The Chief Mouser has had enough of the current occupant of No 10



It’s the ‘Monday after’ the long Jubilee Bank Holiday. While our MSM dedicate their front pages this morning to yesterday’s finale (link), two important news items were relegated to the ‘also ran’ spots. One is the latest announcement of our donating a long-range missile system to Kiev, the other is about the PM having to face ‘Toree Rebels’.

Firstly, let’s look at the military hardware issue. The announcement that “we” aren sending the latest Long Range Missile system to the Ukraine provides exemplary proof that our MSM are indeed government mouthpieces and that their chief editors are following orders.

This announcement has been so highly coordinated that I suggest Mr Wallace and the MoD told the MSM to embargo this piece of news until the Jubilee was over. The proof for my assertion is the date of publication: the broadsheets published simultaneously at 12.01am on June 6th – something I’ve not come across so far because usually one or the other publishes their leaked ‘news’ from ‘sources’ late on the preceding day, giving the other papers the opportunity to copy those spun reports.

The BBC updates their ‘news stories’ repeatedly, making it impossible to ascertain if they copied or not (link). Interestingly, the news agency Reuters published their report at 12.16am (link), after the broadsheets had gone public. Did they also toe the embargo line? The DM copied from the DT, not The Times, as I’ll show below. They published their article nearly two hours later, at 1.58am (link).

All quote Ben Wallace but The Times gives his statement a hint of a spin – by omission. See for yourselves:

““As Russia’s tactics change, so must our support to Ukraine. These highly capable multiple-launch rocket systems will enable our Ukrainian friends to better protect themselves against the brutal use of long-range artillery, which Putin’s forces have used indiscriminately.” (link, paywalled)

Here’s the DT, printing the Wallace statement word-for-word, but with this addition (my emphasis): ‘[…] which Putin’s forces have used indiscriminately to flatten cities.” (paywalled link). I don’t know why The Times and the Guardian (link) left out the ‘to flatten cities’ qualifier – the BBC has it (link) and so does the DM (link), allowing me to state that they copied from the DT.

The wonderful thing is that all of them write that this deployment was coordinated with the USA. Interesting, isn’t it: we obviously wouldn’t dare to do something like that on our own. For ‘coordinated’ read: ‘permitted’. This also allows the USA to wash their hands in innocence should Putin dare to retaliate: it wasn’t Washington wot dun it …

I’ve gone to great lengths pointing out the timeline of publication for two reasons. One is that this analysis demonstrates that we don’t have a free press but government-run propaganda mouthpieces which follow the rulings and news embargoes of Whitehall. They have to, else their wonderful ‘sources’ will dry up. I wonder if they are still getting financial support from government as they did during the covid years. 

The other is that the perpetrator of this ‘pledge’, Ben Wallace, is still one of the top Tory Party members’  ‘popular Ministers’, the other being La Truss. They are jockeying for pole position in the leadership contest when Johnson resigns or is being made to resign. Trouble has long been brewing for the PM, and apparently he’ll now have to face the music, sort of.

The Times reports that Tory MPs have circulated a memo over the Jubilee Bank Holiday – how could they! Have they no shame? Apparently they believe they have sufficient letters to trigger a confidence vote at the 1922 Committee:

“Boris Johnson is braced for a vote of confidence being triggered today as a memo being circulated among his backbench MPs listing the reasons to remove him from office has branded him the “Conservative Corbyn”. The one-page memo lists 13 reasons to drop the prime minister, concluding that the “only way to restore Conservative fortunes to a point where we can win the next general election, is to remove Boris Johnson as prime minister”.” (link, paywalled)

Ooh – ‘conservative Corbyn’ – that must hurt! The DT, for once getting back into being the ‘Torygraph’, has more. For example, there are the ‘Boris allies’ fighting back:

“Boris Johnson’s allies have warned that there could be an early general election as they attempt to convince wavering Tory MPs not to submit letters of no confidence.” (paywalled link)

In other words: don’t do this, boys and girls, else there’ll be a GE and we wouldn’t want to lose that, would we! See this next:

In recent weeks, the Prime Minister’s advisers have let it be known that an election next year – or even sooner – is a possibility as he mulls his political future. The message is seen by some Tory insiders as a coded warning that those who turn against Mr Johnson may lose his support when they seek re-selection by local parties.” (paywalled link)

Amazing, isn’t it, that our elected representatives, from the PM down, are playing inner-party political games while the country is going to hell in a handcart. The prospect of a snap election is now gossiped about openly The DT writes that it’s unclear if such a snap election would be called, given the trouble with the increasing inflation. However, it seems that some now regard the PM as liability:

“Some Tory rebels are using the prospect of an election sooner than expected to convince waverers the other way, pointing to Mr Johnson’s poor poll ratings. But he is now the Cabinet minister with the lowest approval rating, according to members of his own party, and the Tories have trailed Labour for more than half a year, meaning his ability to win the next election has become a talking point.” (paywalled link)

We’ll see what will come out of this latest rebellion. I think that there are too many Tory MPs who are extremely fond of their cushy jobs and stellar incomes to chance a GE. They will therefore toe the Johnson line. Words are cheap – a job loss is costly, especially for those not qualified to get a real job outside the HoC.

I leave you with news that Wales has disgraced the UK. Their footie team has dared to beat plucky little Ukraine in the latest footie World Cup qualifier (e.g. link). How could they! It’s no excuse that Wales wanted to go to that World Cup for the first time since 1958. It was their duty to sacrifice their dreams in support of Kiev, wasn’t it! Surely Johnson must now force them to hand back that victory.

And that’s all for the post-Jubilee start to the week. At least we’ve been spared the flash floods and stuff so confidently predicted by the Met Office. Perhaps predictions, be they by the Met Office, be they by political ‘pundits’, aren’t worth the pixels being wasted on them. The trillions of pixels wasted on the MSM government propaganda certainly aren’t.

In the olden days we used to ridicule Soviet papers for only printing the ‘Party Line’. Now our MSM are doing just that. Perhaps ‘conservative Corbyn’, with all this implies, is actually more spot on and more wide-reaching than the Tory rebels think.

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