I read a statement recently, I can’t remember where, I thoroughly agreed with it though as I’m sure many of you will. It went like this:

“Angela Merkel can safely retire now, she has succeeded in her objective to destroy Europe.”

How many of you don’t agree with the above statement? Which brings me to another quote, from Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War:’

“Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

When you consider the above statements, perhaps we can see the true motives of not just Angela Merkel but Junker, Tusk and the Eurocrats generally, the majority of whom come from good solid Communist or Nazi stock. What did you really expect from such people?

I regret to inform you that World War Three has already started, I’m sure that many of you already suspected this though. So far the globalists, represented by the European Union and United Nations, have been extraordinarily successful; Adolf Hitler would have been envious. Unfortunately though, the parallels between the Second World War and our current war are very marked and I’ve been watching these develop for some time.

Let’s start with open borders. A country without borders is not a country at all. For the EU to remove our borders is an attack on our country and we can plainly see the disastrous consequences.

Genghis Khan used the military technique of creating refugee flows to overwhelm cities and provinces that he wished to conquer. Driving refugees into the cities and provinces would overwhelm their resources, food, medicine and much else. It would weaken the soon to be conquered, greatly reducing their capacity to resist. Wikipedia may not be to everyone’s taste but I’ve read this from a variety of sources and here it says it so well. Read what this article says about Cuman refugees and the invasion of Hungary.

We’ve seen it all before, isn’t that exactly what is happening to Europe and Great Britain now? So-called refugees are causing havoc all over our country and Europe, yet our governments have tried to cover this up, the child grooming, gang rape, crime and so on. Sweden is a fallen country, women are scared to go out alone and bombs regularly explode. This is what is in store for us and the rest of Europe.

It is sobering when you realise that all of the noble ideas, virtue signalling and self-important arrogance of the likes of the European Union, the United Nations and various Non Government Organisations are really just a front for military tactics and an attack upon us.

In our country and in Europe, as the people wake up, there has been a backlash and a rapid rise in Right Wing political parties; the Mainstream Media the EU and our governments like to smear them as being Far Right or Nazis. This to me is the biggest parallel of all. This, while not exactly the same, is very similar to what happened in Germany and Europe. I can certainly see much of World War Three being fought on our streets. Many of our new arrivals are certainly not our friends, they simply hate us.

The world economic outlook is very uncertain. I don’t have space to write about this here and so will do so another time, however, from what I can see, the current economic and financial outlook is evolving along the lines of the Great Depression that sparked off World War Two. Another important parallel and haven’t we seen Left Wing politicians beat the drums of war with just about anyone that they think they can start a war with, particularly Russia. Russia and China have been leading the world increasingly away from the US dollar, it was always going to be problematic.

The first thing to realise is that people like Merkel, Barnier, Tusk and so on, along with so many of our Europhile politicians like Tony Blair, David Cameron, Theresa May and the list goes on, these people are enemies of the people, traitors. World War Three has already started and if we can’t avoid a phase of military conflict, our blood and that of our children will be on their hands.

The European Union is desperate to have its own army. If in a few years they succeed, they will be even more impossible to negotiate with and very dangerous. What worries me far more though is the United Nations and their ‘Kigali Principles,’ I’ve written about these here. The UN could under these principles start a very serious military conflict under the guise of Human Rights.

Whether or not we can prevent our current world war leading into a military phase, and I have serious doubts, will depend on two things. Firstly, we need to be very careful but very firm in our handling of the current negotiations with the European Union regarding the Withdrawal Agreement.

We must as a very high priority regain our sovereignty and form alliances with other countries. The United States is the highest on the list of candidates but only if Donald Trump manages to win the next election (I think that he will). His failure would mean that the US would quickly fall back under Left Wing, globalist control.

The important thing is to realise that World War Three has already started, but we still have a window of opportunity to avert military conflict. This means that we must recognise the European Union and United Nations as the very dangerous enemies that they are or the only question will be: how many lives will be lost this time?

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