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Has the fat lady sung? Is it really now all done and dusted? Is the Brexit we voted for and wanted – No Deal, just OUT – now finished? If you believe that the MSM pundits are as infallible in their political predictions as our MPs, then yes. If not – not. Let me explain …

Our MSM, the BBC first and foremost, are Remainers, with a couple of honourable exceptions. Thus  it won’t surprise you that, having achieved the removal of ‘No Deal’ and the parliamentary ‘permission’ of asking the EU for an extension, the MSM are now training their opinion-making guns on Ms May’s attempt to get her despicable WA ‘deal’ through Parliament for the third (!) time of asking. Of course, no-one is pointing out that demanding repeat voting on the same issue until the result is correct is an old, tried-and-truste EU technique …

You might also recall that, ever since Tony Blair, ‘briefing against’ is a tried and trusted mechanism of Party insiders and officials to discredit their perceived opponents. The MSM are now gleefully using this technique. You can recognise which way they want the debate to go by noting their description of the ERG as ‘hard-core’ while fixing the blame for the mess we’re in exclusively on them.

You don’t need to be a pundit yourself to see what these Remain pundits want us to think when you read the articles across the board about cabinet ministers and especially Mr Phil Hammond having visited the DUP yesterday. The spin is: hurrah, the DUP will fold because Mr Hammond has bribed them! See here and here and (paywalled) here and here. Thus, over the weekend and on the Sunday TV ‘mememe’ shows, pundits and politicians will keep the May-pot boiling.

The other ‘item’ our MSM pundits and politicians are focussing on is the Tory Party/Tory MPs. Who will give in to May’s ‘last chance’ WA vote? Who is plotting to have her ‘removed’? Will she discipline her delinquent cabinet ministers? Fat chance: they are all Remainers!

It’s a delicious subject and means that TV time and space and pixels can be filled without having to address the reason why those so-called ‘Brexit rebels’ reject that May deal: the actual abomination that is the WA. Read here and here and (paywalled) here, if you like: more reports on gossip by ‘informed’ insiders.

Of course, the speculation about who should replace Ms May if she goes, if she is made to go and if so, when, are also getting an airing (paywalled articles here and here). That question is being given importance because getting May to leave is a most useful token in the horse-trading to get her dreadful WA ‘over the line’ next week. For the third (!) time of asking …

For good measure, dear Jeremy Corbyn is also added into this weekend brew (link). He is apparently going to ‘hold a summit’ with the SNP and the other opposition parties to work out a way to get his beloved 2nd Referendum back on the parliamentary table … after Labour had declined to vote for the relevant amendment on Thursday. You really couldn’t make it up …

Having read this far, you’ll have noticed that two items are missing in today’s MSM. One is the EU and what they’re doing. I think they are talking to each other behind firmly closed doors, no leaks allowed. Thus the one article this morning is just about what “a BBC Correspondent” has picked up from somewhere, namely that Ms Merkel has now ‘had enough’ … how perfectly awful!

The other missing item is a debate on the content of the WA (this is why the ‘hard-core’ EUsceptics are against it) and the backstop. Talk about the backstop has now descended into ‘my lawyer is bigger than your lawyer’. If the horestrading and backroom dealings are successful and Ms May’s WA is dragged over the deadline next week  – for the third (!) time of asking! – then all that legal advice matters nought anyway.

Looking back on this “septem horribilis” (that’s ‘orrible week in Latin), the verdict of the DT editors (paywalled) is spot on:

“If in 2016 the British people voted to return lost powers to Parliament, Thursday was the day that Parliament voted to hand power straight back to the EU. […] The Commons was simply doing what it is meant to do by scrutinising the Agreement before voting it down. But instead of sending Mrs May back to the table to thrash out a better deal backed by a committed political establishment, Remainers seized the chance to undermine the withdrawal process entirely.”

The article concludes:

“[The Remainers’] next goal will be to push for a permanent customs union, which would turn Britain into a backwater market of the European project. This is the debate Remainers want us all to have: is Brexit worth doing under any circumstances? The rational answer is no. Therefore, Remainers are trying to ensure that the Brexit offered to us is as rotten as possible. […] The two main parties are splitting apart. The more Brexit is visibly frustrated, the more intense the arguments will become, the greater the public anger will be – and the more likely it is that both Labour and the Tories face a reckoning at the ballot box.”

To be sure – but when they do face that reckoning, the damage to Brexit, by consenting to the WA, will have been done! Remember – we were told that we cannot escape the EU because the Vienna Convention does not apply, as reported in yesterday’s article.

Well, it’s the weekend, the weather is awful – so you have time to read! For startersI heartily recommend reading this coruscating article by Dominic Sandbrook in the DM. He is laying into the MPs, both Remain and Leave. It is a true joy, the ‘ouch’ of his hits on Leave notwithstanding.  

If you crave an uplift and want your sanity restored, you must read the two latest items in the Diary of the unsurpassed Sir John Redwood.  And to give you good cheer, here’s the last article you ought to read today, published yesterday in BrexitCentral: “Ignore the nay-sayers …”

Having read all that, email your constituency MPs and tell them what you really think! Don’t mince your words!


13 days to Brexit if we work hard this weekend – so:


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