising that the ‘health and covid’ MSM are still not asking why people must be masked, why people cannot be permitted to have fun when, according to the government’s own statistics, two thirds have been double-jabbed and over 80% have had one jab: do the vaccines not work? They don’t ask why so many people, from the PM down, submit to quarantine rules when they’ve had the jabs, when some even have recovered from covid and when they’re patently not ill?

If ‘exemptions’ are now being made to save the economy from crashing thanks to pingitis, then shouldn’t we be told why factory workers, NHS frontline staff and supermarket staff are healthy enough to work but others aren’t? Are they magically not spreading the virus?

And what to make of the other ‘freedom day’ announcement, that pingitis, sorry: “quarantine when pinged” is here to stay:

“People must continue to quarantine if they come into contact with someone who has coronavirus because it is “one of the only shots we have left in our locker” to control the virus, Boris Johnson has said. The prime minister said it was “essential” for people to continue isolating if pinged as he extended exemptions to only a handful of critical workers.” (link, paywalled)

But wait – weren’t we told that TfL was part of this ‘pilot scheme’ which permits pinged people to escape quarantine when producing a -ve covid test? Why then were thereso many staff shortages that TfL shut down some tube lines – no, we don’t know.

We were also told that the Border Farce was part of this scheme. So why do they suffer from staff shortages? Is this why they let a record-breaking 430 migrants land on our shores yesterday (link, paywalled)? Are Border Farce boats not patrolling the Channel because of pingitis then?

We have a “clandestine Channel threat commander”, a Mr O’Mahoney who bleated that these crossings are ‘unacceptable’. What the fluff has he been doing to stop them? Do we not also have a Royal Navy who is supposed to patrol these waters? Have they all come down with pingitis, despite having been jabbed (one supposes)?

Perhaps we should blame the SAGEs and their covid dictators for the increase in illegal migrants because they created the pingitis which now afflicts even our defence! Amazingly, there’s another reason for scrapping that pilot scheme. Remember – the double-jabbed who’ve been pinged would’ve needed tests to show they’re -ve and were therefore permitted not to self-isolate for ten days. Now we’re told that:

“A mega lab hailed by Matt Hancock as “future-proofing” Britain against pandemics is running at less than 10 per cent capacity, […] The delay is fuelling a shortage of PCR test capacity – a concern partly to blame for ministers only planning to lift self-isolation for those who are fully vaccinated from August 16, it is understood.” (paywalled link)

No test- no freedom, and sorry there aren’t sufficient tests, is it? I can’t help but think that the SAGEs who are BJ’s puppet masters, having realised that they couldn’t stop freedom day, came up with pushing the pingdemic in order to introduce lockdown through the back door:

“The Telegraph has been told that in recent papers submitted to the Covid-O Cabinet sub-committee, the need to “mitigate” the risk to PCR capacity was one of the reasons given for keeping the rules in place until August.” (paywalled link)

They knew this was going to happen! And anything can happen before that August date – anything! Even a new ‘variant of dread’ could be ‘discovered’.  Meanwhile people who were trying to order laminar-flow test kits for home testing were told yesterday that these kits were ‘temporarily unobtainable’ (link). It’s ‘you must test – but sorry, there are no tests’ – that’s freedom according to SAGE. Having been double-jabbed doesn’t automatically mean freedom!

There was one interesting “TV event” yesterday – no, not the Farage show on GBNews, this was the BBC’s Ms Kuenssberg’s interview with a certain Mr Dominic Cummings. According to Cummings, BJ was questioning last autumn if a lockdown was justified because the vast majority of those dying were the over-80s. Gasp! How heartless, innit!

Also, according to Cummings, BJ “told staff that “I no longer buy all this NHS overwhelmed stuff” adding: “Folks, I think we may need to recalibrate.” (link, paywalled). Blimey – was BJ’s brain still functioning at that time? What happened to him? Shouldn’t we be told?

The Times, formerly in the camp of ‘Cummings is the devil’ are now using his statements to bash Johnson:

“The messages are the first corroboration of claims by Cummings that Johnson was increasingly prepared to let the death toll from Covid rise to prevent a second lockdown. However, Johnson was persuaded to shut down the economy, first in November and then again in January, as a result of the Kent variant. Cummings said that Johnson was more worried about alienating Tory MPs and sections of the media.” (link, paywalled)

Why am I not surprised that BJ, Cummings, The Times and the rest of that lot were and are more concerned with ‘what plays’ in the media than with actual, clinical evidence: the under-70s were not dying, the NHS was not overwhelmed, and the autumn lockdowns clearly did not prevent that ‘winter wave’ which was all covid – no flu.

These Cummings ‘revelations’ demonstrate that Vallance, Whitty and the rest of the SAGEs are unconcerned about our daily lives. There can be no question now of ever getting back the freedom which is our inalienable right as long as SAGE prevails.

Where are the great constitutional thinkers and judges who stand up and tell SAGE that freedom is not theirs to parcel out to us at their whim? Why are they not standing up and accuse SAGE of creating a covid apartheid society where only the jabbed and tested are permitted a semblance of freedom as dictated by SAGE? Why is there nobody inside Westminster asking SAGE why their previous assurances – e.g. that there will be ‘freedom’ once we have the jabs – are suddenly invalid? 

Frankly, I hope the pingitis will continue unabated. After all, what could be better to demonstrate the folly of this SAGE dictatorship! Long live the United Pingdom – it’s what SAGE wants.




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