I wrote a blog some time ago about the possibility of infiltration into the education system by paedophiles using the auspices of intellect and legitimate discussion to legitimise their abhorrent views.

I am still very much against this of course and I am happy to report that so far there does not it seems to have been any furtherance of such a toxic subject. It may be underground so to speak and needs to be called out wherever and whenever it rears its very ugly head.

A good day to bury bad news was last week when the media was full on concentration about Brexit. Lord Steele (David) giving evidence at the inquiry into historical child sexual abuse admitted to knowing full well that the then Liberal MP Cyril Smith, was, in fact, abusing young children and worse still that he did absolutely nothing about it. He has quite rightly been suspended by his party, such as it is, has anyone noticed the complete disappearance of the Lib-Dems from the political theatre?

I digress – The introduction into the primary school curriculum of issues surrounding the LGBT community and all that that encompasses has infuriated parents in Birmingham. The fact that these parents are from the Muslim community has no other influence for me on this subject. I would not care if they were the Picts of Scotland or the Mongolians from the steppes of Mongolia. They have a perfect right to examine the curriculum of education that their children are being subjected to.

My long-held and very strong conviction is that all children should be allowed to grow and develop within the innocence of youth for as long as is practically and safely possible. Their growth and development should not in any way be clouded with matters that they cannot possibly reason with and understand. They need the encouragement of development within their peer groups as gender specific as they are, biology dictates at four years of age and upwards whether or not they are a boy or a girl. To confuse a young developing brain with other noise and fog is just plain wrong.

Learning to speak, play kindly, safely with manners and respect are lessons easily and simply taught. Learning to add up subtract and read and write take a little longer and the experts take over here, the teachers. To introduce what can only be confusion at that age about gender, identification of gender and the differences of sexuality at this age seems to me neither needed nor the correct thing to do.

I think the government has bent to the lobbying of the LGBT community with this one and it has alienated a large section of the community. The reasons for the fury within the community of Islam is based on religion. My and other people`s objections stem from a different thinking.

The lessons called “no outsiders” it is understood promote the need to fight and tackle homophobia. The Government decided in 2017 to radically overhaul the sex and relationship programmes. These were to include various aspects that certain, mainly Muslim parents were very worried about. The introduction at primary school level of relationship lessons and compulsory sex education at secondary school level was not met with universal approval.

Sex education at secondary school is to my mind right and proper bearing in mind the readily available access to porn in which boys are given a clear, but far from healthy steer as to how to have sex with a woman and how young girls are informed on what is expected from them.

A redress from pornography and a serious exploration of sex and relationships is much needed at this age. Inter-Faith schools are exempt this if they feel the need to teach under the tenets of their faith.

Clearly, these programmes are causing a major row. The Government should as always take the lead in this and have serious and meaningful discussions with parent groups to work a way forward. Such is the anger and distress though it will not be easy.

The first boycotts began in Birmingham, but they have already spread to Manchester. I think the parents of white Christian children who may be against this primary school programme will not be as vocal on the basis that in the past when complaints were made, they have always fallen on deaf ears, or they were in fear from certain groups of being labelled homophobic or xenophobes.

Currently, the `no outsiders` programme is suspended in many schools and in the foreseeable future does not like it will be reintroduced. The Government must, therefore, make a decision as to its future because it is still live in other areas where parents have not spoken out. As usual in this country, he who shouts longest and loudest…wins.

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