Last night I watched Theresa May’s appalling address to the nation live from afar and I think the whole thing can be summed up with this one sentence.

“Parliament needs to make up its mind what it wants”

The above is quite an amazing statement to come from the mouth of a leader of a supposed democratic nation. A history of the origins of British democracy can be found here, but as we all know, our politicians are our elected representatives and so Brexit is about what the people want, not what Parliament wants.

We the people on 23rd June 2016 made it perfectly clear what we wanted when we voted to leave the European Union, this, as Theresa May rightfully says, was the largest democratic exercise in British history.

Many of us have long suspected that Theresa May really had no heart to leave the EU, she has confessed to being a globalist. We have suspected that May has been trying to fob us of with lies and deceit as she tries to undo Brexit and a vote that the government would never have offered if it thought it was going to lose.

Now Theresa May has the audacity to stand in front of a lectern and with one short sentence lay the blame for her failure and betrayal at the feet of Parliament, a failure that has taken nearly three years and has yet to deliver the will of the people.

Of course Parliament and the hordes of Civil Servants that support it are not without blame, we know how reluctant most of them are to leave the trough that is the European Union. There are the businessmen with vested interests, the landowners that get paid massive subsidies not to use their land for agricultural production and the gold plated pensions for those that serve the EU.

For us Brits as a whole, not least because of the huge sums of money we must pay the EU for the privilege of running a massive trade deficit with them, a deficit which amounts to the asset stripping of our country, EU membership is a disaster. We certainly don’t need a deal with the European Union, but we must all pay for the minority that do.

So yes we expect infighting in Parliament, but it is Theresa May’s responsibility as a leader to manage this and implement the will of the people. She should not be allowed to lay her responsibilities at the feet of Parliament – the buck stops with her. What Theresa May has done is, with one sentence, clearly demonstrated her complete failure and incompetence as a political leader and as our Prime Minister.

After two failures, Theresa May is still desperately trying to get her worst betrayal through Parliament. We didn’t vote to become a vassal state of the European Union and her withdrawal agreement would be a disaster for us. In the same way that the government underestimated us, the people, over the referendum May is doing the same thing with a withdrawal agreement that is a further betrayal and insult to us. Many of us suspect that over the last nearly three years May has been collaborating with the European Union rather than negotiating: treason in other words.

Now with one sentence Theresa May has offered us proof of not only her treason but her complete failure as a politician and negotiator.

Theresa May, after nearly three years of prevarication, subterfuge, lies and deceit has done everything in her power to keep us tied to or under the direct influence of the European Union, anything but implement the will of the people.

In one sentence Theresa May has exposed the limits of her flawed integrity, dishonesty and betrayal of the British people, her bungling, dithering failure as a political leader, her incompetence as a negotiator and her complete unsuitability to be our Prime Minister.

Perhaps Theresa May is so enamored to the European Union and globalism in general that she has long forgotten the responsibilities of the leader and Prime Minister of a supposedly still democratic nation. With one sentence Theresa May has offered us ample evidence that the only position that she is suitable for in our government is that of a toilet cleaner, she can be trusted with little else.

As Theresa May said in her disgusting address to the nation: “failure to deliver Brexit will result in a lack of trust in government, not just for one but for many generations.”

I’d say that it is too late: after watching this Brexit farce for nearly three years, I don’t think there are many people, leave or remain, that have any faith left in our mainstream political parties, and therein lies the worst part of May’s staggering deceit and incompetence.

In the absence of strong leadership in our country, who is going to fill the power vacuum?  This is a vacuum that I’m sure the European Union would be only too pleased to fill, one could be forgiven for thinking this was the plan all along.

Well, Theresa May, with one sentence you’ve given the game away. You have nowhere left to hide, your mask has slipped. If you have any shred of decency or integrity left you will resign with immediate effect, your bucket, broom and mop await.

There must be many, many toilets at the Palace of Westminster, all in good in good need of a regular clean and polish, I’m sure Theresa May will be far more successful in her new political role than she ever was as a Home Secretary or as a Prime Minister.


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