Thursday 14th March 2019 was a ‘good day’ to hide bad news. I was sent the link to this Government publication which was sent out on that day:

This ‘major exercise’ is planned to take place for two weeks, starting March 30th 2019. Yes, that’s right: on the day “after Brexit”, regardless of its happening or not, 10,000 ‘NATO Troops’ will be here on our soil.
It looks so innocent, but when you look at which EU nations are taking part:

There following nations are taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK and the US.” (emphases by me)

then you might be forgiven to think that there’s another ‘reason’, with the bolded countries heavily involved in a nascent EU Army, and worse, EUROGENDFOR.

Is this a straw in the wind, showing not only that May is going to sell out Brexit but is also preparing for any possible UK version of the ‘Gilets Jaunes’?

Or am I too pessimistic and cynical?

Respectfully, Jack Russell


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You should all be interested to know that I recently wrote to the Queen supporting Gerard Battens request that she prorogues parliament to stop all these pro-EU, anti-British machinations in Parliament. I attached a letter, suggesting very strongly, that all those MP’s voting in favour of staying in the EU were allegedly acting treasonably. This was on the basis that that there were NO benefits to the UK staying in the EU so therefore the only logical conclusion to their actions was that they were committed to making the UK a vassal state of the EU. This was, and apparently still is, the secret policy of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal/Lib Dem parties. By so doing they were usurping the Queen’s right to be Head of State and were also abolishing parliament and in so doing were abolishing our right to hire and fire our government. . Both acts allegedly being treasonable!

The response was that in matters like this “the Queen acts on the advice of Government”.

In other words the Queen is totally ignoring the wishes of 17.4 million of her subjects who voted to leave the EU in a democratic election in which they were the majority by over 1 million and is acting on the advice of alleged traitors in parliament. This is unbelievable as the Queen is failing to honour her coronation oath to “uphold the laws of this land” and is witnessing the demise of the Monarchy in the United Kingdom. She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself and it makes one question whether we need a monarchy, as she is certainly NOT doing the right thing by her subjects.

Respectfully, Jerry Wraith


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Seeing the utter but orchestrated chaos brought about deliberately to derail a ‘harmful’ Brexit – even at the risk of inflicting even more harm on the nation by becoming a voluntary hostage of Brussels and, as historian Robert Tombs observes, overturning our hard-won democracy (‘Brexit debate has put paid to the idea that politicians are representatives of the people’, Telegraph, March14, 2019) – it is tempting to wonder what our most illustrious historical leaders would have thought of the current crop. But the political class now seems to be composed of those who seek to live up to our history and those desperately trying to live it down.

Respectfully, Ann Farmer


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The Parliamentary debate is about the Backstop and a side Agreement relating to it. But is not just the Backstop that needs to be neutralised, because:

  1. a) Article 7 of TMay’s proposed WA includes the words “All references to Member States shall include the U.K.”
  2. b) Article 5(3) of the TEU says that “The Union is justified in exercising its powers when Member States are unable to achieve the objectives of a proposed action satisfactorily.”
  3. c) Transition was supposed to end in 2020, but TMay seems to envisage an extension to 2022, while Art. 132 says that it can be extended up to ‘31-12-20XX

International Treaties such as NAFTA and NATO have escape clauses but the proposed WA does not. So it remains a trap which MPs must continue to vote down.

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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In one of the “Daily Brexit Betrayal”you said that Remain MPs made you “incandescent with rage”. Because they were saying that Leave MPs had stopped Brexit, by throwing out Mrs May’s misnamed EU Withdrawal Bill. As most of the 585 pages of Mrs May’s misnamed Withdrawal Agreement remain unknown to the British people, Remain MPs can spout such nonsense.

I was aghast in November after Mrs May’s Agreement was published online, when I saw the jack booted Joint Committee junta in it. But there has been no mention of that Junta in the media, almost as though the media want to keep people in the dark.

I have managed to get letters about the Junta into my local newspaper and articles into Independence Daily but have had no response whatsoever from MPs or MEPs. It is as though Westminster and Whitehall and the mainstream media are conspiring together against the British people.

After Parliament overrules the EU Referendum result there will be trouble in England worse than there was in Ireland. The trouble will start when Mrs May or her successor brings in the European Gendarmerie Force to suppress resistance to EU rule. But that will only be the opening bars of the symphony.

The EU is the Fourth Reich and Frau May is its agent.

Respectfully, Ralph Prothero


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