Margaret Thatcher once famously said: “the trouble with Socialists is that they always run out of other people’s money.” I’ve always thought that these words were particularly profound, but I have to ask: do socialists ever run out of other people’s money in reality?

Socialism is running rampant in our world today, although we may now possibly have turned the tide against it. Looking at our own country, we give billions a year away in overseas aid. We allow our health service to treat visitors from all over the world. Immigration is a never-ending flood, and we can’t wait to provide these people with money, housing, and other benefits; that’s before we even talk about our own indigenous welfare dependents: all very expensive.

Socialism then is very expensive, perhaps the most expensive system ever devised. We have to ask why our governments are so keen to embrace it? Our countries’ debts are massive, and yet our governments just can’t spend money fast enough. Governments borrow money from banks, borrow money secured against future taxation, as long as the debts can be serviced, credit can be treated as a form of income. Given that the sole product of banks, particularly central banks, is debt, it can be seen that Socialism is very good business indeed.

Corporations too know how to play the debt as income game. In business schools all over the world, they talk about: ‘the Great Men,’ but behind every great man there is a banker, bankers that without which there would never be great men. It seems to me that to be a great man; you simply have to be good at spending money.

When you look at the fortunes of many companies and corporations, you may be tempted to wonder how they survive; they don’t seem very profitable. Profit is taxable and doesn’t matter, all that matters is keeping the minions slaving away to service the debt, the few at the top can then use debt as a very lucrative, tax-free income.

I have become very interested in the writings of Robert Kiyosaki, he’s experienced the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and has ended up an extremely wealthy man, I’d say he was worth listening to. Here is a video:

Poverty is Not An Accident” | An Illuminating Interview With Robert Kiyosaki

According to Kiyosaki, at school, we’re not taught about how money really works, we’re taught to get a job and save money, money on which we’re taxed. In reality, because of inflation, we can never save enough money; indeed we can scarcely survive.

Kiyosaki talks about three types of income. Earned income, as I’ve mentioned above and we’re all familiar with. Portfolio income from trading and investments, very heavily taxed by Capital Gains Tax. Thirdly and the one we’re not taught about in school is passive income or turnover, this is never taxed.

The trick is to turn worthless printed fiat currency into tangible assets. Bankers and businessmen while in charge of fiat, invest intangible assets, perhaps agricultural land, food, water, anything with intrinsic value. In today’s world whole countries are being asset-stripped by bankers and their so loving caring henchmen: George Soros, the European Union, and many others.

Above I’ve described why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer (something that we all know is happening), also why we need growth-based economic models to keep servicing a rapidly growing debt mountain. World debt is now at around 254 trillion dollars in various currencies.

In the end, this mountain of debt gets unserviceable, something that we’re very close to now, we’ve seen it all before. The 1930s Great Depression was the most recent example; the next will be far worse. Yes, Socialists always do in the end run out of other people’s money. The next financial system to emerge I’m sure will be even more pernicious than the last, that is unless we wake up and realise what is happening. If we don’t, very few people will own the whole world, and we’re not far off this situation now.

For bankers and the politicians and businessmen in their pockets, Socialism is the most profitable political system ever invented; it has nothing to do with altruism or caring for the poor, it is the most ruthless exploitative system ever devised.

Those Liberal/Lefties that protest on the streets demanding Socialism, fairness, and equality are as deluded as they are ignorant. Perhaps they’ll have placards with pictures of Jeremy Corbyn or the European Union flag, these people and organisations aren’t here to help you, they’re here to exploit you and rob you blind, these foolish protesters are embracing their slave masters and asking to be chained.

It is no coincidence that those that are the most vociferous supporters of Socialism are the wealthiest, the Hollywood stars, the politicians and top businessman like Bill Gates, this is the source of their current and future wealth.

We’ve seen the top Eurocrats flying around in private jets, spending money like water, we’ve seen how eager our own politicians are to jump onto the EU Socialist bandwagon, Tony Blair being a prime example, now a very wealthy man.

This then is Socialism behind the veil, not about fairness and equality at all but a fiendishly clever scheme, sold to the gullible to make a very select few people extremely wealthy indeed.

Socialism: a scheme to enrich the few at the expense of the many.

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