I’ve been spitting feathers all morning because it’s now official: the Remainers inside and outside Parliament have declared “War on Brexit”, with the Hard Left having taken over ‘Remain’. Here are the exhibits: 

Item #1: the tweets. The writer Philip Pullman for example has now deleted his tweet (ah, but the internet never forgets!) about ropes, lamp-posts and Boris Johnson, because ‘he didn’t mean it’ – a fine excuse we now surely can all use when we’re accused of ‘hate speech’ by the Left:

“Pullman […] wrote that hanging the prime minister “would be a very bad idea”, adding: “Recent events have aroused my anger to the point where I temporarily lost my judgment. In the heat of the moment I made a tactical error.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, read it again: making ‘a tactical error in anger’ means that tweeting to thousands of followers advocating violence is perfectly all right because ‘it’s ok when we do it’ ….

Item #2: Gina Miller. She told the MSM the reason for her court case:

“The basis of my approach to the courts is that it cannot be legitimate or a proper use of the prerogative power to prorogue parliament when the intention and effect inherent in doing so is to frustrate parliament and fetter it from exercising its sovereign right to fulfil its elective role and enact any law it sees fit,” (link, paywalled)

Yes, read that again: it’s the intention interpreted by me, Gina Miller, which is illegal. Since when are intentions justiciable? If ‘intentions’ can now be taken to court, perhaps someone can take the Labour’s McDonnell to court because he proposed creating a Law allowing him to shoot Tory ministers.

Item #3: Remainers being encouraged to ‘launch horror protests’ against Jacob Rees-Mogg, but he was not the only target of that Momentum mob mentality:

“Opponents of Brexit sank to new depths last night as they published on Twitter the home addresses of Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Leader of the Commons, and Mr Johnson’s chief strategist Dominic Cummings in an attempt to incite protests outside their front doors.” (paywalled link)

Another case of ‘it’s ok when we do it’? Where are the denunciations of Labour MPs, especially female ones? After all Jacob Rees-Mogg has six small children – are they now fair game for Remainers? Perhaps they don’t dare to speak out – see the next item:

Item #4: Momentum organises ‘mass protests’ of ‘civil disobedience’. Nothing wrong with that, surely? See this:

“Mr Chessum, Momentum’s national organiser, who also co-ordinated protests against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, compared the movement to the suffragettes and said that it was time for “civil disobedience”. He told The Times: “These protests will be unpredictable. We will organise the rallies but then what people do is anybody’s guess. There are a lot of passionate and angry people and we cannot just persuade Boris Johnson nicely that what he is doing is wrong. We are encouraging civil disobedience, in whatever form that takes. It might mean shutting down bridges, it might mean marching to Buckingham Palace and protesting the Queen. […] There will be disruption and I’m sorry for that but in the face of what Boris is planning, it will be worth it. The suffragettes burnt down the home of David Lloyd George, the chancellor of the exchequer — I’m sure that was disruptive for him.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, read it again! Chessum is inciting violence (perhaps just a ‘tactical error in anger’, like Mr Pullman?) but washes his hands pre-emptively because he’s only the ‘organiser’! What protesters do is up to them, and anyway, ‘it’s ok when we do it’ …

Item #5 – Labour leaders openly supporting these ‘disruptions’, with Jeremy Corbyn at the front:

“Jeremy Corbyn has endorsed a plot by his hard-left supporters to “shut down the streets” by whipping up the biggest act of civil disobedience in decades to protest at Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans. The Labour leader urged his MPs to join protesters planning to “occupy bridges and blockade roads” in 10 major cities in what some activists have already likened to the 1990 Poll Tax riots. Laura Parker, the Momentum National Coordinator who is organising tomorrow’s protests, previously worked as Mr Corbyn’s private secretary, and in an email to Labour MPs on Thursday Mr Corbyn said: “[…] This is a Government of the elite…[The Prime Minister] wishes to…open the way for the Tory party to sell off public services and our NHS.” (paywalled link)

Ah – the sacred NHS! Surely worth going on the rampage for … and rampage is what these ‘organisers’ have in mind. They are hoping to re-create the poll-tax riots. 

Do the luvvies – Pullman, Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry – realise that their hate tweets have given that mob the green light? Next – our elected Remain MPs, unelected Remain Lords and the Speaker. Let’s look at him first:

Item #6: John Bercow, that ‘protector of parliamentary democracy’ when it suits him is preparing to throw the rules and conventions of the HoC out of the window:

“John Bercow has been secretly colluding with Sir Oliver Letwin to stop Parliament being suspended for five weeks whilst holidaying in Turkey. […] The House of Commons Speaker, who has described Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament as a “constitutional outrage”, has been in contact with Sir Oliver this week to agree how to stop the Prime Minister’s plans.The news came as David Gauke, the former Justice secretary, said that next week could be MPs’ “only opportunity” to put a stop to a no-deal Brexit on October 31. Sir Oliver, David Cameron’s former policy guru, is understood to be working on several plans to seize control of Parliamentary business and begin forcing through legislation to block no-deal on Tuesday.” (paywalled link)

There’s more – this item is huge:

“Mr Bercow is on course for a “collision” with his most senior advisers as he prepares to give MPs the power to thwart Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans, Westminster insiders have said. […] Mr Bercow is expected to grant an emergency debate next Tuesday to enable MPs to wrestle control of the order paper from the government. This would give them, and subsequently members of the Lords too, a few sitting days until prorogation to pass legislation seeking to delay or block Brexit.” (link, paywalled)

And lastly in this most important item which will determine our future, illustrating how Mr Bercow will thrash parliamentary conventions, again:

“Any such move is likely to involve revising how emergency debates under the Standing Order No 24 procedure usually work. At present they take place on motions “in neutral terms” that do not make a commitment to a particular, substantive form of action afterwards. In this case, MPs would use the vote to seize control of the order paper to make way for their emergency legislation. A source told The Times that the Commons clerks were expected to advise that allowing MPs to do so in that way would be unconstitutional. “John will overrule them,” the source said. A source close to the Speaker added: “He could go on a suicide mission. But he is on a collision course, not only with the government but the Queen and the clerks of the House.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, ‘it’s ok when I throw the rulebook, precedents and conventions out of the window – it’s not okay when the Leader of the House properly implements those conventions.’ Finally, let’s look at what the Remain MPs are planning:

Item #7 – positively the last item on this list:

“Tory rebels have drawn up plans with Labour for parliament to sit over next weekend as Jacob Rees-Mogg in effect dared them to try to change the law to block a no-deal Brexit.The MPs believe that they can seize control of business in the Commons and pass the legislation needed to force Boris Johnson to request an extension of Article 50 in only three days next week. A senior Tory Remainer said, however, that as a “back-up” they were also trying to ensure that the Commons and the Lords could sit over the weekend of September 7-8. […]The Commons has sat on a Saturday on four occasions since 1939, including at the outbreak of the Second World War, during the Suez crisis of 1956 and the invasion of the Falklands in 1982. (link, paywalled)

Isn’t it simply amazing how quickly our Remain MPs can work when it’s about blocking Brexit! See – it’s ‘protecting democracy’ when, by thwarting a normal government procedure, they thwart the decision of 17.4 million voters. 

All the above demonstrates that the Hard Left and their Remain useful idiots are the true enemy of Freedom. Their words and planned actions speak for themselves.

Remain, taken over by the Hard Left, now means incontrovertibly serfdom and vassalage. They are the true ‘enemy within’.

Only Brexit will set us free.




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