Jeremy Corbyn has endorsed a plot by his hard-left supporters to “shut down the streets” by whipping up the biggest act of civil disobedience in decades to protest at Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans. The Labour leader urged his MPs to join protesters planning to “occupy bridges and blockade roads” in 10 major cities in what some activists have already likened to the 1990 Poll Tax riots.  The demonstrations have been organised by Momentum, the campaign group formed to propel Mr Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party.

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PROTESTS are planned across Britain against Boris Johnson’s “smash and grab” coup in suspending Parliament. More demonstrations are expected in major towns and cities after spontaneous protests were sparked by the PM’s prorogation announcement on Wednesday. Protests organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity will launch at Chester Town Hall tomorrow at 7.30pm. On Saturday mobilisations will take place in Newcastle, Cambridge, Doncaster, Swansea and Leeds.

LABOUR’s hard left is urging followers to “shut down the streets” the streets in a protest against Boris Johnson’s attempt to prorogue Parliament, with campaigner Owen Jones warning: “We are not going to stop”. Laura Parker, national co-ordinator of Labour faction Momentum, said: “Eton educated, millionaire Boris Johnson is stealing our democracy so he can sell off our NHS to big US corporations in a No Deal, Trump first Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn has urged MPs to join protests opposing the shutdown of Parliament as left-wing group Momentum called for supporters to occupy bridges and block roads in an attempt to stop Boris Johnson‘s plans. The Jeremy Corbyn  supporting campaign has called for people to join ‘#StopTheCoup” protests and “shut down the streets” across the UK, in response to the plans which campaigners fear will make stopping a no-deal Brexit impossible.  Mr Corbyn wrote to MPs on Thursday urging them to join protests as he revealed he would be addressing a rally in Salford on Monday.

JEREMY Corbyn will launch his plan to stop Boris Johnson from shutting down Parliament and pushing through a No Deal Brexit on Tuesday – as leftie protesters announced a day of chaos this weekend. The Labour boss said he would start an all-out war in the Commons as soon as MPs get back to Westminster. He told the media this afternoon on a visit to Scotland: “We’re going to try and politically stop him on Tuesday with a Parliamentary process to legislate to prevent a No Deal Brexit, and prevent him from shutting down Parliament during this critical period.

Rarely can there have been more powerful evidence that Remoaners live on an entirely different planet from the rest of us – one where the meaning of words has been shifted to the exact opposite of what most sane, balanced people understand by them. Coup? Normally, this is when a government is forcibly unseated by hostile forces. Boris Johnson, on the other hand, is the leader of an elected government. The coup word makes no sense. Democracy? What could be more representative of the demos than a free vote in which 17.4 million people – more than have voted for anything in British history – vote to leave the European Union?

Prorogation challenge

Boris Johnson is facing a mounting political and legal challenge to his efforts to shut down parliament and force Brexit through, with opponents increasingly confident that they have the numbers to block a no-deal outcome in the Commons.  The prime minister declared his intention to “step up the tempo” in the hunt for a Brexit deal with the EU, revealing that UK officials will meet their counterparts in Brussels twice a week throughout September while MPs are locked out of Westminster.

A growing number of senior Tory rebels have signalled they are now prepared to back urgent legislation to thwart a no-deal Brexit after Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament. In an escalation of the civil war in the Tory party, David Gauke, the former justice secretary, became the latest senior Conservative to urge his colleagues to act immediately rather than wait to see if Johnson could deliver an alternative to the backstop in the 30-day period proffered by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Gina Miller let the mask slip today on the BBC’s Today Programme this morning, revealing even she believes that “the Prime Minister does have the power” to prorogue Parliament in the run up to the new Queen’s speech. Despite this, and despite Boris’ prorogation only taking up as few as four sitting days, Miller is pressing on with legal action against the Government to prevent the deliverance of the referendum result. Instead of challenging the act of prorogation Miller will attempt to challenge its “intention”…

ATTEMPTS to stop Boris Johnson from suspending Parliament through the Courts are a “very, very long shot” and unlikely to succeed, Professor Richard Toye warned as Gina Miller launched new challenge against the Government. Boris Johnson has been facing criticism over his decision to suspend the parliamentary session for five weeks before Brexit to work on his legislative plan for the future. The Prime Minister could soon face a legal challenge from anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller and former Prime Minister John Major also threatened to drag the Government to court if MPs were to be kept from discussing plans on how to leave the European Union with a deal.

House of Commons

Tory rebels have drawn up plans with Labour for parliament to sit over next weekend as Jacob Rees-Mogg in effect dared them to try to change the law to block a no-deal Brexit. The MPs believe that they can seize control of business in the Commons and pass the legislation needed to force Boris Johnson to request an extension of Article 50 in only three days next week. A senior Tory Remainer said, however, that as a “back-up” they were also trying to ensure that the Commons and the Lords could sit over the weekend of September 7-8.

BREXITEER Prime Minister Boris Johnson will sensationally ignore a vote for another six-month Brexit delay amid claims MPs will vote for it despite a Parliament shut down. ITV political editor Robert Peston said there is “method to Johnson’s madness” amid speculation he will ignore a motion plotted for by Remainer MPs for a Brexit delay of another half a year. This would be the fourth Brexit delay and that Britain’s exit would actually take place in March 2020 – an eye-watering four years after the EU referendum in June 2016.


Mark Francois has said the European Research Group (ERG) will reject the EU-approved Brexit treaty for a fourth time if the prime minister only manages to remove the controversial Irish backstop. The deputy chairman of the ERG told ITV on Wednesday: “I’m not voting for the withdrawal agreement, and I suspect neither will many of my colleagues.” Previous reporting suggests between 40 to 60 Conservative MPs could vote against the treaty in the Commons, which is enough to force the defeat of the government bill.

House of Lords

House of Lords members are braced for all-night sittings to pass laws against no-deal Brexit . Opposition peers are understood to be preparing for a fight after Boris Johnson  gave them just seven days – or fewer – to sit before he shuts down Parliament.  That will leave barely any time to rubber-stamp a law, expected to be tabled by MPs from next Tuesday, attempting to rule out a no-deal exit on October 31. Labour , Lib Dem and some Tory and Crossbench peers have repeatedly defeated the government in the House of Lords in recent years – especially over Brexit.

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Reports are coming out that the House of Lords is gearing up to stay open over the week-end before parliament is prorogued, in order to get a law through to extend the Article 50 process. ITV political correspondent, Paul Brand, Tweeted out earlier today that: “Senior source in the Lords confident that they can get a bill through to prevent No Deal by Monday, even with filibustering from govt. Chamber may sit through the night Friday into Saturday, or even on the weekend.”


BBC News
Boris Johnson has promised a renewed effort to secure a deal with the EU before the Brexit deadline. The UK’s Brexit negotiators will now meet their EU counterparts twice a week next month, in the run up to a crucial summit on October 17-18. It follows a backlash from MPs and opponents of a no-deal Brexit against the prime minister’s decision to suspend Parliament next month. The EU said it expected the UK to come up with “concrete proposals”.

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Boris Johnson has said talks with the European Union will be stepped up in the coming weeks in a bid to secure a new Brexit deal. UK negotiators will now meet their EU counterparts twice a week, a significant increase on the current rate. The prime minister had previously suggested there would be little point to discussions until the EU accepted the needs for changes to the existing agreement. But writing overnight, Mr Johnson said he was “encouraged” by the reaction from EU leaders, adding that it was “now time for both sides to step up the tempo”.

ITV News
Boris Johnson wants to “step up the tempo” of Brexit negotiations with Brussels amid three legal challenges to his decision to suspend Parliament. The prime minister called for both the UK and EU to intensify efforts as further protests were planned over his move to prorogue Parliament for more than a month in the run-up to Brexit. Downing Street said the UK’s team of Brexit negotiators will sit down with their EU counterparts twice a week during September.

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The prime minister has said both the UK and EU need to “step up the tempo” as the government prepares to intensify talks with Brussels. Downing Street has said the UK’s team of Brexit negotiators will sit down with their EU counterparts twice a week during September “with the possibility of additional technical meetings, to discuss a way forward on securing a new deal”. Johnson’s chief Brexit sherpa David Frost met this week with the EU’s Article 50 Taskforce and agreed that talks would be intensified in the coming weeks.

EU Observer
The EU is waiting for concrete proposals from the UK on how to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland, the European Commission has said, prior to a phone call between UK prime minister Boris Johnson and commission head Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday (27 August). “It is up to the UK government to come with concrete proposals that are compatible with the withdrawal agreement,” a commission spokesperson said earlier in the day.

Evening Standard
The Prime Minister has vowed to “step up the tempo” of Brexit negotiations with Brussels amid growing outrage over his decision to suspend Parliament.  Boris Johnson called for both the EU and UK to intensify Brexit talks as further protests were planned over his move to shutdown Parliament for more than a month ahead of the October 31 deadline. Downing Street said the UK’s team of Brexit negotiators will sit down with their EU counterparts twice a week during September “with the possibility of additional technical meetings, to discuss a way forward on securing a new deal”.

The Brexit Party

The Brexit Party has received more than £1m in donations as political parties reported a rise in cash gifts ahead of a possible general election. Nigel Farage’s new outfit accepted £1,039,000 in its first three months, including nearly £250,000 from financier Jeremy Hosking, and £200,000 from Christopher Harborne – both formerly Conservative donors. As all parties ready themselves for the prospect of a snap election, new figures from the Electoral Commission revealed a surge in campaign funding in the second quarter of 2019.

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If the United Kingdom makes a clean break from the European Union on Oct. 31 and continues to prosper on its own, it could mean the end of the Brussels-based bloc, according to Nigel Farage. Farage claimed Wednesday on “Your World” that the EU is a key piece to the globalist view of the world and Brexit  would be a major blow to that “project.” “Us breaking free, us two years down the road being — seeming to do well, will be the end of the European Union,” Farage said.


John Bercow has been secretly colluding with Sir Oliver Letwin to stop Parliament being suspended for five weeks whilst holidaying in Turkey, The Daily Telegraph can disclose. The House of Commons Speaker, who has described Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament as a “constitutional outrage”, has been in contact with Sir Oliver this week to agree how to stop the Prime Minister’s plans.

John Bercow is on course for a “collision” with his most senior advisers as he prepares to give MPs the power to thwart Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans, Westminster insiders have said. The Speaker, who had already repeatedly stated his determination to give the Commons a chance to block no-deal, is furious with the prime minister’s decision to prorogue parliament. Mr Bercow is expected to grant an emergency debate next Tuesday to enable MPs to wrestle control of the order paper from the government.

JOHN BERCOW, the Commons speaker, has been in contact with Sir Oliver Letwin over plans to thwart the Government’s bid to prorogue Parliament and fulfil Brexit. Mr Bercow has been discussing the plans while he holidays in Turkey. Sir Oliver, the former Government Policy Minister, is believed to have several potential plans on blocking the move in the pipeline. A source told The Daily Telegraph: “There are conversations taking place today.

The leak

A senior Treasury aide was frogmarched out of Downing Street last night after being accused of leaking Brexit secrets to allies of Philip Hammond. Sonia Khan, who was the former chancellor’s special adviser, was allegedly confronted by Boris Johnson‘s chief aide Dominic Cummings. He claimed Miss Khan, who worked for Mr Hammond’s successor Sajid Javid, was helping Mr Hammond and other Tory MPs attempting to stop No Deal.

Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend Parliament was leaked to the press hours before it was meant to take place, despite the trip only being known to a small handful of senior cabinet ministers and civil servants, a British newspaper has claimed. The delegation of Privy Councillors including Brexit star Jacob Rees-Mogg dispatched to Scotland to meet with the Queen to get her assent to Parliament being Prorogued– a constitutional formality under the British system — travelled separately to reduce the possibility of the group of four politicians being spotted together at the airport, alerting the press.

Ruth Davidson

Ruth Davidson backed Boris Johnson’s plan yesterday to secure a Brexit deal as she unexpectedly refused to criticise the prime minister when she quit as leader of the Scottish Conservatives. Instead Ms Davidson, a prominent Remain campaigner, saved her ire for David Cameron, the man widely credited for inspiring her to enter politics. Ms Davidson, 40, answered Mr Cameron’s call ten years ago for people from non-political backgrounds to join the Tories, and was seen as influential over his government.

Ruth Davidson’s departure from frontline politics is likely to have significant ramifications not only for her party but also for the future of the union. The 40-year-old spearheaded a Conservative revival in Scotland and successfully detoxified a party that had languished in the electoral doldrums for decades. She had been expected to play a key role in any future pro-union campaign, with the SNP still aiming to hold a second independence referendum by the end of 2020.


Britain and France have promised to intensify joint efforts to tackle Channel migrant boat crossings after several hours of talks in Paris last night. Priti Patel, the home secretary, and her French counterpart, Christophe Castaner, agreed that tougher action was needed to slow the surge in migrants making the perilous crossing in small boats. However, there were no significant announcements from the talks, which came after the home secretary was said to have told her officials to come up with ways to stop the crossings.

Yahoo News
Increased patrols and new efforts to target people smugglers have been proposed to combat the surge in migrants crossing the Channel following Anglo-French talks. Home Secretary Priti Patel and her French counterpart Christophe Castaner agreed “more resources” to intercept and stop crossings along the French coast were “crucial.” They are expected to consider stepping up patrols on the coast and increased surveillance including CCTV and drones. Extra money to fund has been offered by the UK beyond the 7m Euros committed by Britain last January to buy specialist equipment including drones, night-vision equipment and off-road vehicles, according to a French ministry statement.


HRT was back in the spotlight last night after an Oxford study found it raised the risk of breast cancer by a third. Researchers said women aged 50 to 69 were 32 per cent more likely to get the disease if they had taken the most common form of the hormone replacement therapy for at least five years.  The danger was twice as high for patients on the treatment for a decade. The Oxford team said however that the overall risk was still small – and doctors said the benefits often outweighed the risks.

Hormone replacement therapy for the menopause is twice as likely to cause cancer as previously thought, an international study has found. The treatment, known as HRT, causes about 3,000 cases of breast cancer in Britain each year, instead of the 1,400 previously cited, researchers have said. The finding prompted the researchers to warn that official NHS guidance on prescribing HRT should be reconsidered. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) recommends its use for menopause symptoms.

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Menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer which can persist for more than a decade after usage stops. For every 100 women using oestrogen plus daily progestogen MHT, two extra cases of breast cancer were identified between age 50-69, according to researchers from the University of Oxford. After stopping use, some excess risk was found to persist for more than 10 years – with the size of the risk linked to the duration of previous use.

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