I propose to send this directly to the PM. copied to the local MP. Yes I know that she has wax in her ears, but it is worth a try:

“Dear Mrs May

You will have seen reviews of FCO 30/1048 predicting that it would take 30 years for the British people to wake up to the real nature of the European project

Indeed EU rulers have verified many times that their aim to bring an end to the era of the nation state. But many in Westminster have done little to prevent Parliament from being emasculated. Quite the opposite in some cases.

Now you know that agreements such as NAFTA, NATO and the WTO, all have escape clauses, whereas your Withdrawal Agreement does not. You should not be asking Parliament to sign up to such a document of inequity.

While the transition period was supposed to end in 2020, you seem to envisage an extension to 2022, while Art. 132 says that it can be extended up to ‘31-12-20XX’.

That suggests that you are going to be complicit in the continued emasculation of Parliament leaving the U.K. enslaved to the E.U. rulebook, but please let us know your true intentions.

If you can break the chains which have shackled us increasingly to the emerging E.U. superstate, then you will step on to a higher pedestal, with other great leaders.

But if you leave us subservient to the will of unelected E.U. rulers, then you will be no better than those who have passively or actively accepted our ratcheting towards Fiscal, Political and Military Union.

To recap. 544 (84%) MPs voted to hold a referendum and 408 (63%) constituencies voted to leave the E.U. They did not expect to be left half in/half out of the E.U. any more than the 498 (77%) MPs who voted to invoke Article 50.

Parliament delegated a decision to the people and it must now deliver. But your WAB is not fit for that purpose. Only a departure on WTO terms will deli de on your promises and you have no mandate for anything else.

So please abandon your flawed WAB and release us finally from the straightjacket which has held us in thrall to the emerging E.U. superstate, these long 45 years.

Please do not go down in history as yet another PM who has connived to leave us enslaved to the E.U. Politburo. Do not procrastinate further but abandon your WAB and lead us to freedom on WTO terms on 29th March.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Thanks for publishing it,

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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Prominent Remain-leaning Government ministers like Philip Hammond would prefer a Brussels-imposed exit ‘deal’ tying us to the EU – including a commitment to European defence and security arrangements without any political say – possibly forever, rather than leaving on WTO terms and reaping the benefits of once again being autonomous actors on the world stage.

Warnings about a ‘disorderly, no-deal Brexit’ are mainly coming from those who are terrified of any economic measure that has not been planned; perhaps they should take a look at Venezuela, whose ‘planned economy’ is looking a little disorderly now.

Respectfully, Ann Farmer


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A remainer suggested that E.U. growth was not really in decline, it is just lagging behind emerging economies. My response:

Being outside of the Eurozone the U.K. has expanded at a faster rate than countries which are in it. That has nothing to do with developing economies. To recap:

Since the advent of the Eurozone in 1999 the German economy has grown by around 32% while that of the UK has grown by 43%. Over the same period US, Canadian and Swiss growth rates have risen by 49%, 53% and 46% respectively.

Eurozone % unemployment has remained stubbornly at around twice the UK’s and the EU has been the least successful trade area in the world for many years, apart from Antarctica. The IMF predicts that 90% of global growth will come from outside of the EU over the next two decades, with EU’s contribution falling to 10%. How long will this founder(ing) member stay in the Eurozone do you think? There is clearly no case to remain alongside the E.U. Titanic, for any longer than we have to.

Respectfully, Mr King


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