The UK Parliament have enabled lockdowns to continue, but the government is wounded, much more than the precious vote would indicate. It is important to assess the situation. The House of Commons had a disastrous vote on 1st December, in favour of the government’s new format, lunatic lockdown policies. It was 290 votes in favour, with 78 against.

We have to thank the Covid Recovery Group of MP’s as they, together with others, increased the numbers rebelling against the damage the government is causing to the nation. 53 Conservatives voted against their own government and they were joined by all 8 DUP MP’s, 15 Labour MP’s and 2 Independents, including Piers Corbyn’s brother Jeremy. Well done to them all.

There are 650 MP’s and what is significant about this vote is that it was a minority of MP’s who supported it. Although there have been many votes on issues in the past when governments have had policies passed without the majority of MP’s supporting them, this is significantly much more different.

This issue of lockdowns is one where MP’s have been voting without any democratic mandate from the public, either through a General Election or a Referendum.They simply do not have our authority to act in this way. This was pointed out in the letter sent to all MP’s by the new National Alliance for freedom from lockdowns. This and many more pleas to MP’s from across the UK would hopefully have affected the thinking of the MPs.

There has been an increase in the number of lockdown sceptic MPs so it is an encouraging sign that lobbying them can work. It could even be that we helped convince Labour to abstain but the reality is that if they had voted against then the government would have lost the vote.

More could be said about who voted and who abstained and so on, but the essential point is that this Parliament has sold the British people out. There is no doubt about that as, for them to vote that way, in order to reach Parliament on that day, they had to travel through the ghost town of London with virtually nothing allowed to be open. The new tier system changes the situation a little but fundamentally 99% of the country is going to have lockdown restrictions which are worse than they have had prior to the beginning of November.

One positive is that in theory it will now be a little easier to protest about the lockdowns with the new legislation, even though there will be some impediments. There is likely to be a fresh vote on 16th January 2021, so the best action is to actively campaign for an end to all lockdowns from now until then. The absolute nonsense of all aspects of the lockdown  policies can be demonstrated by all legitimate forms of campaigning. It may not seem so, but the government is on the defensive.

We are slowly but surely winning, which is a credit to all those who have worked so hard, in the front line or in the rear, of the many valiant organisations which have fought for freedom from lockdowns. This includes the small number of people in the media who have put their heads above the parapet to stand up for freedom and liberty.

There is no room for complacency though.The government is a formidable foe. They represent an establishment which controls most of the mainstream media and a host of other people who never want to give us our freedom back. The police and military intelligence services and PR companies are being used to promote their propaganda and to attack those who oppose the government lockdown policies. This is a gross misuse of power but that is the situation.

The best way forward to end all UK lockdowns is for everyone to work together as happens with a referendum campaign. The National Alliance for freedom from lockdowns has been formed to act as an umbrella coordinating support body for all who are campaigning to end lockdowns. This a very worthwhile banner to stand by, either directly or indirectly. There are over 160 National and local organisations, not including the 78 MP’s but many others.

The government has got away with lockdowns because we have been divided. They can be defeated simply by all working together. There were 16 Conservative MPs abstaining in the vote on 1st December alongside the bulk of Labour and the other opposition parties. Significantly no MPs other than Conservatives voted for these lockdown proposals. That has to be an untenable position. No proposals of such magnitude should ever be embarked upon by Parliament without the endorsement of calling a General Election or a Referendum. In fact this should have been done months ago as the government has been putting extreme measures on the British public without their consent. It is time for us to take back control !


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