[Continued from Part 1 published yesterday here]

Not that  the Boris Party is at all fazed by this: ‘carry on as usual guys, we, after all, are the natural party of government, all talking nicely and slowly, because the plebs like a bit of class and it never occurs to we elite that anybody would not believe or be remotely interested in what we are saying.’ As for the Jeremy Party (not Jezza – bit down market, that) or the Jo/ Chukka party, they seem to think that not only can they disregard the referendum result, trash the constitution and alienate their core supporters because they assume we plebs are too thick to notice, but they now think they can tell me, through their misguided faith in polling and media insiders, how I must vote.

Anyone who was supposedly ‘in the know’ during the last three years was, in my opinion, misguided, living in the media bubble or on another planet. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been told by informed sources that Boris was going to do this, Corbyn was going to do that – none of it happened, wishful thinking it seems, while Farage has consistently ploughed the same furrow and, like many independent commentators, been proven correct time and time again. 

The old ConLabLib club with its built-in sense of entitlement and superiority is as outmoded and out-of-date as Harold Wilson’s pipe and Blair’s open necked shirts sans coffee cup kidology and just not relevant to younger people or many older voters. It’s like visiting a museum, of passing interest only. Their political rhetoric, like it’s proponents, is totally outmoded in the age of internet advertising and sophisticated social media marketing, producing with huge budgets a two-minute slot on TV or a sound bite on some radio channel, letters and flyers posted through the letterbox are never going to ‘cut it’ or gain traction . 

More interesting and relevant are the comment sections of the national media and local media; though apparently being manipulated by paid trolls or foreign money and governments, it gives a better indication of what both sides are doing and how they’re being outwitted by us the plebs. Despite what the ‘polls say’ Johnson is not getting a good press and it seems a large section of conservative opinion is waking up to the hype. Corbyn is faring even worse along with the LibDems. The floating voter is doing what they always do and float. 

Most people I’ve spoken to want Brexit done, they don’t want a ‘stitch up’ or an ‘oven ready (what marketing guru thought that one up?) to warm through and eat May deal’ in part or in full and in any case warmed up food is often quite dangerous and full of bugs.

Some voters may want a quiet life, they may want it all to go away, but away from the residents of Audi Avenue in some urban area of Greater London, or Chelsea on Sea, they are not falling for the ‘this election is about the NHS, more money for the public services, vote Conservative or get Corbyn’, or ‘a vote for TBP is a wasted vote or will lead to more of the same’ mantra, because it’s a broken record heard time and time again for many years.

Perhaps you, Boris or Jeremy or Jo (yet another prime minister in waiting she tells us) you would like to tell us why you are silent as to the effects to the nation of the Lisbon treaty – you may remember that, yes that one, signed up to by the last Labour saviour of the world, and why have you all remained silent on the question of the British Military? Is it because you think the British public are too thick or can’t be trusted to believe what any of you say anymore? If you are, as you say, all going to make Britain a better place, most of what has gone awry over the last twenty years, your parties, despite being the cause of most of it, have had plenty of time to sort out the problems which you are now highlighting because it suits your narrative. When actually it’s not what you want anymore, it’s what the people want.

I’d make a guess that what the people want is a monarchy that actually looks like one again, a parliament that actually looks, acts and sounds like one and not a third-rate reality TV show compered by a ‘celebrity.’ A government that actually does govern and takes collective responsibility for the safety and security of its citizens, a legal system that stays out of politics, public services and a health service that actually do what they say they do rather than follow the latest ‘policy’ or political edict, often rushed through, only to be changed by the next ‘secretary of state.’ The churn factor of ministerial appointments is terrific and it’s no wonder that policies get changed or fail.

I’ve no idea what the result of the election will be, it seems to me that if the present political elite and the establishment behind it, assisted by the broadcast and print media, think they can turn the UK into a sort of Belgium-cum-Austria good, well behaved state of the EU in a world run on the lines of ‘rules based society’ as May was fond of saying, think again, as it’s not, by any means, judging by the comments growing louder by the hour in the real media and social media, going your way at all.


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