Written by Jennifer S. 



Post Truth Era 

Fierce battles are occurring in U.K. courts, on line, and also in the streets. Women are being arrested for hate-related crime for hanging ribbons, for “misgendering” a guy with a beard, for vocalising the legend, “Woman is an Adult Human Female”. Before lockdown when groups such as Women’s Place U.K. held meetings, these would be disrupted, vocally, aggressively, and at times violently by Transactivists.

I got involved in the Transwars about 5 years ago. Women and some men have been raising awareness of the problems caused by any man who claims to be a woman having full access to toilets, changing rooms, domestic violence hostels, rape suites, prisons. There are currently 7 men in the women’s estate, at least one of whom is a sex offender who went to court to allow him access to women’s prisons. And of course sports. New Zealand have Laurel Hubbard, a 43-year-old male, representing them in the Women’s Power Lifting. Laurel, was a really very average male weight lifter, but magically “he” became “she” and he now wins/ cheats . Laurel is on HRT he has his full tackle.

There are some language issues we have to address. A short glossary with added fun narrative.

TERF = this is a general insult against women who believe that biology is an actual thing. It is an acronym but the meaning has been lost over time really. Once a woman is identified as a Terf, so called Left Wing woke men and women are able to practise their misogyny to their hearts content calling for death, rape, mutilation, job/business loss, cancellation.

TRANS = I knew two trans people in the early 90s. Both had the mental health condition Gender Dysphoria, lived as they imagined women lived and had gone through painful surgery to create a sort of vagina. Sadly neo vaginas can be troublesome, the wound has to be kept open and hair balls grow where testicle skin is used in the procedure.

However, “Trans” now covers people like Danielle Muscatto, men that dress in a frock once a week, children who identify as the opposite sex. Sometimes at the behest of their (in my opinion) Munchausen-by-proxy parents. Men and women can just announce they are opposite sex and voila! Access to your 13 year old granddaughter in the shower. If anyone complains, they are transphobic and a bigot etc.

TRANSPHOBIA = absolutely ANYTHING that doesn’t centre Transwomen. Any mention of female reproductive rights, pregnancy, menstruation, socialising, not getting surgery to alter their outward appearance, knowing about biology, breast cancer, referring to sex not gender. Tbh the list just grows every day.

TRANSBIAN = the ultimate lie that Transwomen can be lesbians. And as such the penis is “female” and if a lesbian fails to find a penis attractive, then they are….. you guessed it a transphobe. There are now ridiculously few spaces for women to be on our own, and for lesbians in particular. Trans people must be given access to all female spaces online too. I co-run a small group of about 500 women, where we do quizzes, share jokes, information sharing, articles, female business information, shops we have boycotted eg M and S, Primark etc as they let men in the women’s changing rooms. We run it closely and quietly, it is set to private with every woman having been invited by current members. We still get men trying to join, and we have to be vigilant as some people try and get our members to incriminate themselves to say something they can report to FB and then get the group suspended.

OWEN JONES = this smug git once wrote a good book. Now he likes to boss people about their opinions, beliefs and lifestyles. Particularly about Transpolitics. He can be very hateful of women. A friend of mine ( I was blocked by Owen a couple of years ago) asked OJ ( a gay man) if he would perform cunnilingus on a Trans “man” (ie woman), he said, “That’s disgusting” and I think the Mike was turned off at that point if my memory serves me right. So, people can’t change sex Owen? Bit transphobic no? Hypocrite.

MALE ALLIES = there are thousands of men throughout the land who patiently listen to their wives rant and are top supportive guys. Like my own husband. Not the most patient of men but totally supportive and unlike the Woke, he’s not deluded. Then we have men like Graham Linehan (wrote Father Ted, Black Books, IT Crowd etc) who is a nearly full time activist, Harry Miller – a really great guy- who is standing up against the whole Hate Crime thing certain police forces have bought into, Lozza Fox – not everyone’s cup of tea but knows his biology, George Galloway is very supportive. Allowed me to talk for 15 minutes on Talk Radio and again on Radio Sputnik.

LESBIANS = Lesbians really do love other women. They do not want your “LADY DIQUE” oh bearded guy in a sh** wig.

So this has been an introduction to the frontline of the Genderwars. We cannot as a society keep lying. Men cannot under any circumstances become women. Their XY chromosomes inform every cell in the body. Intersex people also are always either Male or female but with a complex presentation. The WI Spa in the US is a prime example of Woke lies. A woman complains that there is a guy with his penis out in the female changing rooms. He was loudly defended as he was “trans” and his dick was a female penis etc. Now sex offending (flashing) is just fine.

It is important to consider how incredibly powerful the trans lobby is. How will the lie that men are women and vice versa affect society, employment, health and individuals?

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