Recent statistics confirm that justice in Britain, to the shame of politicians, is failing.It bears the warping handprints of Mrs Mays and Civil Service failings.

The total waste and shortage of money is pitiful, and a symptom of decline being disguised. Reorganisations, reforms: all show failure.

Mrs May under Cameron had certain instructions to guide her in her position as Home Office Minister. The Home Office, then as now, was a sink of dysfunctional Civil Servants, several times judged “ Unfit for purpose” by several of their ministers of both parties. She was also told to save money. Her brief also included her basic job: to keep the country and its citizens safe. This included

Borders, Security, Passports, Visas, Police, the Fire Service, Immigration and Immigrants, and Corruption.

The Justice Department is a separate ministry,  managed by a separate politician, to whom a part of the blame must finally fall. It also includes the Crown Prosecution Service who are, I assume, some lawyers and more civil servants.

This problem cannot be disguised. Every statistic is bad. There are no good ones. But I’ll give you one or two guides: Only 7.8 % (1 (one ) in 13) of recorded crimes results in a criminal charge or summons. All other statistics are equally bad. Clearly, much of this is nonsense crimes, like a street fight, or petty pilfering, a percentage of contentious reported rape and suchlike as well as Left-wing damage daily making things worse. That needs respect from the public for the police and for Law and Order, in order just to correct the damage.

Then it has to get through CPS and the courts and the open warfare between rival Civil Servants in different Ministries. And then into prison. And we won’t even begin to mention the police time wasted in nitpicking that has to accompany lawyers and judges and wastes police time for more ineffectiveness.

At this stage, I guess, one would have to mention the ‘old lags’ and repeat offenders who have records longer than both arms and operate a wealthy career. Or indeed the criminals in the city who operate under the eyes of (would you believe it ?) Regulators …  And all get away with it and are providing shining examples.

How to get this done without opening the floodgates of Labour righteousness,Tory stupidity, and Civil Service Empire building will be difficult and would require some politicians of unusual brilliance to simplify and improve and solve the time-wasting problem. But it is possible, if unlikely.

However. Now.  It is what it is, and this is what it has come to right now :


The political way … Mrs May’s and colleagues’ dreary drag caused more damage than seems possible, but read on to find out how:

  1. Never respond to anything that doesn’t come through channels. This saves on policemen
  2. Pile up the paperwork. ( Computerwork )
  3. Spend a lot of energy on Knees looking for cigarette ends or dressed in white in tents.
  4. Arrange for lots of lawyers
  5. Send in incomplete documentation (Discs) to Crime Prosecution Service  (short of staff )
  6. Lose paperwork (Disc)
  7. Arrange Lawyers, Barristers (The metropolitan elite), policemen, facilities, judges, jurists,  more criminals, witnesses, more lawyers, etc
  8. Decide on
  9. Decide how to avoid the death penalty
  10. Decide how to avoid prison
  11. Consider multiple options from “Ankle Bangle“  to “community service “ or “chemical castration” (pills)  or all else failing: Enforcement (Rehabilitation)
  12. Rehabilitation in the community. Let the others have a bash
  13. On leaving rehabilitation: Give them some pills and label them  “ Mental Health Issue” – i.e., ready to kill again


“Crime has gone down“,  “fewer prisoners “, Cheaper too …


“I feel sorry for the population !“


A warm glow of satisfaction


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