Written by Michael Newland


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Both the Tories and BLM have made colossal political errors that will doom them in their present form.

After WW1, the Marxists realized that a head-on approach to revolution had not worked in the key industrial countries and was not likely to. Indeed, that was the tragedy of Lenin’s life who ended up stuck in the rural peasant backwater of Russia dying miserably. Red Rosa Luxemburg did worse ending up in a canal in Berlin.  Open insurrection simply did not inflame the workers to rise up, although the Marxists are still hoping. Periodically they think their time has come as during the Great Depression and in Britain during the early 1970s. An electricity meter reader no less told me that they would be taking over soon and confiscating private property.

The more calculating Marxists of the Frankfurt School realised that a better approach than insurrection would be the famous ‘long march through the institutions’ coupled with undermining the basics of life like the family and the concept of our nation plus fostering national guilt. They have been exceedingly effective.

Everything we thought our lives were based on has been steadily rubbished without it being obvious to most people that this was a plan. The idea has been a series of incremental small attacks in the name of reason and justice like homosexual marriage. Not legal commitment among couples for anyone who wants it regardless of gender but undermining a part of the national religious basis for life.  Most might not be practising Christians but the framework permeated our lives as with marriage between men and women and a burial service along religious lines.

For all this to work, things had to be done quietly and to look civilised, progressive and not alarming unless you grasp the destination intended.

Then along comes Black Lives Matter with riots violence, intimidation and purges of those found wanting as well as purges of the physical heritage. Who or what will be purged next? JK Rowling, Fawlty Towers, Gone with the Wind, what else is on the way? The pathetic Archbishop of Canterbury promised mutilation of churches to suit Marxists. Alarm bells are now even ringing among the liberals with a long list of them signing a letter in a US magazine demanding an end to cancel culture.

The damn fools in BLM have made their malevolent intentions obvious and doomed their uprising. They simply could not resist the temptation of a bit of violence.

A key moment was the weekend when the more patriotic people occupied Parliament Square in defence of Churchill’s statue. It does not matter what you think of Churchill.  He represents the continuity of our nation and people. I think he’s giving better service now than he ever did when he was alive. The left retreated and the feeble Prime Minister we are lumbered with promised to defend the statue.

It’s been all downhill for Black Lives Matter ever since.

Meanwhile, the Tories, like BLM, could not resist the temptation to foist the crudest form of politics.

Everyone knows how totalitarian regimes retain power by fear. Everyone knows about secret police and knocks on the door for daring to veer from the official line. We have plenty of all that in Britain now. Much easier than fighting crime, so the police love it.

But there is another type of fear which is far more effective since it makes a positive promise. Fear of some external threat which the totalitarians are protecting us from. Preferably something insidious and unseen.

The communists talked of capitalist spies and saboteurs poisoning the food and so on. The Tories have come up with a virus portrayed in apocalyptic terms. They could have engaged a programme of measured action like protecting the vulnerable but decided to go for deprival of civil rights and relentless fear. Brian Gerrish says this has been engineered at least partly by a Cabinet Office section called the Behavioural Insights Team whose job is to manipulate the people without them knowing. It’s the science not politics see.

The fear virus has proved so contagious that The Spectator sharply observed that a lot of people will now go on wearing masks until there is an announcement that death has been abolished.

The problem is that fear is a tempting cheapo policy to win authority and power.  But as Peter Hitchens says, if the fear stops authority and power then drain away. So the Tories have got to keep full fear in operation. A few more people dying with covid will be easy to work up into mass panic. Second wave?

But if the fear continues and the restriction orders are intensified to resist any diminution registered on the  Government fearometer the economy collapses even further. Economic collapse is self-reinforcing as Keynes realised. Queuing outside Nandos to save a fiver in August courtesy Waiter Rishi won’t make much difference. Nor the billions printed and spent extra pounds injected into the economy above the automatic stabiliser of the dole after the economy partly reopens with the furlough ended. The sums are minute compared to GDP.

The Tories are stuck. Totally wreck the economy or lose authority and power. It could not happen to nicer people. BLM are very nice people too.

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